My Big Puffy Diapered Butt
Hi my name is Kathy, as I know I wet the bed so much it got my mom into disappiontment. The next day I went to school.  When I came back my mom picked me upand kissed my face.  Of course she could lift me becasue I only 4"11 and my mom is 6"1. 

She carried me over to the couch and said in a baby voice to me" You have been such a naughty little girl these past months! She again carried my butt, liftd my butt and patted it and she brought me to the bathroom. 

Since you have wet your bed you are going to go back to babyhood and be my baby wabie all over again. I was
SHOCKED!  I started freaking out. She said now lets give you a nice bubble bath honey bunny! She bathed me and I cried and she put a binki in my mouth and I realized I was acting just like a BABY! OMG!

She picked me up and carried me over to my room. And the worst thing happened MY MOM TURNED BY ROOM INTO A NURSERY!  She put me on a changing table and picked the thickest diaper I have ever seen. She used baby powder and
lotion and as she set me on the ground I tried to stand but every time I walked I fell instantly. Now I felt I was really a baby. 

As I fell I crawled as fast as I could to get away from her and boom bumped my head aginst the bed and my big puffy diapered butt was completely exposed my mom walked over and started patting my butt! Then I tried to crawl under the bed but the diaper was too thick!  Now that I realized I was indeed
well daipered!  My mom ever since called me bouncy baby becasue my legs could not touch the ground!

The End

                      Written by: Kathy

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