Hi my name is Nick. I live with my mom, older sister and brother. My dad died in a car accident 5 years ago. I’m apparently the baby of the house since I like diapers. My sister babysits little babies so she has a lot of spare diapers in her room. I was home alone one day so I decided to wear some of the diapers.

Part 2

My sister never allowed me in her room, now I know why. It was amazing, diaper cabinets on every wall. So I got one and opened it. I’m in heaven I thought to myself.

So I took out a paci, a Pampers Cruiser size 2 and start to take off all of clothes. I start to put the diaper on. I pulled it between my legs and tape shut the tapes. I just put the paci in my mouth when I was grabbed by my older sister.

The shock scared me so much I peed my self. good thing I had a diaper on. I was put on the floor of the living room. My mom said since I want to be a baby so much I will be babied my sister who is my new mommy.

So here are the rules. You have to obey mommy. You also have to have no control over your body like a new born. So you have to cry, use your diaper like a newborn anywere, and get changed anywere.

You also can’t fight us for any reason cause you’re a newborn. You have to be carried everywere, you can’t walk or talk anymore, and you will be a newborn is that clear? I nodded yes.

Part 3

My new mommy picks me up and takes me to her room, which is my room for the next 10 years. She places me on my change table and
changes me in to a clean diaper. But instead of a Pampers Cruisers she brings back a pink Pampers newborns and a pink newborn
onesie which see-through. Next she says that "newborns have their eyes closed all the time so close your eyes", I did.

Part 4

The next thing I knew I was being carried like I am a newborn. I heard her say I was now her little baby girl so my name is now Carmandy. Then she said she needed to make a diaper bag, she put in lots of diapers, wipes, powder, baby toys and pacis. So we went out to the mall. Luckily none of my friends were there.

Written by: Bradie

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