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It happened last summer. I had went to Goodnites website to order some free samples. While I was ordering them my mom walked in and she said "what was that?". I said that I was playing a game and she believed me. After I got them ordered I had to wait 3 weeks and I got my samples.

I went to my mail box and grabbed the package and went inside up to my room and put one of the Goodnites on. I stayed in it the rest of the day and I slept in it. I did that for about a week or so and then I had to go to boy scout camp. I put the Goodnites and a package of pull-ups under the sink in my bathroom before I left. I had to spend a week without them which I was scared that my mom would find them.

After that week right after I got home I ran to my room which has a bathroom in it and looked under the sink, they where all out of the package and nicely stacked so I started texting my mom and she said that she stacked them for me. So I grabbed one and put it on it felt so good.

I told my mom that I went through a phase of wetting the bed even though it wasn't. She believed me. I am going to tell her sometime. I am just not sure when.

Written By: Noah