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This story is fiction but based on true events.

My name is Alex. I am a 14 year old girl. I live with my 2 brothers and 1 sister. My parents left us when I was 5 and we lived in an orphanage until my older
brother turned 18. He bought a very small house and we live with him to this day.

We don't have a lot of money, but we pull through. Me, my twin brother and 13 year old sister were born with a bladder infection. We usually cannot control when we go to bathroom. Because of this, the three of us we must wear diapers 24/7. This is my typical life.


I woke up to a pain in my bladder. I knew I had to go to the bathroom. I threw the blanket off and looked down at my diaper. I must have subconsciously taken my pants off during the hot night. I put a hand on the  front of my diaper. It was cool and dry! I was shocked, I NEVER made it through the night, which would explain why my bladder hurt so much.

I got out of bed, fixed the back of my diaper from a wedgie, and walked down the hall. The only bathroom's door was closed and I could hear the shower running. I pounded on the door.

"Hey! I have to go!" I yelled. "Alright, one minute!" replied a high-pitched voice. Figures. My little sister, Lisa, always takes forever in the bathroom. I sighed
angrily and headed for the kitchen to wait.

My bladder ached and I knew I couldn't hold much longer. My twin brother, Aaron, was already making cereal, also in just a diaper and shirt. I reached across the table for the brush and started to fix my hair.

Aaron walked over to me and pushed me out of the
way with his shoulder. "Move." he grumbled as he reached for the milk. The sudden impact made me stumble backwards and my bladder gave way. I felt a familiar warm feeling as I flooded my diaper. "Thanks a lot!" I yelled.

He just ignored me. We usually get along really well, but he's always grumpy in the morning. "Keep it down! I'm trying to read this!" I heard my older brother, Derin, yell. "But Aaron--" I started, but Derin cut me off. "I don't care who did what! Get ready for school!" I glared at Aaron then stormed off into my room.

Lisa was already out of the shower and was getting dressed as I walked in, since we had to share a room.
"Hey, a little privacy here," she said pulling on her jeans over her diaper. "Sorry. Can you leave so I can get dressed?" I asked. "You better hurry. Derin's taking us to school early today because of his job
interview." she replied. I just nodded and closed the door as she walked out.

I quickly pulled off my diaper, cleaned up, and reluctantly put on a new one. I did think diapers were
more comfortable than underwear, but I would've given anything for a normal bladder. I pulled on some jeans and threw on a clean shirt.

Just as I grabbed my backpack I heard my brother say "Let's go." I tossed a couple of fresh diapers in my backpack and rushed into the kitchen. "Come on, Aaron!" Lisa yelled.

    Aaron bolted out his bedroom door in nothing but a diaper. "Where are my pants?!" he yelled. "Oh, I think I put them in my drawer," Darin said. "Hurry up." Aaron rushed into his room and came out a few seconds later, pulling on his shirt. He grabbed his backpack and started putting on his shoes.

Suddenly, I remembered that I didn't eat anything.
"Wait! I didn't eat breakfast yet!" I cried. Aaron walked over to the kitchen table, picked up a waffle, and tossed it to me. "Thanks," I said, relieved, and shoved it into my mouth.

We all got into the small Chevy and drove off. I squirmed around a little bit, feeling the diaper. It didn't make much sound. Good. I put on the kind that
didn't crinkle as much. I looked over at Aaron. His shirt was lifted up as he tried to adjust his diaper. Then I looked at Lisa. She had one of her hands down
her jeans, checking if she already accidentally wet hers.

I sighed and looked at Darin. He was concentrated on the road. The only one who had full bladder
control. He was so lucky. I had tried many times to gain control, but it was hopeless. Then I remembered that I woke up dry this morning. "Darin, guess what? I was dry this morning!" I blurted out. "Yeah, me too!" Aaron piped in. "Do you think we're gaining control?" I heard Lisa mumble "Luckies."

"I wouldn't get your hopes up. Remember last year the same thing happened? I took you guys to the doctor and he said that he saw no improvement in your bladders and that it was probably because you didn't drink much the night before. Then sure enough, you were wet every morning after that."

Darin finished and pulled up next to mine and Aaron's high school. My heart sank. "Maybe I really am improving because I'm a girl? I did have more
dry nights than Aaron." I said hopefully. Darin just stared at me. "Yeah.. no. Besides, it was only one more night than Aaron. Now get going before you're late."

Me and Aaron scrambled out of the car and waved goodbye as Darin drove off to Lisa's junior high. I slowly walked into the school with Aaron, wondering
what it would be like with a normal life.


Written By: Alex