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Hello I am 53 and have been worn diapers as often as I could, starting when I when I was in first grade. The teachers were strict about when we were allowed to use the restroom, that was only at certain times. The only problem is that I needed to use the bathroom before then. I was getting in trouble for asking to use the bathroom on a daily basis.

And by the time I got to use the bathroom I had wet spots in my pants. This got me in more trouble because I would try to dry the spot with paper towels, toilet paper and time. The teacher would tell me no sometimes when I raised my hand asking to use the bathroom, so I stayed in trouble being sent to the office for taking to long cleaning up in the bathroom.

I was taken to a person to see if there was something wrong with me but no one seemed to know about the potty problem. They thought it was a mental problem. They said I was ok and that I was just after attention.

One day I was playing in a storage area in the house when I found my old training pants, diapers and plastic pants. I put on the training pants and plastic pants to see if they fit and they did. So the next day I wore them to school and they helped. I didn't wet them much, it just helped keep the wet spots from being noticed. Now I wasn't in trouble any more. One day my great grandmother caught me in my training pants and when I told her why nothing was said so I guess it was OK.

One day I was over at the girls house across the street with Kim and her sister Dianne playing house when they discovered what I was wearing, so they decided I would be the baby and they were the parents. They said babies don't use the bathroom, they wet their diapers so I had to wet my pants which didn't bother me.

After I wet the they checked to see if I was wet and that was my first introduction to diapers. We went to my house after I told where the training pants were and got the diapers. When we got back to their house they made me lie down on the floor when Dianne took off my pants, then my training pants cleaned me up.

Then she powdered me with baby powder and Vaseline was rubbed on. Then they diapered me but they would not let me cover them. All I was allowed to wear was a shirt and my diapers while in the house where we spent most of the day. I was only allowed to use the diapers not the potty.

When their mother got home from work she said I was a cute baby and got some of the girls baby stuff from a box in the closet. There were diapers and plastic pants of many colors and styles. Some were the frilly kind. Soon it was time to go home.

When summer vacation came we were playing house again and guess who was picked to be the baby, me again. This time when I had to mess they would not let me go to the bathroom. So I held it for a while and when I couldn't hold it any longer I messed my diapers but they would not change me.

They made me wear them all afternoon until their mom got home. She said I was stinking up the house and needed to be bathed and changed. This went on all summer sometimes I was allowed to be the daddy and Kim was the youngest so she was the baby. We were young kids so there was nothing sexual involved.

A few years went by before the urge to wear diapers appeared about the time I was discovering that I was becoming sexually aroused by girls. Kim and I were the same age and were good friends. I believe we were around 12 years old, and there was orange grove all around our neighborhood so we played in the groves a lot.

After a while playing she had to go home and that's when she wet her pants. When we got to her house her mom saw she was wet and made her go in and told me to go home. The next day I went to her house and her mom said she was not allowed out because she was on restriction, but I could come in and play.

When I went into her room there she was in only diapers, plastic pants and a tee shirt. That got me excited seeing her in the diapers her mom made her wear for wetting her pants the day before. Her mom had to go to work. When she left Kim told me she wanted me to wear diapers also.

She wanted to put them on me, I said OK if I could change her diapers that were wet. She said yes after I was diapered first. So she diapered me and then I got to change hers. This was the first time that I really noticed a girls private parts. I cleaned her good then rubbed in Vaseline and put baby powder. It was to late, I was hooked on diapers, and there were none at my house and I didn't have a job so no money to buy any.

One day I went to a friends house and knocked. No one answered but the door was opened so I went in but they were gone. That's when I saw the stack of diapers and plastic pants and could not resist the urge to put them on. I diapered my self and left the house and went out into the orange grove so not to get caught.

Out in the grove I took off my jeans and play in my diapers and tee shirt only. I was swinging on a swing when I had to go both. So I peed then messed my diapers. Wow I liked the feeling of wet and messy diaper.

I took off the messy diapers and left in the grove and washed up at the pump house that was used to water the grove. After that I would look for diapers hung out to dry in and take them to get to wear them to get to wear diapers.

That was some 40 years ago and over the years I have found time to wear diapers when ever I could. When I met my wife I told her before we married the story but nothing was said so I was left to wear them when ever I could. She found some of my diapers, disposables and cloth a few times. But she didn't make much of it till one day my father had a heart attack and I had to go out of town to where he lived and I got my diapers to wear while on the road. 

Cheryl caught me getting them and told me either diapers go or she goes. I tried but I have dreams about diapers and end up falling back to them. Then one day she wanted a divorce because she could not stand the thought of me in them.

That was 18 years ago and I wear them as often as possible. I drove big trucks for a while and got to wear diapers all the time. Now I will wear them at work sometimes and most nights to bed. I hope to one day find me a diaper-girl to share this life with me.

Written By: Nick