My Weekend Adventure

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Larry Fuller and I had been friends for about four months and for the first time I was going to get to spend the whole weekend over at his house. My parents were going on a trip and instead of going with them they worked it out so I could stay with Larry. Larry and I made friends almost from the first day we met at school and did have some fun together hanging out different places. He was several months older than I am and has already turned thirteen while I will be thirteen in a few months.

I arrived at Larry’s about 6 pm on Friday and we messed around until supper was ready. His folks had also left for the weekend and left his nineteen-year old sister, Sally, in charge of us. This was ok with us as she left us alone for the most part.

After supper we went upstairs to his room, which was next door to his sisters. Their parents had a bedroom on the ground floor. In Larry’s room there was a bed, and a desk with a computer on it and a chair. Because I was staying with him they had put another chair in his room for me to use. We went to the computer and after it came up he logged on to the Internet. Since I did not have a computer I was not use to surfing the net as he was, so wherever he went, I just followed along with him.

Before long we were looking at pictures of girls that liked wetting their pants and beds. Don’t know how we got to those places but we just could not take our eyes off what we were seeing. We looked at pictures of girls in wet panties, wet jeans and also in wet diapers. This was new to me but was not going to let Larry know that. We began talking about what we saw and wondered why anyone would like having wet pants on or being in a wet bed. The more we talked the more Larry wanted to find out for himself what it was like.

“Mark, don’t you want to know what it’s like also,” he asked.
“Oh, I don’t know. It does seem strange that people would like doing that,” I said.
“Well, I think the only way we will ever know is if we try it for ourselves. I will do it if you will also. How about it?”

I thought for a moment and then asked, “How will we hide it from your sister?”
“Hey, I know. I have some old clothes that we can put on and then put them back in my closet and then I can take care of them later. Come on, how about it.”

I finally gave in and he got two pairs of old jeans out and gave me a pair to put on. We both changed into the old jeans and got in front of the computer again and started looking at the pictures of girls in wet pants. It was not easy but soon we both started wetting the fronts of our pants. At first it was just a wee bit, but the longer we looked at the pictures the more we let out until our front was completely wet and was beginning to flow down the inside of our pants leg.

We then sat there a while longer in our wet jeans looking at more pictures and I began to realize that this was cool, though I could not say why. After several hours of doing this his sister called for us, and told us it was time to go to bed. We quickly changed back into our dry clothes and waited for her to come in fix a bed on the floor for me. They had a small mattress placed on the floor with sheets and a pillow for me. After Sally had done this she told us to get undress and go to bed. After she left we stripped to just our underwear and t-shirt and got in bed with the lights out.

“I wonder what it would be like to wet my bed,” Larry said out loud.
“Don’t worry about it,” I said, “it wont happen.”

With that we both fell asleep. I don’t know what time it was but it was still dark when I suddenly woke up from my sleep. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I had wet my bed. I looked around and Larry and sitting up in his bed with a big grin on his face.

“What’s so funny? I asked.
“Well, I woke up and had to use the bathroom but then decided I would wet my bed instead, so I did it. But I didn’t want to be alone so I went and got a warm bowl of water and placed your hand in it. I had heard that it would cause one to wet themselves if this was done, and you know what? It caused you to wet yourself.”

“Ok mister fun guy, what do we do now that our beds are wet. I don’t think I can go back to sleep like this.”
“I guess I could wake my sister up and have her fix our beds for us.”

After he left to get his sister I began to drop back off to sleep even though I was still lying in my wet bed. After a short time the light was turned on and Larry came into the room with his sister behind him. She had several things in her hands and began to start taking care of things for us. First she removed Larry’s wet underwear and t-shirt and washed him off and dried him and placed a fresh pair of underwear on him and had him sat on the end of his bed.

She then came to me and pulled my covers back and took me by the hand and pulled me up. She then removed my wet underwear and t-shirt also and washed me off and dried me and placed a fresh pair of underwear on me also. She then had me sat on the floor as she went to fix our beds. First she went to Larry’s and placed a towel over the wet spot and then some plastic and then another towel over the plastic. She had Larry lay down and covered him up.

She came to my bed and did the same thing. As I was sitting on the floor she had to bend over more since my bed was on the floor and as she did so I was able to see under her nightdress, which was not very long to start with. I was not sure at first, but it appeared she was wearing a diaper just like the girls in the pictures we say on the computer.

As I continued to look, it also appeared to me that it was stained with pee. Maybe I was just seeing this in my mind because of all the pictures we looked at, and then again, maybe not. After she was finished fixing my bed she had me lie down and coved me up also.

“Maybe that will take care of you guys for the rest of the night. Now go back to sleep,” and with that she turned out the light and left the room.

Half asleep I got up and went to Larry. “Say, does your sister wear diapers?”
“No, of course not. Why would you ask?”
“Well, I thought I saw her wearing one and I even thought it was wet. Maybe I still have all those pictures still in mind.”

With that I went back to my bed and soon was sound asleep again. Morning soon came and I had almost forgotten what had happened during the night. Larry was the first to bring it up. It was then that I realized that his sister had taken care of me like she would have a baby. If I had been completely awake at time I think I would have turned the brightest red one could turn.

“Well, Mark, how did it feel waking up in a wet bed last night?”
“Well it was different, that was for sure but you know what, I don’t think I would mind if it happened all the time. How did you like wetting the bed yourself?” I did find it kind of pleasing to wake up in a wet bed and I even enjoyed being in the wet jeans the night before. I guess I must have always felt this way as it was so easy for me to beginning to like doing it so much.

“Cool man, and I feel the same way. Say, after we eat breakfast we can look more of those pictures this morning on the net.” We soon had our breakfast and Sally told us that she had to go out for a short time but she would be back in about an hour or so. After she had left the house Larry turned to me and said, “Let’s check her room. I remember you said you thought you saw her wearing a diaper well, let’s go check it out.”

We entered into her room and the first thing Larry went to check was her bed. He pulled back the top sheet and we saw a large white pad on the bottom sheet. We moved it off and touched the bottom sheet and felt plastic under it. Pulling the bottom sheet off we saw the plastic that had been placed on the mattress. We then tried to make the bed like we found it. Larry then went to her closet and started looking in everything he could. He soon pulled out a trash bag and inside it was several-used wet depends.

“I guess you were right Mark,” Larry said. He then pulled out another trash bag with a bag of fresh depends in them. They were the small size so he pulled two of them out and then placed everything back the way they were, at least he hoped so. We then went to his room and closed the door behind us.

“I can’t believe this,” Larry said. “I would never have thought he would be wearing something like this. Let’s try these on and see how they work.” In his room we both took a pair of depends and worked to get them on us. We first took all our clothes off and then placed them between our legs and taped them on. We had them on but they did not fix tight on me at all as I was smaller than Larry and they were big on him also. We looked at each other in them and laughed and made fun of ourselves for a short time.

Soon we both needed to take a leak bad and so instead of going to the bathroom we decided to see what it was like to wet these things we had on. Since neither of us had gone to the bathroom since we got up we had a lot of pee to let out. We each had a large stain on the front of our Depends that went down between our leg area. Because these were large on us some of our pee ran down to the floor. We soon took them off and cleaned up our mess and Larry placed the used Depends in the trash bag in his sister’s room. We then got dress in our cut-offs and went out into his back yard to mess around and talk.

While we were in the back yard Sally returned home and went to her room for a short time. After about an hour she came down and called us to the back door. She told us that we was going to take a nap on the sofa in the living room and that if needed her to come and get her. I noticed that she had changed out of her jeans into a short dress.

After she left Larry and I began to take again. I asked him why it was she took everything so easy last night when she had to get up and fix our beds. He told me that about one month ago he found the sites on the net we were looking at last night and decided to see what it was like wetting his bed. He said he always did it when his parents were away and that his sister got use to having to change and fix his bed at least once a week since then. I then asked, “Do you think she is wearing one of those diapers now or only at night when she goes to bed?”

“I don’t know, but I do know a way to find out.”
“How’s that?”
“Well, she said she would be napping on the sofa and since she is wearing one of her short dresses if she turns over facing the back of the sofa we can take a quick look under her dress and see if she is wearing one.”
“What if she wakes up when you are doing this?”
“She wont wake up. When she sleeps, she would sleep through an earthquake. Come, lets go inside and see if she is asleep yet.”

We slowly entered the house and made our way as quietly as we could to the living room. When we got there Larry whispered that we were in luck as she was turned with her back to us. The problem was how Larry was going to lift her dress to look underneath it. “Oh yes,” he suddenly said and ran off to his room. Soon he came back with a yardstick. “This should work,” he whispered to me.

After he walked closer to her he had me walk next to him, I guess he didn’t want to be the only one in trouble if caught. As he moved the yardstick to her dress he found that her dress was lying loose on her instead of tucked under her. Once again he whispered that we were in luck. Placing the yardstick under her dress he tried hard not to touch her and began to lift up the dress. Slowly he moved it up a little at a time, not wanting to make too much a movement so as to wake her up. Having lifted her dress up he then moved it toward her waist little by little.

Soon we saw what we were looking for. Sure enough, she was wearing one of her Depends, just like I had seen the night before. “Say,” he whispered to me, “it looks as if she has wet them some already.” As he said this he pointed with his hand to a wet spot on the bottom of her seat. As we looked we suddenly realized that the spot was getting larger and larger before our eyes. “Wow,” he whispered again, “she’s wetting herself right now.” “I know,” I replied, and suddenly I felt the urge to pee also. “I think I need to pee myself,” I whispered back to Larry. Letting her dress back down we went back outside.

Once outside I was holding myself as I was needing to go very bad by this time. Larry looked at me and said, “Well, what are you waiting for. Why don’t you just go ahead and pee in your pants.” I knew there was no way I was going to make it to the bathroom so I did just that.

My cut-offs were now completely wet. It felt good not having to hold it anymore but it was strange having to wear my wet clothes. Just a short time later Larry needed to pee also so he went in his pants also. Now there we were outside in his back yard wearing wet pants just like a little kid would do. We had not paid any attention to the fact that Sally had come to the back door and was watching us until she called for us.

“What are you boys doing out here in wet clothes. What are you, little boys that can’t hold it or what? Come on inside and go up to your room and get changed. Come on now, both of you.”

We didn’t know what to say so we did as she said. As we entered into Larry’s room she followed us and told us to stay there and don’t do anything until she gets back. Soon she came back with several bags of items.

“Larry, I will take care of you first. Mark, you sit over there and I will take care of you next.” She then took Larry’s wet cut-offs from him and then removed his wet underwear also, leaving him standing with only a t-shirt on. She cleaned him and then pulled out a pair of underwear that looked different.

“These are called ‘Good-nites’,” she said. “You can wet these and not mess anymore of your clothes.” She pulled the pair up on him and made sure they fix good on him. She got a medium size and they fit just right on him. She then had him sit on the bed and took me by the hand and started to undo my cut-offs.

I started to turn red and pull away but she held me tight and told me there was nothing to worry about. She then removed my cut-offs from me and my wet underwear also, cleaned me and then placed a small size pair of “Good-nites” on me as I was smaller than Larry.

Once she had finished this Larry finally asked, “Why are you doing this to us?”
“Well, to start with, I will not have to get up in the middle of the night now if you wet the bed again. Also, the two of you have been wetting your pants a lot since yesterday. I found the pair you tried to hide and they are in the washroom and will be cleaned with these things and your sheets later today. Oh yes, since you went through my room and tried on several of my Depends I figured you wanted something for yourself.”

“You knew we were in your room,” Larry sounded surprised, and I know I was.
“Of course I did. I noticed right away that my bed had been mess with because the covers were not put back the way I had them. I then decided to check my closet and saw that my bags had been moved around also. It was not hard for me to see that the two of you had tried several of my Depends that I had in my closet.”

“How could you tell it was us,” Larry asked with a puzzled look on his face.
“Simple, my brother, boys wet the top parts while girls wet the bottom parts. I knew I hadn’t done it so it must have been the two of you. I had already decided to get you some kid diapers for night time use as you have now wet your bed four times during the month.”

“Sister, does mom and dad know that you wear diapers?”
“They know that I wear them at night, but not during the day.” Seeing the looks on our faces she continued. “Look, I know the two of you looked under my dress while ago and that you saw me wet my diaper. I had heard you talking about wanting to see if I was wearing one so I made sure I had on one of my short dresses so it would be easier for you to see for yourself.

I held back wetting my diaper as long as I could so that you could see me do it. I wanted to see how you reacted to it. I know you two have been looking at pics on the computer but pics are nothing to the real thing. I figured if you saw me wet my diaper and then went and wet your pants then I would tell you everything, and that is just what the two of you did.”

“How long have you been doing this?” I asked.

Sally sat down in one of the chairs while Larry and I sat on his bed as she continued to tell what had been going on. She continued, “When I was just about fifteen I woke up one morning and found that I had wet my bed. I had downed a lot of soda pop that day and was very tired when I went to bed. We figured that it was just a one-time thing. The next morning when I woke up dry I was truly disappointed. From that time on I did whatever I could to wet my bed again.

It took me about a month but once again I started wetting my bed each night. After about the fourth or fifth night in a row waking up wet mom and dad went out and got a plastic sheet to put on my mattress and several bed pads also. After a month of wetting my bed each night they finally took me to the doctor and of course he found nothing wrong but said that it could continue to happen or stop, it would be anybody’s guess as to what would happen.

That was when he told them to try using diapers on me at night. At first they used cloth diapers with plastic pants but soon I got to large for the cloth ones so they started using the “Good-nites” pull up's like you are wearing now. As I got older they got smaller for me until I had to change to Depends which are made for adults.”

While she was telling us this I just happened to look over at Larry and noticed that he had wet himself. Since these pull-ups were meant for that I went ahead and wet mine also. I don’t know if Sally noticed right away or not but I am sure she will before it is all over.

She continued, “At first I was just into wetting my bed but then I found some of the same sites on the net that you have been looking at about two years ago. I would stay in my room then and wet my pants while sitting in front of my computer. I would wear them as long as I could before I would change into something dry. That is when I told mom and dad and I would be willing to do the washing of your clothes and mine.

That way they wouldn’t know what I had been doing. I finally got to where I wanted to wet myself while I was not at home. It is one thing to do it behind close doors, another to be out some place where someone might see you do it. The very first time I wet my pants in public I made sure I was with a very good friend. She and I had been to the park and were walking back home when I began to wet my pants. I acted like I was shocked and surprised that I wasn’t able to hold it any longer.

I must have been a good actor because she thought it was really an accident. Several more times during the next few months I would have a wetting accident while with her until she finally realized that it was not happening another time. We then talked about it for some time and now she and I get together and wet ourselves whenever we want to. I guess you could say she is my best friend.

There was one time we were at the park together riding several rides and while on one of them we decided to wet our pants. We were wearing really short pants that day and so it was not like wetting our jeans but everyone could still tell what we did. We did a lot of screaming on the ride so everyone would think that we got so scared that we peed in our pants.”

Looking at us and seeing that we had both wet our pants again, she said, “Do you want me to change you now or finish what I am telling you first?”

Larry spoke up and said, “Finish telling us everything first. I just can’t believe you have been doing this and I didn’t know about it.”

“Well, for one thing, I have known for sometime that you would pee just a wee bit in your pants, not enough to show but your underwear would be stained by the time I would get them to the washing machine. Well, there is not a lot more to tell. After that I got to the point that I wanted to wet myself all the time no matter where I was or who I was with. That is when I decided to start wearing my adult diapers all the time. So I have been doing that now for almost two years. Now you tell me something, both of you. What did you think when you lifted up my dress and saw me wetting my diaper? I want you to be true full with me.”

I spoke up first, “That was the first time I had ever seen anyone do something like that. I got to where I like looking at the pictures but I liked watching what you did even better and I will tell you why, it caused me to want to wet myself also. Are you mad at us for doing that to you?”

“No, I’m not mad at either of you. At least now we don’t have to hide from each other when we do wet ourselves. Larry, what have you got to say?”

“Sis, I still can’t believe all this. I guess it is just to good to be true is what I am saying. Ever since I came across those pictures on the net I have been wanting to wet myself more and more each day. And watching you do it was cool, really it was. And it made me want to wet my pants also.” Stopping for a moment, he then continued, “will you tell me something? Have you changed since then, and if so, have you wet yourself again?”

“Well, brother, I did change after you left and do you two want to see if I have wet myself again?”

We both looked at each other and then nodded yes. She then lifted up her dress in front of us, not very high but just high enough for us to see her diaper and notice that it indeed was wet and we both could tell that it was past time for her to make a change. I figured that she must have wet herself several times while she had been talking with us. After we got our eyes full of her wet diaper she then went about changing us, as if we were her little boys.

By this time I was no longer upset about her seeing me without any clothes on and her placing these teen diapers on us. She told us that the “Good-nites” were meant for teens who wet the bed at night but could also be used during the day, and that they were good diapers for us boys to use also. After she had changed us she had us go the rest of the day with just our pull-up diapers on with our t-shirts.

Since they had a very large fence around the complete back yard we were able to go in the back yard and play as well as in the house with just what we had on. We played some basketball and I can just imagine what it would have looked like to see two teen boys in diapers playing basketball. After about an hour of this we got tired sit down under a tree to cool off. Becoming lazy about using the bathroom was easy to do. We both got into wetting ourselves without much effort.

Sally would check on us every once in awhile and we had not wet ourselves very much she would let us continue. If we had let out a lot of pee she would take us in and change us and then leave us alone again. She had taken off her short dress and had put on some short shorts. Whenever she would bend over you could see her diaper and if it was wet or dry. Larry and I had fun that Saturday and soon it was just about over.

From noon till about 9 that night we had to be changed four times. As we sit in the living room watching some TV Sally asked if we would like to go to the Zoo in the morning. We both said yes and then she said that we would have to wear our pull-up diapers and that she would take along several extras in case we needed changing. She also said she had some special clothes for us to wear and that we would see them in the morning. She then took us upstairs to Larry’s bedroom, changed us, fixed our beds and made sure we were tucked in when she turned out the lights for the night.

When I woke up the next morning I checked my sheets to see if I had wet the bed that night. The sheets were dry and I was somewhat disappointed but then I remember that I was wearing a diaper and I checked it and found that it was wet. I had wet myself during the night and without the help of Larry placing my hand in a bowl of warm water at that. Larry was not as lucky. He had stayed dry all night so when he got up he wet his diaper so he wouldn’t be the only one with a dry diaper on.

Sally came into the room and checked both of us and noticed we needed changing. “As soon as I change myself, I will be right back and take care of the two of you.” She was wearing a short nightgown and I could tell that her diaper was wet, even though she never bent over. That was short, it really was. In just a short amount of time she came back to Larry’s room. She was already dressed and was wearing short pants, though not as short as the ones she had on last night.

If one was looking for it they could tell that she had a diaper on underneath, other wise no one would have noticed. She got Larry and me dress in a fresh dry pull-up diaper and then started putting some new clothes on us. She had gotten us some short pants and I do mean short. They fix Larry and me all right but if we had to bend over everyone would notice what we had on underneath. Being a small twelve, soon to be thirteen, I could get by with people thinking I was much younger.

Larry, being just a little bit bigger would have a harder time but neither of us complained one bit. We were soon out of the house and on the way to the Zoo. We stayed at the Zoo for about two hours and had lots of fun while there. During this time I know I had wet myself once and by the time we were leaving needed to do so again. This time I let out more than my diaper could hold back so it began to flow down my leg. The inside bottom of my short pants were now wet and I was need of a change very badly.

Sally saw what was happening but since we were leaving asked if I could wait till we go home to be changed. I told her I guess so and then we headed back to their house. While in the car Larry wet himself again and it came out just like mine, so we were both sitting in the back seat and our short pants were now wet also. This happened because neither of us was changed once we left the house.

We felt bad about this happening until we got to the house and noticed that Sally had a wet spot between her legs also. Once inside the house we all looked at each other and laughed a little. Then Sally took us up stairs and changed us and put us into some dry diapers, and while she was doing this she must have wet herself more because her short pants got wetter and wetter and after taking care of us, she had to wipe up the pee that fell from between her legs to the floor. She then left and took care of herself. The rest of the day Larry and I walked and played around the house in just our diapers.

Sally had put on her very short pants again while at the house and stayed in the living room most of the time. She would check on us and see if we need changing from time to time and then go about what ever she wanted to do. By the end of the day she had changed us four more times. But my joy was about to come to an end. My parents had called and they wanted me home just as soon as possible. Larry only lived about six blocks from my house so I got all my things and put on my regular clothes and headed back home telling Larry and Sally good-bye.

The next morning I woke up in my own bed and found and that I had wet myself during the night. My parents were not upset, but were a little concern, after all, I would be turning thirteen by Wednesday. During the weekend I got very lazy about using the bathroom and it was a habit that I liked. In fact I had gotten so lazy about using it that twice on Monday I had wet myself. The first time I forgot that I didn’t have a diaper on until it had already happen and the second time I just didn’t care. My parents didn’t find out about the first two times until the third time it happened, and I was in the living room talking with them at the time. This they were mad about, and I got a whipping right away. While gathering all my clothes up they found the ones I had wet earlier in the day. They didn’t say anything but I could tell they were mad.

Things didn’t get any better the next morning. Once again I woke up to a wet bed. On Tuesday I wet my clothes once between breakfast and lunch and twice before supper. Each time I got a whipping but even though it hurt I continued to wet my clothes. Wednesday was my birthday and on my thirteenth birthday I woke to a wet bed. Three nights in a row in my own bed and had wet myself while sleeping. My parents were getting upset but I was not. Maybe that is why they got so upset. Shortly after breakfast I had wet myself again but this morning mom wanted to go shopping and was taking me with her. I didn’t get a whipping this time but I had to change and put on a pair of light brown short pants and go to the stores with mom.

I don’t know but maybe they figured I wouldn’t wet my pants if I was not at home. We left the house and went to several stores in town. We had been gone almost two hours when while we were in one store I wet my light brown short pants. These pants showed clearly what had happened. When mom saw what had happened I thought she was fit to be tied. She had several other places to go and I would have to go with her just like I was in my wet pants.

Before she was finished shopping I had wet myself a second time and again before I got changed once we got home. After getting back to the house I heard her call our family doctor and made an appointment for her to see me the next day. Even though I wet my pants three more times during the day, I didn’t get a whipping. The next morning I once again woke to a wet bed. I got dress and we went to see the doctor the first thing in the morning. Once in the room with the doctor she talked and asked how I was feeling and how I liked my summer vacation.

All the while she was checking me out. She had me in just my underwear checking me when she pushed in around my private area and caused me to wet myself right there in front of her. After checking me some more she left and had a nurse come in and change me into something dryer. They put my wet underwear into a plastic bag and then put a diaper on me, much like the one Sally wore, but these were more my size.

Once we left the doctor’s office my mother drove to a special store that carried all kinds of diapers. She went inside and soon came out with several bags. She had me stay in the car this time, but I never could figure out why.

Once we got back home she went to my room and put a plastic sheet over my mattress and several bed pads were placed on the end of my bed for nighttime use. She then opened up the other bags and pulled out cloth diaper and plastic pants for me to wear. The only problem was that the cloth diapers were too small for me to wear like regular diapers.

Instead of pinning them to me, she flowed one three ways long-wise and had me place it between my legs and then pull my regular underwear over it. Once it was in place she then had me put on a pair of plastic pants that fix just right on me. She did it the first time for me but showed me how to do it so that I could take care of myself from then on. She put a pail in my room for me to place all my wet things in and she would wash them when it got full.

Several times during the day she would check me to see if I needed changing and I did she would send me to my room and then check me when I came out to make sure I had taken off my wet clothes and put on dry ones. That evening I heard mom tell dad what the doctor had told her. What I heard was that I had a very weak bladder for some reason and that it could either get better or worse, there was no way of telling.

From that day forward, I continued to wet myself every day. Two weeks later I was spending another weekend with Larry and he was surprised that I had been wetting myself all the time. He had wet his wet only once by accident but several times while he was awake and would only wet his pants when it was just him and his sister around. Sally had stopped wear her diapers on weekends when it was just Larry and her there and would wet her clothes along with him.

This weekend I was in for another surprise. Sally had found two girls our ages that liked being in diapers also and had invited them over on Saturday. But that is another story, and maybe one day I will tell what happened when they came over. But now I need to go and change as my diaper is wet and I need to get a nice clean dry one.