To start with, I'm a 36 year old male, and I haven't had a dry 24 hours since the day I was born. I was born with a birth defect which made bladder control difficult if not impossible. My mom tried to potty train me, the first time at 2 years old. Of course, like a lot of 2 year olds, I wasn't interested, so after a couple of weeks, she gave up and put me back into diapers for another 6 months.  That time was slightly more successful, but I still wet my training pants all of the time.

It was back into diapers until I was 3. Another try at potty training, resulted in me being trained for pooping, but still wetting my pants all of the time  during the day, and, of course nightly bedwetting. By this time my mom was worried and took me to the doctor. After a lot of tests and a few nights in the hospital, my birth defect was diagnosed. My bladder and muscles in that area were very underdeveloped. Most 6 month old babies had more control than I did.

The doctors said I might develop some degree of control as I grew, but only time would tell. So, I was put into diapers again. I always pooped in the potty, but always used the diapers for pee. Thus, I was diapered 24 hours a day. I wore "Pampers" until I outgrew the largest size, then was put into  youth diapers.

When I started kindergarten at age 5, my mom had to take me to school,
with a slip from the doctor saying that I was "incontinent", and needed to wear diapers at school. This continued through the4th grade. At first I had to go to the nurse and have my wet diapers changed, but when I was 8, I started changing my own diapers in the bathroom. Of course, other kids discovered I still wore diapers, and I was teased about it.

The teachers took care of the teasing in the classroom, but at recess, it
was a different story. " I had few friends, and they were usually curious. Most would ask me about pooping in my diapers. I would usually tell them I didn't do that. Of course there was that one accident in kindergarten, but it really was an accident. I honestly thought I only had to fart.  But, I was wearing a diaper so I didn't mess my clothes up like that girl, Suzie did.  Suzie was the girl who sat next to me, and she pooped in her panties a few weeks after my accident.

The part about not pooping wasn't quite true, however. The first time I pooped in my diaper, on purpose, was on a trip with my mom and dad, when I was nearly 5. We were on a trip and were stuck in a huge traffic jam. Of course my "Pampers" was wet already, but I had to go poop too. There was no place for me to go, so my mom said, "if you can't wait, just poop in your diaper and I'll change you in the back. (We were in our van) I really did try to wait, but my tummy hurt, so mom unfastened me from my seat and I squatted in the back and pooped in my diaper.

Then mom got my diaper bag and changed me. Thus, I learned that there were times it was okay for me to poop in my pants (diapers) I also learned  that there were places I shouldn't do that (a restaurant for example.) Over the years I grew to like wearing and using diapers for both, just like a toddler.

Eventually I developed a little more control, but if I was more than a few minutes away from a bathroom I would still pee in my pants before I could make it. By the time I entered the fifth grade, I had enough control that I could make it to the boy's room without peeing in my pants.

The teachers knew that I had to be allowed to go, no matter what or I  would pee myself. I still wore diapers whenever I was in a situation where I might be more than 5 or 10 minutes away from a toilet. Of course I had absolutely no night time control (still don't), so I was diapered every night..

I grew to like being diapered more and more. By the time I was a teen in high school, I was wearing them as much because I liked being like a baby as for need. My mom went back to work, so I often wore diapers and pooped in them just because I wanted to. I had my own stash of pacifiers and baby bottles to go with my diapers. Often I didn't bother with using the potty even though I could have made it in time.

Now, out on my own, I am once again diapered 24/7, and use them for
everything. I work in a job, where I am alone most of the time, so I use my diapers and change when I feel like it. My boss and co-workers know about the diapers and all think I am totally incontinent. My boss says he likes me in diapers because I don't take a lot of bathroom breaks like the others, although the few I do take are usually a bit longer than some of them, due to clean-up time. But on the other hand, when he happens to visit, he sometimes tells me to go change because the poop stinks.

All in all, my life in diapers hasn't been so bad, especially after I started liking them. Wetting the bed for 35 years hasn't been the most enjoyable thing, but I can live with it. Leaks in bed, are sometimes embarrassing, especially in a hotel, but the staff are usually professional, and nothing is said. I usually make the hotel aware of my problem when I  make my reservation, so there is usually a waterproof mattress cover on the bed. I have had a few embarrassing leaks in public too, but you learn to live with them. I have one big advantage over the un-diapered public, I never worry about having an accident in my pants.

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