My Day As A Baby

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One time, when I was a teen, I had the strangest idea. Why not try to be a baby again? I had often dreamed of my nanny taking out a fresh cotton diaper and changing me on a bed, and I eating mush and going to the bathroom in my diaper whenever I wanted, and being changed again and again. Soon I started making wishes on a star nearby my house, and I realized "this is so stupid," until one morning I woke up feeling smaller than usual and I felt warm, as though I was peeing.

I then realized my wish had come true. I had been turned into a baby! Then a nanny came in and started rubbing my bottom.Then she took out a clean diaper, and she took off my soggy diaper and threw it in a diaper bin near my bed. Then she lifted me up, and she started strapping me in to a chair, and she took out a can of Gerber's baby food, and she opened it up and started shoveling it in my mouth. I meant to say,"Why are you feeding me mush?," but all that came out was "Maga gee gee goo pwree!"

Then I felt very queasy, and I didn't realize that I had barfed all over the floor, until nanny set me down, and said "Uh, oh! Baby made a messy wessy!"
The next few hours were pretty usual, changing of diapers, me taking a bath, and me being set in my crib again to nap. I dreamed of bananas and random baby things.

The next thing I knew, I was awakened by my friends, who were strangely staring at me with curious faces. One said,"will he ever be the same as usual?" The doctor said,"I'm sorry, but because of his baseball incident, his bladder and his bowels are permanently damaged. He will always have to be in diapers." Then I realized, I was just dreaming, but I was now always having to wear diapers, and my friends may not like me running around in a squishy diaper on the baseball team, so I quit anyway. Oh well, I guess I need a change of things, especially my soggy diapers.

The next day, I woke up on 2 warm rubber sheets. I had wet the bed! I felt so bad I started to get up, and I heard a squishing sound behind me. Oh, no! I had pooped my pants also, and I knew my mom was going to kill me. But then I realized I didn't have to worry, because I was wearing a diaper. My mom came in and said, "how's my cutie wutie this morning?" She then started rubbing my diaper to see if I had soiled myself, and, of course, I had.

She took a diaper out and untapped my loaded diaper, then she wiped me with a baby wipe and powdered me, and finally strapped a new diaper on, followed by plastic diaper pants. I then headed toward the door, but my mother had forgotten to dress me. I asked her, but she said that I had to show everyone what had happened to me, even at school.

I then had to grab my lunch and start heading to school, and everyone could tell what I had on, they all saw. At school, I got up in front of my entire class and told them I always had to be in diapers, and they somehow didn't seem to care, until lunch came around. I was opening up my lunch when somebody across the room threw a heavy bag of food at me. I fell down, dazed, wondering what had happened.

I woke up in the school nurse's office staring at a rack of diapers marked "Tommy", and took a glance at the school nurse. She then said,"my, my, what a messy diaper we've got on!" So she changed me without dismay, and I started heading back to class. "At least nothing worse can happen,"he said to himself.

The class had some how been expecting me, and they opened up a high chair labeled "Tommy" on it. The teacher passed out tests to all of the class except for me, whom he gave me flash cards and crayons.

After school, I went to sleep. I knew I would wet myself, so I did anyway, but I couldn't help feeling...sad. Sad that forevermore I would be locked In this diaper prison, wetting without stopping.
Forevermore I was known as "Soggy Tommy."


The next morning, I woke up, still diapered, and my mommy said I had not eaten after I was changed, so she gave me another dose of Gerber's, and sent me off to school. I usually took the school bus, but today, something changed. Up drove a young blonde haired girl with a nice figure that would leave you speechless. She told me to get in, and on the way to school told me her name was Jenny. She had the same problem with diapers that I did.

She took me to her home after school and her mommy was home, so she slipped into one of my diapers and plastic panties and cuddled up in a crib sucking on her pink pacifier. We soon cuddled together and hugged and kissed all night.

The next morning her mommy got up and found us both in the crib and spanked us both. It was a Saturday and we didn't have to go to school. After that, she changed us and bathed us both in a bubble bath, and put us in a playpen and turned on kid shows for us. Jenny was so beautiful. We stayed this way all through high school. Got married after college, and have been in diapers to this very day.

Written By: John