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This story begins like most. I came home from work one morning as I work as a nurse on the night shift and found my then husband fast asleep in a very unsafe makeshift baby bed of his own doing I have no doubt. He was in our spare bedroom, we have no kids of our own. I found him wearing an adult diaper and he seemed to be wet.

I closed the door as quietly as I could not waking him up. I went to the kitchen to drink a cup of coffee and pondering our next move. Yes I was kinda upset at what I found, but being a nurse I have changed  many diapers on the elderly on the floor I work on so that wasn't all that upsetting.

I did however call his boss though and told them that he wasn't able to work for a few days. They asked my why and demanded a reason, and I told them simply my husband was not old enough to maintain a job with their company any longer. That confused them but I decided that I was going to see how far my husband was going to allow me to go through with the plans I was begriming to set forth.

I decided  it was time I had a baby, they asked to produce a medical doctor's excuse for any time off he was going to take, because he had no vacation left. And if he didn't comply they would have no choice but to terminate him. They asked to speak to him and I said he wasn't able to at that moment, because he needed his diaper changed. And that his favorite program was about to come on T.v., Barney and friends, and Dora the explorer, then Sesame street.

Then I hung up the phone smiling knowing I had confused them. My husband the AB was going to have a very interesting time explaining that I thought.
Needless to say my baby was fired two weeks later for no show. But to my extreme misunderstanding my AB now EX-husband turned baby took this to another level I wasn't expecting.

Before I went into his room I made a few phone calls of my own and ordered him a hospital bed with a baby plastic mattress and very high side rails. I asked for them especially for a patient with the mentality of a 2 yr old. They knew me there and had no problem filling my order and along side with that I ordered 8 cases of the most absorbent disposable briefs. They had the institutional use kind, and several plastic panties and several rubber panties as well in his size.

They assured me they could deliver those items in about 3 hours. I had to fax over to them the necessary paper work and a script for the bed rails but for a nurse that was no problem and I had a standing revolving order for the diapers placed for 3 cases every month starting the very next month.

If my AB husband wanted to play baby I was going to do it. All the way and safely. Then actually that didn't take me long to do. Then I entered his bedroom he was still sleeping which when I saw what he was drinking I understood why. Must of been a case of beer cans scattered everywhere. But I thought to myself I do hope you enjoyed that because it just might be the last beer you'll ever enjoy and to this day it was.

Baby formula and learning to cook for one was much cheaper. I very carefully and expertly took off his diaper which was very wet and replaced it with a dry towel with the same diaper pins he had on just until the other diapers arrived in a few hours. Funny thing I don't know how he didn't know he was being changed or was he too drunk to notice? I was not sure.

About 4 hours later he woke up and I heard him scrambling for his clothes which I had found and took out of the room he had nothing to wear out of that room but that diaper and plastic panties that I found him wearing. But outside of the door I had all the diapering supplies just waiting.

When he came out of the room he was very upset that I had found him out at first, but I tried to calm him down by telling him it's ok. Then when he saw I wasn't mad or upset he mentioned he was late for work. Then I told him it's ok, I called his job and they told me to tell you to take all the time you need. Ok, so what I lied. He never questioned it which is kinda amazing in itself. But no matter.

I then told him about the things that we were going to use from now on and why I understand that this is a fetish or whatever. But if your going to want to dress as a baby then I am going to become your mommy. He smiled at that but then I told him the rest of the rules.

For now on all he wears is a diaper and he must become nonverbal, which means no talking when anyone is in the house. No absolutely talking on the phone, and I took his cell phone and locked it away in our old bedroom which he is not to be found in unless I take him in here personally.

The scary part was he had no problem becoming nonverbal. Granted he never talked much anyway but that was usual. I then called the men to set up the hospital bed in our spare bedroom. They said they could come in 10 minutes, which was ok with me. So I put on my baby husband a clean disposable diaper and told him he wasn't allowed to stand anymore. And he was to craw on his knees everywhere.

I also used the plastic panties which he was wearing because they had pretty pink designs on them and I didn't know where he got them. He looked very babyish and I made a makeshift playpen out of the ones I found at K-mart that was made for babies to be outside and had extendable 8 ft.rails. It was ideal for what I had in mind.

I used a calf feeding bottle to make his formula in. But I only gave that to him when the workers arrived and with him in plain view. They assembled the makeshift hospital crib, and I knew they wanted to ask but they never said a word. I did hear them snickering as they walked off my porch though.

My new baby husband was not even embarrassed. It seemed to me he took this a lot better than I thought he would. He even wet his diaper in plain view sight of the workers, and brandished his oversized baby bottle for them to see. That is when I thought I might have a small problem on my hands.

Then he started a few days later baby talking and making gurgling sounds like a real baby. I figured he might be my baby for a long time. I tried after that to embarrass him to become a man he was once but that backfired on me. My girlfriends loved him as a baby and changed him and even babysat him for me when I was at work.

I did give him one last chance but he decided to be declared mentally incompetent, by a Judge. I dressed him in the silliest AB baby clothing I could buy on Ebay. I was very surprised at the huge selection, oh my goodness. And took him to see the Judge at the court hearing.

He insisted on acting babyish and even wet his diaper in the courtroom which gave the Judge every reason to grant my petition. But the Judge allowed me to declare him my child in a special hearing so I could divorce him legally. But I wanted to continue caring for him, and he allowed it.

So he is now legally my baby. I had his last name changed to my maiden name. So if I find someone to marry I be continued..

Written By: Miss Debbie Headley