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I met a girl named Julie, who I met online, at a public corner to see if things are cool between the two of us. I had a nap sack with me, holding two overnight adult diapers, baby pacifier, baby wipes, and baby powder.

While we walked back up to her place I tried not to think about how I was going to get caught being a naughty little diaper boy, when we were walking. We got to her room, and I told her, “Do you have a bathroom?” she pointed the way and I took my nap sack in with me. 

I quickly unzipped my loose jeans and pulled them off along with my underwear. I took out the baby powder and lightly powdered myself and set it down. I opened a diaper and quickly, but careful enough to not make too much noise with the crinkly disposable diaper, strapped myself in.  I grabbed my jeans and boxers back up and could barely button my jeans. I grabbed my nap sack and then went back into the living room to have a social chat. 

   We were chatting about what kind of things we liked to do and other interests with this diaper fetish over a bottle of beer. I suggested we might go outside and walk over to a nearby diner to grab a bite to eat. She agreed, but told me she just had to use the bathroom before we went.  

The minute Julie mentioned “bathroom” I suddenly thought to myself, “Did I grab the baby powder?” So while she was inside, I checked my bag to find it wasn’t there. I waited at the door, hoping she didn’t find it and call me out on it and luckily Julie came out normally saying, “Let’s go.”

   As we walked I tried so hard to not waddle or walk to fast to make my diaper crinkle louder than normal, luckily we weren’t in a hurry to run there. The diner was a little crowded, but we were able to find a table to sit down. I started to feel an urge to pee, after having that bottle of beer and water bottle before I met her. I ordered water and she got another beer.

As we talked some more, I started to feel my diaper get warm and wet as I was slowly wetting my diaper, while trying not to make any faces and gestures to show what I was doing. I ended up letting out a little sigh of relief when I was done wetting my diaper.

At that moment, she leaned in closely and softly asked, “what you smiling about, you big baby?” I think a little poop peaked out at the moment as I trembled to think she had found the baby powder I left in the bathroom. Before I could say anything, she said, "I found your baby powder and I think you're wearing a baby diaper and you just finished wetting your diaper." I was speechless and to try and spare myself the humiliation I simply bowed my head.

Julie leaned over to grab my bag away from me to find all of my baby supplies. I saw her take out the pacifier and handed it to me as she said, "I want you to go to the bathroom. You'll then stand facing a corner of the room sucking on your baby pacifier with your pants down to your ankles, giving a clear view of your baby diaper showing. You'll stay there until you hear a knock three times, before you pick your pants up and return to your seat.”

I slowly got up, hoping I wouldn't leak after making my diaper so hot and wet from my pee pee and walked to the bathroom. The second I locked the door I shoved my pacifier in my mouth and pulled my jeans down to my ankles and stood there in an opposite corner to the door. 

As I waited for her knock, it felt like time was standing still and I didn’t like my punishment anymore as my wet diaper began get cold. The poop that was peeping out was ready to come out and I didn't want to mess my diaper in the diner. I heard three knocks on the door and some voice, probably Julie’s saying, “Honey, are you O.K.?” 

Julie got our waiter to get a key to open the door, after she told him I was her retarded step-brother.  The door unlatched and opened before I could grab my jeans back up and over my diaper. I couldn’t bear to turn around after I heard two smirking voices as they saw me standing in the corner with my pants down revealing my wet diaper, sucking on my baby pacifier. 

My body froze like an icicle and at that same moment I couldn’t feel my poop peaking out anymore. My poop had fallen into my diaper and I couldn’t bear to move. Julie came inside the bathroom to pull my jeans back up and over my now soggy-wet-poopy diaper and grabbed the baby pacifier out of my mouth. 

The minute she pulled up my jeans over my diaper I had felt what happened to my poopy that was peeping out, as a soft piece of poop, the size of ping-pong ball smooch between my butt and the diaper I was wearing.

I got back to our table and slowly sat down to not splatter the fresh poop smearing around my diaper. I felt a little hard surface as a sat in my chair.  The food had arrived, my large Philly cheese steak with fries and her burger. My food was cut into little bites as I saw our waiter smiling as left us to eat our lunch.

I tried to eat my food really fast to leave the diner from anymore embarrassment, but no there was one more punishment left for me to humiliate myself in front other people sitting around us. When I was done, she ordered dessert and told me, "You're going to make a poopy in your diaper right there in your chair and we aren't leaving until I can smell it from here."  I had already almost cried to think of how what other people might say or do if they smelled my messy diaper.

I waited until dessert came to try and finish the rest of my poo poo in my diaper. I sat on the edge of my chair and made a little face to squeeze my poopy out into my tightly pressed and cold soggy diaper. I unbuttoned the top button of my jeans to make more room. A warm abundance of poop began to seep and smear out in the back of my diaper.

I tried to lean to one side to push some more. I had some chocolate cake and after all my pushing and squeezing I felt a good portion flow out into my diaper and seep its way down with little effort. I had fully loaded poopy diaper that she could smell and it was then she ordered the check.

I noticed others around me making some faces or looks around to see where the smell was coming from. I couldn’t stand to wait for the check to come, so I waddled my poopy-diaper ass outside to wait for her. Julie came out a few minutes later with a disappointing look on her face as she said while spanking my bulging poopy diaper butt, “I told you to wait in your chair! Babies don’t move without permission.”

I think someone noticed her scolding me outside in public when a couple turned their heads back to look. I quickly said, “I’m not a baby. Can you please take me back to your place?” Julie took my hand and started walking really fast as I tried to follow, my poop was sticking and starting make me walk very funny. 

We stopped by a Kraigen auto shop and told me to wait outside. I started to grab the back of my diaper to try and pull it off from sticking to my butt and felt like I still had more poop inside me. Julie came back with an opened car freshener shaped like a leaf and forcefully shoved it down the back of my diaper as little bit of my mess started to smear down to the front of my diaper. I was fully embarrassed to be standing and then walking in soggy wet and poopy diaper held up so tightly by my jeans. 

It was another block up to go and it was unfortunately up hill. Every step I took, my mess swished side to side. Julie decided to take her hand against my butt and help me move faster up the hill. As she pushed, my poopy began to rush back up to my crouch. 

Finally, we got to her place and had to take the elevator to the 6th floor. It was only the two of us and the minute the door elevator door closed she started to yank down my jeans. I felt my diaper sag with part of my mess still sticking to my butt and crouch. 

“Drop to your knees, or you’ll be kept in the elevator like this until someone else gets in to use it!” I quickly dropped to all fours with my pants down to my ankles and my diaper feeling heavier from my mess. The door opened at the 6th floor and to my relief, no one was waiting to get in.

Julie kicked my poopy diaper and said, “Crawl like a baby boy to Daddy’s place.” I tried to crawl as fast as I could, but no matter how fast I crawled she was right there kicking my poopy-soggy wet diaper every other crawl I took. 

After she had opened the door and let me inside, I tried to take my diaper off.  The minute I got one diaper-strap off, I was in leather handcuffs with pink velvet lining inside.  I couldn't help to cry because it was getting to be really uncomfortable wearing my messy diaper. 

"Please change me," I said Mommy hoping it'd please her. "Oh Mommy Julie is going to change you alright," with a smirk on her face as she shoved a pacifier in my mouth. She grab my handcuffs as I followed her sucking on my baby pacifier and crawling like a baby. 

I was so excited to get changed, but at the same time worried of what she planned next for me.
Mommy Julie handcuffed me to a towel rack and told me, “I want my baby girl to drink her baby bottle until Mommy comes back with my baby's new diaper."  The baby bottle was pink and I almost gagged the first drop I drank from the bottle. I believed it to be baby formula, but I didn't want to make Mommy Julie mad, so I forced as much baby formula down my throat as I could.

It seemed like a long time to get a diaper when Mommy Julie came back with a diaper and a little bag. "Mommy Julie has a big surprise for her baby girl." She unzipped her pants to show me she had on.  She stepped forward as I saw the yellow line down the middle of diaper turn blue, she was soaking her diaper so wet I heard her pee hitting the diaper like rain hitting a tin can.

She unstrapped her diaper and held it an inch from her body as she turned around to squat right in front of my face. I saw a dark brown chunk slowly bulging out of her butt and it slowly landed on the diaper with more to follow.  She had so much she ended up laying the diaper on the floor to make a pile of poopy chunks.

"You have two options; wear Mommy Julie's fresh and messy diaper or eat Mommy Julie's chocolate chunks." it was an unfair decision, and I chose to wear Mommy Julie's diaper. Mommy Julie went to her bag to find a blue looking toilet freshener you find in urinals and put it on top of her poopy before sliding it under my butt to sit her poopy diaper.

Written By: Mikey