Megan The Baby Sitter
ONE day when Megan was babysitting Kim the five year old girl
who she had babysat for three years. Was now trying to toilet train
her. Kim was wearing the new pampers feel and learn training diaper in the day and goodnights to bed.

Kim's mom was a little upset that she was not toilet trained yet and in kindergarten still wearing training diapers. Tiffany, Kim's mom told Megan that when she was gone for the week to try different toilet training technics on her daughter .

So Megan wrote down a list of things she used on other kids who
she had toilet trained before. Then she went and checked on Kim who
was playing with the boy next door who she also babysat but not today. When she came up to Kim and not to embarrass her she whispered in her ear do you need to go to the bathroom .

Kim then said out loud "I AM a big girl now and I will go to the
bathroom when I want to".  Tim the boy who she was playing with
said "you still wear diapers". Kim then said "no I don't. I wear training
pants". Tim said "My mom says that they are just diapers that you can pull up and down by yourself. but they are still a diaper that means you are still a baby". Megan then told Tim "You should not be making fun of Kim because you yourself were wearing pampers diapers not so long ago like two weeks ago".

Tim then said nothing and turned red with embarrassment that Kim now knew that he had to wear baby diapers two weeks ago. Tim then said he had to leave for supper. Megan then went inside with Kim and checked her training diaper. It was a little wet, she then told Kim "When you feel wet that means you have gone pee in your pants and should try to get to the washroom and go in the toilet".

Then she took Kim to the bathroom and told her to pull down her pants and diaper and sit on the toilet. Kim then did what she was told and Meagan then said "When you are peeing in the toilet try to stop and go this would help you with making your bladder strong". Kim tried what she was told and it worked. Megan said "Good girl soon you will be out of diapers and no one will make fun of you anymore".  

Megan then gave her a new feel and learns and Kim said to her "I
don't want to, it's a diaper".  Megan said "No its not, its training pants". Kim then said "Tim says its a diaper".  Megan then said "You don't want to pee your pants in front of everyone when we go to the climbers after dinner do you?" Kim shook her head no.

Then Megan started to put the new diaper on her. But when the diaper was on her she asked Megan if she would wear one of her feel and learn pants so she would not feel like she was wearing a diaper and ONLY training pants.  Megan then said honey they are way to small for me. Then Kim said you can wear one of my cousin extra large pull ups that he left here last time when his mom stayed for the weekend.

Megan didn't know what to say. Kim then grabbed them from under
the sink and showed them to Megan. Still in shock Megan looked at them and said "Well I think they will not fit me". Kim then said "Try one on and see if they fit". Megan slowly undid her jeans then took them off and removed her adult panties. Then she took the goodnight pants and put one leg and then the other into the leg openings of the training diaper. She then slowly pulled them up. 

It was a little tight on her but the goodnights fit her. Megan then look in the mirror to see a now nineteen year old girl wearing a training diaper. Megan felt her adulthood disappear. She then felt the need to pee real bad then it happened she lost control and wet herself right in front of Kim. 

Megan tried to stop herself but could not and she completely empted her bladder into the diaper. Kim when this was happening saw her babysitter diaper turn yellow and sag at the bottom. Then Kim said while laughing "Megan peed her diaper, Megan still a baby" over and over. Kim kept saying it and belittling her nineteen year old babysitter who was now wetting herself like a little baby. Megan began to cry and hold her hands down at the crouch area of the diaper. Then with a look of horror on her face she moved her hand to her bum and she felt her diaper fill up with poop.

Now Kim who saw Megan's diaper sag even more laughing and pointed and said "Did little Megan poo poo her diaper?" This was to
much for Megan she then sank to the floor and sat down and cried
like a little baby and rock back and forth sucking her thumb.

At the same time feeling the poop spread all over her bum and up to her crotch. Megan then thought back in her mind when she was an adult who used to babysat and change babies dirty diapers and now all she could think of was the pee and poop filled diaper she was sitting in, and how she was supposed to be toilet training the little girl who was now laughing at her nineteen year old babysitter who had just peed and pooped her pants right in front of her wearing a training diaper and now crying and sucking her thumb like a baby.

Kim then bent down and said to Megan "its ok, accidents happen
and I will not tell anyone that you peed and pooped in a diaper when
babysitting me.  Then Kim pushed Megan on her back and ripped
the sides of the goodnight and throw the diaper in the trash can. Kim
then used the baby wipes on Megan she then put a new goodnights pull up on her. When this was happening Megan thought back to the time when she used to diaper change Kim in the same room but now she was on the floor having her diaper changed.

Megan felt like a one year old not a nine-teen year old women who wore nice tight jeans and sexy gee string panties now replaced with a diaper. Megan then got up and put her jeans on and left her panties in the bathroom and went downstairs with Kim. 

Later after supper they went to the climbers where Tim was playing. Kim was having a good time but Megan was not she was still thinking back on how a grown up women like her could have peed and pooped herself at her age. Then she felt the need to pee and said to Kim "I have to go pee pee". Then Tim said "Well you better hurry up and go to the restroom over there you don't want to pee your pants".

Megan then ran to the rest room but the door was locked then she ran to the boys side and it was locked.  Megan then saw a mother who she babysat for with her three year old son. The mother then said "They lock the bathrooms at night because the kids wreck them". She then said "if you want you can come to my house over here". Megan agreed and once inside she made a mad dash to the bathroom and forgot to lock the door and when she was on the toilet the three year old and the mother came in and saw that Megan still had to wear a
toilet training diaper.

Megan's face turn red with embarrassment and shame. Then the three year old said in his baby voice "Megan has to wear diapers like me mommie". Megan just sat there and then the mother said "Yes honey Megan is a big baby and still is not toilet trained and by the looks of it she did not make it to the toilet in time and probably needs a new dry diaper.

Megan then began to cry and the mom lifted her off the toilet and lay her down on the diaper changing mat. Then she removed Megan's wet diaper and put a extra large pull ups girl diaper that her older
daughter used to wear. Megan was now crying and sucking her thumb
again she could not believe that now she had been seen by the lady who she babysat for, and her son wearing a diaper and now she was being diaper change in front of the boy who she had diaper changed only two days ago.

The mother ask her if she had been re-toilet training for some time. Megan replied that she just started having to wear diapers again. The mom said its a shame to see such a beautiful nineteen year old girl have to wear diapers all over again and be diaper changed like a baby. YOU must feel so humiliated being diaper changed in front of my son who you diaper changed only two days ago.

Megan then nodded her head and put her pants back on and left. When leaving the mother said honey I don't think you should be my
babysitter anymore until you stop wearing diapers. I can't have my son have a babysitter who still wears diapers and cries like a baby
and sucks her thumb. Talk to me when you get over your problem and also I am going to tell all the other parents you babysit for, that you are not toilet trained yet and wear diapers and that they should get a new grown up babysitter that does not pee herself in diapers.

Megan left crying and went to the climbers and started to take
Kim home.  Tim saw that Megan was crying and said what happen
did you pee your pants?  Kim said "No you dummy, She did not pee her diaper!" Then Kim said "oops I MENT PANTS?" Tim then said "You
said diaper. Does Megan have to wear diapers?" Kim then said no she
doesn't. She only peed and pooped her pants today by accident.

Tim then said "Megan peed and pooped her pants today". Kim then said "No silly she pee pee and pooped her training diaper only".
Then Tim was laughing out loud and said "My babysitter still has to wear diapers because she pees and poops her pants. Megan is still a little baby".

Megan started crying and Tim said "What's a matter little baby is it time you have your diaper changed?" Megan then sat on the ground and rocked back and fourth sucking her thumb. Tim came up to her and lay her on her back and undid her jeans and saw the pull up diaper then he removed her jean leaving Megan's bottom half exposed. Then he took off her top and bra. Megan now lay by the climbers dressed in pull up only.

Kim came over and said "What are you doing?" Tim said "She does not need adult clothes any more she is a baby now not a babysitter". Megan lay there crying and sucking her thumb. Then things got even worse. A fifteen year old girl from Megan's high school who Megan had made her wear pampers diaper to school for a whole week in grade nine and now poor Megan lay on the ground wearing only a pull ups diaper.

Sandy who was taking care of a two year old baby saw her tormentor and started laughing so hard that she almost wet herself.  Then Sandy bent down and said "Well well look what we got here. Hi Megan looks like some one got herself in a pretty pickle". Sandy then took Megan's thumb out of her mouth and replaced it with the two year olds baby bottle. Megan began to suck it. Sandy laughed.

Then Sandy pulled off the pull up and put a pampers diaper as a liner in the pull up and put them back on. Then she took a camera out of the stroller and took lots of pictures of Megan in her diaper state sucking on a baby bottle. Sandy then said I am going to show all these pictures of you in diaper at school and on the internet and at the variety store.

Megan began to sob. Then Sandy checked her diaper and found that Megan had wet herself. Then Megan woke up she felt wet and when she look under her bed sheets she had a depends diaper on. A moment later her mother came in and said "Is my little baby awake? Do you need your diaper changed".

Megan in shock said "Mom I am not a baby. What am I doing in a diaper? Her mom said "Simple, your my little baby. See you were riding your bike and hit your head and you were in a coma for a year. The little girl who you used to babysit has been helping me with your diaper changes". Megan was now embarrassed because she used to change the diapers of the little girl next door about ten years ago when she was three, and now the little girl was changing her. Megan was now the baby. end of story

Written By: Fred

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