Hello my name is Troy and I have had this problem for a very long time. I first got the feeling to wear diapers when I was very young so I would sneak up to the corner store and buy some disposable baby diapers and wear them at night after every one was in bed. After a few years I kinda got out of the feeling of wearing diapers.

Then when I was 16 I got into a car accident and it messed me up. There was a couple of mornings when I woke up and found my bed all wet and thought it was from drinking water to late at night, so I quit drinking water and any thing else late at night, and to my surprise that did not work I still woke up all wet. I would take my sheets off my bed in the morning so my mom wouldn't see them all wet.

Well to my surprise my mom went into my room and found a big yellow stain in the mattress and asked me if I had a problem at night going to the bathroom. I told her that I spilled a drink on my bed and she believed me so I went and washed my sheets and made my bed back up.

That next day my mom came into wake me up because I over slept and she saw that my bed was soaked again, and she asked me why I was all wet and I couldn't think of any reasons at that time so she said that I will have to start wearing diapers to bed from now on until I can learn not to wet the bed any more. Boy was I shocked about that I almost said yes please but I held that back.

Ever since then I have worn diapers on and off, but now I have to wear diapers every night and during the day because I don't know when I am going to pee. Now I wear adult disposable diapers and I see no end end sight because of my incontinence.


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