Was when I was born to the age of 3/12 yrs. old. By the age of 7, my childhood was going way to fast for my britches! So I decided to slow things down by Wearing Diapers 'o' My Mom used to Play house with me and I was always the baby! She would first put a fresh diaper on me. Then in that moment of happiness and peace I would feel eliberated to the fullest extent!

Then mom would go back to her daily schedule and I would go outside and play in my Diapers! In the back-yard I would slide down the slide in my diapers, that makes you feel really special inside yourself!

At the age of 9 after almost 2 1/2 yrs. I got caught being seen in diapers. Boy was it embaracing! I tell all you readers! "Don't Get Caught In Diapers @ School, Church, The Park Mall, Parents, Or At Amusement-Parks!

So after total humiliation I stopped wearing diapers. I then figured out that I have a say in things that I love! So I went back to school and pulled my pants down and peed & pooped In my pants! In front of my class! Shocking? You may ask!

My teacher then called my parents and told them  everything that happened! My parents were devastated I went home was spanked and grounded in my Room! The next day I showed up in diapers and peed and pooped again this time at the nurses office! The Nurse then told me it's OK to feel like your missing a curtain picture in your life!

She then changed me and I went back to class. PS. The nurse carries diapers for the disabled kids. After I got back to class everybody everywhere were staring at Me! My teacher then said class listen up our diaper kid well be transferring to another class starting Monday! I then thought "I wonder what class I'll be staying in"? Monday came fast I was at home getting ready for my new class day. I go to school and the P.E. coach asked to follow him he then brought me to the gym.

There were so many disabled kids in diapers pushing the ball back and forth! playing with toy cars and even kids getting there diapers changed by You guessed it! The nurse! I then walked over to go play cars and then I suddenly had to use the restroom! I then sat down and peed in my diaper! In that
moment I knew this class is going to be fun! Then the nurse said out loud "Who in here needs a diaper change?"

She then walked over to a kid named Billy and picked him up out of his wheel chair and changed his diaper! I then thought "wearing diapers is fun and all but what about the kids that haven’t got choice to wear them? I said to myself I have to think about this for a moment! Then while I was thinking the nurse came over and picked me up and carried me over to the changing table! And boy did it feel weird!

So then she laid me down and she said who wee that’s one stinky diaper! I thought” Wait a second I don't remember Pooping! That felt really weird! So then she picked me up and laid me down on a mat! And I looked around and saw all the kids were sleeping then after being pampered I said to myself "Life is full of surprises!"

                      writtin by: Randy

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