Kat The Cheerleader - Part 1
This story is part true and part fantasy

Junior Year In High School

My name is Kathryn but everyone calls me Kat. Let me start by telling
you that I am just under five feet tall. My dad was five feet five inches and my mom was five feet two inches tall.

I have always wanted to be a cheerleader and when I had a chance to go
to cheerleader camp I went. For most girls this would have been an easy
decision but for me it was not so easy. Since I was small for my age so I was going to have to work extra hard to make the squad at my school.

But there is more than just my size that was working against me. I was
born with a small bladder that was also very weak. The doctors have said that while the rest of my body grew from the age of six to sixteen, my bladder didn’t. Because of this I was not given much time to find a toilet before it was to late, usually no more than maybe five minutes or so.

Every since I can remember I have always had day and night time wetting accidents. It was not something that happened every day or night but enough that I was always nervous about sleeping over at a friends place or going out for a long time. Even though I would be nervous I would go to sleep over and ever time but once I did ok. When I was younger it was not such a big deal if I wet during the day, even if we were out shopping or doing something else. But as I got older that all changed for me. I worked hard to keep it from happening but was not always successful.

While in elementary school I would have several accidents each year but mostly when we had gone on a field trip and were not near any toilets that I could use. Even though some kids made fun of me, most didn’t really care and a few would stay with me and try to keep me from being to upset. Once leaving elementary school and moving on up into the higher grades was much harder on me. For the most part I went through those grades with only a few accidents but the teasing was even worse then before when it did happen. The only good thing was that most had forgotten what had happened after a month or so.

My wetting accidents at night were not that often either. As far back as I can remember I would have these accidents maybe six to eight times a year. The doctor has told my parents and me that since my bladder was so small and weak that this could happen at any time without warning. My parents never got upset with me but would put a plastic mattress cover on my bed and kept it there until I went seven nights dry.

Usually the plastic mattress cover was on my bed for just the seven days most of the time. Only once did it stay on my bed for over one month and that was five years ago when I was twelve. It was not that I had a wetting accident each night but that I was having two or three each week during that time. During the year leading up to my summer before being a junior in High School I only had six accidents at night.

The last accident I had during this time was just a few days before I was to go to cheerleading camp. The camp lasted for four weeks and while I didn’t have any nighttime accidents I did have a few small daytime accidents but was lucky that no one noticed. My first night back home from camp I had an accident and the plastic mattress cover was back on the next night. Five
nights later I had another accident and so it stayed on another seven days. I had several daytime accidents during that time but they happened while we were traveling.


Two weeks before school started we had tryouts for the cheerleading
squad. I worked hard and after two days of tryouts was accepted. My mom
made my cheerleader outfit to wear, everyone had to make their own in my
school. Our school colors are purple and gold. Our skirts were dark purple and our blouse and panties were gold. I was so excited about being a cheerleader that the next two nights I had an accident. It was in the second week of school that I had been dry at night for over a week and a half and the plastic mattress cover had already been removed.


It was just at the end of the first month of my junior year that things got worse for me. It was a Friday night and the game was in a town some  distance from us. The bus trip was over two hours long and I just did make it to the toilet when we arrived. The trip back would take even longer since it was going to be dark. We were still some distance from being back home when the pain telling me that my bladder was ready to empty hit me. I knew that I would not make it because I have not been able to hold it any longer than five minutes or just a little bit longer but not much longer.

I was sitting in the back of the bus and most of the time was by myself. I pulled my skirt up and starting holding myself while rocking back and forth. I knew what was going to happen and was afraid that the other girls would find out about it. Six minutes after the pain started I felt my panties getting wet. My bladder didn’t hold a lot of pee but it was enough to soak my panties completely.

My pee rolled off the back of the bus seat and formed a small puddle under my seat and a little trail of it went forward toward the seats in front of me. All the time I was back there I was hoping that Rhonda didn’t come back to where I was. Rhonda could be a “b---” at times and at other times she could be a very big “B---”.

Because of my size she was always teasing me about being a baby. With what happened to me on this trip I didn’t want her anywhere near me. Once we got back into town I was the last one off of the bus and went straight home. A small puddle was still in the back of the bus when I got off. I just hoped that no one noticed it.

By the time I got home the back of my skirt was still wet but since it was a dark purple it was not noticeable. However, my gold panties showed clearly what had happened. I went straight to my room but mom followed me because of the look on my face. I had already taken off my skirt when mom entered my room and noticed my wet panties.

“Oh dear, are you ok?”

Almost in tears I told her I would be.

“Go ahead and take care of yourself and get dressed for bed and I will be back to talk with you some.” With that mom closed my door and left me to myself. I got my robe and my nightclothes and went down the hall to the bathroom. A short time later I was back in my room talking with mom.

“Do you want to talk about what happened tonight my dear?”

I explained to her about the long bus trip back from the game and how I  went to the back of the bus when I knew I wasn’t going to make it back  without an accident. “What hurts me the most now,” I said, “is that I’m  sixteen and a cheerleader. This shouldn’t be happening to me.”

“It could be worse,” she said, “this could be something that is happening all the time. Did any of the other girls noticed what had happened?”

I told her that I don’t think any of them did. She encouraged me the best she could and then left me to go to bed. That night I went to sleep crying because of what had happened. The next morning was no better as I woke up to a wet bed. This whole weekend turned bad as I woke up each morning of the weekend to a wet bed. At least during the day I didn’t have any accidents, big or small, over the weekend.


The next few weeks things began to get back to normal, as I didn’t have  any day or nighttime accidents after that weekend. But the third week things went bad for me again. It was during our pep rally that I had a small accident. It was not a large one but the spot on my gold panties was large enough. I went ahead with our cheer program and knew each time I kicked my legs up if anyone looked they would know what had happened.

I tried not to think about it but it was not easy to do. At least there were others in front of me from time to time during our routine so that helped hide at times my wet spot. I was very glad when the rally was over. However, my bladder was in great pain by the time I got home. About half way to the bathroom I couldn’t hold it any more doubling over not able to move anymore I wet myself completely just as mom came around the corner.

Mom took my clothes and washed and dried them so that they would be ready for me that night. At least it was a home game and both mom and I were glad about that. But the worst part of my day happened near the end of the game that night. It was during a part of one our performance that the pain of needed to go came to me.

My problem was that there was no way I could leave and go to the toilets. I held it back as long as I could but after several minutes I could feel my pee slip from my body into my panties. I slipped to the ground as though I had lost my footing and just sat there wetting myself like a two year old. One of
the girls came over to see if I was ok and I told her that I slipped but I would be all right. I told her that I need to get my wind back and then I would get up.

After I had finished wetting myself I slowly got back up and finished what we were doing. Only thing different was I didn’t do any high kicks because everyone would have noticed that I had wet my panties completely. I was just glad our skirts were dark purple. One would have to look very hard to notice anything different with mine compared to the others. Once again when I got home mom guessed what must have happened and once again tried her best to comfort me the best she could. When I woke up the next morning I had once again wet my bed.

The next day was just as bad for me. I went to the mall with a friend of mine for several hours and it was while we were on our way back home I began to feel the urge to pee come on me. I asked if she could hurry it up and get me to my house. I just couldn’t hold it back any longer. When she pulled up in from of my house I jumped out of the car and ran to the front door.

My friend drove on off and while I was trying to get my key to the house I wasn’t able to hold it any longer. At least I was wearing a pair of my cut-off jeans, which allowed most of my pee to fall to the ground instead of running down my legs. I finally got back into the house hoping that no one noticed what had happened.

The rest of the weekend went good for me as I didn’t have any more day
or night accidents. During the following week Jason, a member of the  school marching band, and I decided to start dating some. We had known  each other for over a year and talked about going together but it was not until now that we made that move. We made plans to go out together after the next game, which was another home game.

During the week I had several close calls but didn’t have any accidents either day or night. I made it through the game and was on my way to the parking lot to meet Jason when the urge to pee hit me again. I knew I had to get to the toilet shortly or I would be in trouble. By the time I got to the toilet I didn’t even have time to try and move my panties over to keep them from getting wet. I just sat down on the seat and let it go.

Only problem was that my gold panties were soaked and dripping. I did the best I could by taking them off and squeezing them as dry as I could. Once I had put them back on I then quickly made my way to where Jason was parked. When asked what took so long I told him that I had to make a quick stop first.

We headed to the pizza hut and spent the next hour and half there talking and enjoying the pizza and cokes. I then asked if he would mind taking me home for the night. He wanted to stay a little while longer but finally gave in and drove me home. By the time he got me home I had already been feeling the pain of my bladder for several minutes.

He walked me to the door I couldn’t help but look back at the car seat where I had been sitting and noticed a small wet spot that I left. I just hope he didn’t notice it. As we stood by the door of my house and kissed I knew I was at the point not being able to hold it any longer.

When he finally let me go and I entered the house and I had just closed the door when I couldn’t hold it any longer. Standing by the front door the sound of my pee splashing on the floor could be heard all through the house. My mom was in the living room and came to see if I was all right. When she found me I was in tears just standing there with pee still dripping from my panties.

As we talked I explained that this was the second time tonight that I had a major accident. After talking just a few minutes I went to my room and gathered my night clothes and went to the bathroom and took a shower. While I was doing this mom cleaned the floor by the front door for me. At least the next morning I woke up dry and did so the rest of the weekend.


During the next three weeks Jason and I had several dates. Wherever we
went and whatever we did was always great. We both enjoy this time
together, but by the time he got me home I was always at the breaking point
of losing control of holding my bladder. At least I was always already inside each time when I would end up wetting myself.

It was the finally football game of the season and if we won we would be going to the playoffs. This last game was the further away than any of the other games. After the long trip there I just did make it to the toilet. Another ten minutes or so and it would have been way to late for me.

Just a short time before the game was over I left the others and went to the toilets, as I knew if I didn’t I would be sorry. I then went back to be with the rest of the girls for the rest of the game. We lost the game and so the football season was over for our team. The trip back home was going to be a long quite trip. Not wanting to take any chances I took the back seat of the bus and sat by myself for the trip home.

This trip was going to take us almost three hours and two hours into it I knew I was not going to make it home dry. I had already pulled my skirt up and started holding myself. At the same time I started pressing my legs together as tight as I could. I would press my hands on my lap trying to ease the pain.

It was when I started rocking back in forth in my seat that I noticed Rhonda was watching me. I looked away and tried not to rock anymore. I was just about to the point where I was going to lose it when Rhonda got up and came to where I was and sat down beside me. “Does baby have a problem?” she asked me with a smile on her face.

I started rocking back and forth again and then stopped and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t hold it any longer and started peeing my panties. Rhonda must have known what was happening by the look on my face and reached over and lifted my skirt.

“Oh yes,” she said, “I see that baby is going to need a change for
sure. Does baby need to have a diaper on?”

As she talked my pee flowed to the back of the seat soaking the seat of
my panties and to the floor making a puddle under the seat I was sitting in.

She laughed a little and then continued, “I need to pee also but let me
show you how big girls can hold it. What do you think the other girls will say when I tell them that baby peed her panties?” I tried to plead with her to keep quite about it but I knew it was no good. When she saw I was just about in tears she laughed more.

Rhonda got up and started toward the front of the bus, stopped, turned
and came back and sat back down and whispered, “I won’t tell the others
if you do whatever I tell you to do.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Simple, whatever I tell you to do you do it or the other girls will know that you peed your panties. Isn’t that clear enough for you?”

I replied with a nod of my head. Rhonda then went back to where she had
been sitting for the rest of the ride back to town and left me alone again. I once again made sure I was the last off the bus and made my way home.

Mom could tell by the look on my face that I had another accident while
on the bus. And the fact that my panties were still wet only confirmed it for her. I didn’t tell her about what Rhonda said or how she treated me. I just wanted to go on to bed and forget about what had happened.

I woke up to a dry bed the next morning and for the next two weeks I  didn’t have any day or night accidents. Only a few times did I have a close call but no wettings, small or big. The away games for basketball went good for me during this time. Rhonda would come to where I was sitting from time to time and reminded me about that I agreed to do whatever she ask me to do. She would then leave me to continue to wonder what was on her mind as she has yet told me anything to do for her. At least I didn’t have any accidents on these trips.


It was the second Friday night in December and that our basketball team
was playing an away game. This trip took almost an hour and a half to get there, which I made just fine. I had made it a habit of leaving for the toilet shortly before the game was over. I did this because sometimes we didn’t have time to wait in line before the bus was to leave. The other girls didn’t have the problem of not being able to hold it so it was not a major deal for them like it was for me.

I made it back to the rest and Rhonda had bought me a large coke to drink. I told her thanks but I didn’t think I could drink anyone. I knew that if I did drink it my making it back without an accident would be close. No matter how much I said no, she would not give up. Since she got one for herself I couldn’t tell her to drink it also. Finally I gave in and started drinking it.

As soon as the game was over I finished what was left in my cup and we all headed to the bus. I noticed that Rhonda and got a second large coke and drank it will I could barely finish the one I had. When we got on the bus, Rhonda asked me to sit with her. I started to sit where she normally does but she stopped me and told me to head to the back of the bus.

She had me get in first and then followed me. As I slide across the seat with Rhonda following. We did small talk some of the time and not a word most of the time. We were having a bumpy ride and often we would fly off the seat when it hit a bump in the road. I could just image how hard this would be on anyone needing to pee even if they could hold it a long time.

We were about thirty minutes from home when Rhonda leaned over and
said, “Remember I told you that I was going to ask you to do something?”  I
said yes.

“Well now is the time.”

“What do you want me to do,” I replied.

“This is what I want you to do, I want you to pee your panties.”


“You heard me. I’m telling you to pee your panties now.” I was
speechless. I told her that there was no way I was going to do that for her.
She said, “We’ll see about that.”

It was ten minutes later that I felt the first powerful pain of the urge that always warned me time was short. Without thinking I started squeezing my legs tight together. I glanced over and noticed that Rhonda was watching me with a smile on her face. Now I knew why she made me drink that coke.

As the pain increased I started rocking back and forth. As I was rocking back and forth Rhonda said, “Is baby going to pee her panties?” She had an evil smile on her face. Nothing I did was going to keep me from having another accident. I could no longer hold it back and a small steady flow soaked the seat of my panties as it went under me and splashed on the floor under our seat and formed a small puddle.

While I was still peeing Rhonda lifted my skirt even though I tried to keep it down so she could watch the final flow. I turned red and was angry inside for what she had done. Even worst she called for Becky and Mary to come to where we were.

“Ok,” she told them, “pay up. I bet you that Kat would pee her panties
before we got back and as you can see she has.” She lifted up my skirt and before I could force it back down they saw that I was wet. They each gave Rhonda $10 and just shuck their heads in disbelief. I felt so small I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide. How was I going to be able to show my face to any of the other girls now? Once back in town Rhonda and I were the last ones off the bus. Once alone I asked her why she had to do that to me.

“Simple, I don’t like you and I want you off the squad. I didn’t want you on the squad in the first place but no one would listen to me. I wanted them to see that you are a baby and that we don’t need any babies on the squad.”

I didn’t talk much as she drove me home and once in front of my house
she stopped the car. “Look Kat, get it out of your mind about being on the squad. I know that you must have peed yourself before by the way you acted at times and by being the last one off the bus so I figured you might do it again.” Laughing she said, “Oh by the way, just to make sure you did I put a water pill in your coke so that you would need to pee before we got back. I am going to get you off the squad and so I made that bet with Becky and Mary to humiliated you in front of them.”

With that I got out of the car and went inside as she drove away. Once
inside I broke down in tears. When mom came to me she asked if I had an
accident on the bus. I then explained how Rhonda had given me a coke
and had put a water pill in it so that I would need to use the toilet before we got back to town. I told her how she had lifted my skirt against my will and looked at me while I was still wetting myself.

I then told her that she called two of the girls to come and lifting up my skirt to show them what had happened to me and then told them to pay up because she had won the bet that I would pee my panties before we got back to town. I could tell that mom was mad but she didn’t say a word. She hugged and kissed me and told me to go on to bed.

When I woke up Saturday morning I had wet my bed for the first time in
over one month. I figured it was because I was so upset from the night
before. Later that day mom called me to the living room and told me that I wouldn’t have to worry about Rhonda anymore. When I asked why she told me to have a seat and she would try and explain.

She had called the principal of the school and had a long talk with her. Rhonda had been in trouble before and this was the last straw. She was expelled for the rest of the school year. From what mom told me she has done things like this before causing girls she didn’t like to leave the squad.

She would let them get comfortable being with her and then she would do something to them that would make them afraid to face the other girls. Mom said that one time she had several girls at her place for a sleep over. When they were asleep she pulled the sheets back and poured warm water on their panties and then took pictures of them making them think they had wet the bed.

These girls were so ashamed they quite the squad the next day. I was glad I would not have to face Rhonda again but I still wasn’t sure how the others would react when I was with them again on Monday. I spent the rest of the weekend thinking about how I would be treated. I guess I was worrying so much that I woke up the next two mornings to a wet bed.

At school on Monday when we were together there was some talk that Rhonda had been expelled for the year because she had done something really bad. No one knew what it was but I got the impression that most were glad she was gone. Becky and Mary never let on to anyone about what had happened nor did they treat me any different.

For the next two weeks I woke up each morning to a wet bed. This was the first time that I could remember in a very long time that I had this many accidents at night in a row. I also had several daytime accidents but they happened just as I was getting home or had already entered my house.

At least I didn’t have any daytime accidents when we had several away games; I was able to come home dry. I know it may sound strange for a sixteen year old girl to be proud of staying dry during a trip, but I was proud.

After having three accidents on those bus trips anytime I made it back  dry was a victory for me. However, that run of good luck came to an end on a bus trip just before our Christmas break. This time I was not sitting at the back of the bus. I had done so well that I didn’t think I needed to do that any more. It just happened that Mary and Becky were sitting in front of me while Nancy was next to me.

The urge came quickly and it was then that I realized that I hadn’t gone to the toilet before leaving for the trip back home. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t keep still. Nancy saw me moving about so and asked if I was ok. I replied by nodding my head no. My hand was already up my skirt pushing against my pee hole. When she asked what was the matter I told her I needed to pee badly and didn’t think I could hold it much longer.

She thought for a moment and then said quietly to me, “Why don’t I pee in my empty coke cup.” She handed it to me and I slid up onto the edge of the seat and put the cup between my legs and tried to pull my panties over but I started peeing before I could. Even though the seat of my panties was wet after I had finished, most of my pee went into the cup.

“Oh god, thank you Nancy,” I said in a soft tone so others couldn’t hear. “Don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t given me this cup.” I removed the cup from between my legs and placed it on the floorboard of the bus and tried to keep it upright by holding it with my feet.

As I slid back in my seat I could tell that the seat of my panties were wet also and not just the crotch area where my pee came out. I just needed to make sure that no one other than Nancy knew about my wet panties. Once back in the parking lot I emptied the cup of pee behind the bus.

When I got home mom asked how the trip was and I told her that for the
most part it was ok. I told her about having to use a large coke cup and she was glad that one of the girls had thought about that, but that my panties did get wet because I was not able to move them out of the way.

During the Christmas holiday I was dry most every night except for  Christmas morning. I also wet my pants Christmas afternoon, mainly because I put it off to long instead of going when the urge first hit. Between
Christmas and New Year I had daytime wetting accidents most every day.  Two of them happened while I was out with mom at the malls.

The first  happened on the way home and the other one happened while we were still  at the mall. I knew that I needed to go but didn’t tell mom because she was busy looking at different items for the house. I just stood there holding myself until I was wet. When she saw that I had wet myself it was the first time that I seen her mad at me all year.

She was mainly upset because I didn’t tell her that I needed to go to the toilet. Instead of staying with her in the mall she thought it would be best if I went to the car and waited for her. She was only going to be shopping for another thirty minutes or so. On the way out I saw Nancy and hoped she hadn’t seen me. I don’t know how I would be able to explain it to her. When I got to our car I looked around to see if she was still around but I didn’t see her anywhere.

On the way home she made sure that I was aware of the fact that I had better let her know next time or something major would have to be done. The final two days of the old year I woke up to a wet bed. During the past year I had more wetting accidents during the day and at night than at any other time since I was a very young girl. I was wondering what the new year would be like for me.


I started the new year the way I ended the old year, waking up to a wet
bed. The weekend before school started back up I went with mom to the  mall. We had been there several hours when the pain of my bladder was  made know. We started looking for the restrooms but by the time we found  where they were located I was in so much pain I had to sit on one of the benches in the open area of the mall.

Mom and I knew that there was no way I would be able to make it now to the toilet. While still doubled over I could feel my panties and pants getting wet. Soon I could hear the sound of my pee splashing on the mall floor. The only comfort I had was that there was enough noise in the mall for others not to hear what I was doing.

There was no way I could hide what happened. Mom was not upset this time since I had told her that I needed to go. Mom decided that she could do the rest of her shopping at a later date so we went back home so I could change my clothes. What a way to begin the new year. Wetting my bed and pants.

I didn’t realize that this was going to be the pattern of what was to follow. During January I woke up to a wet bed three more times, two in one week. I also had two daytime accidents but at least no one was around at those times.


In February I woke up to a wet bed five times and had three daytime
accidents. Those accidents happened just as I walked through the door of my house each time. It was during this month that mom talked to me and said that instead of being dry seven nights in a row that it would have to be changed to fourteen nights because as soon as the plastic mattress cover came off it had to be put right back on.


It was during the month of March that the rest of the squad learned what only Nancy, Beck and Mary knew. We had gone to a major track meet and it was while we were watching several events that the urge hit me. I told Nancy who was sitting next to me that I needed to find the toilet. When Nancy and I told the other girls where we were going they decided to go also.

Being in a new place it was not easy finding the toilets and by the time we finally did it was all I could do to hold it. Because I needed to go so bad I walked slowly with my legs tight together and my hands up my skirt pressing hard on to hold it back. When we got to the toilets the other girls rushed into the stalls leaving none for Nancy or I to use.

All Nancy and I could do was wait but I wasn’t going to be able to wait any longer. With tears in my eyes I felt my pee starting to flow down my legs. I quickly squatted and without trying to move my panties let it flow on out. Just as I was finishing several of the other girls came out of the stalls and saw what I was doing.

Nancy started to try and explain what happened but before she could finish ran into the stall before it is to late for her also. Still squatting I pulled my skirt over my knees and buried my face in my lap. I was expecting Becky
and Mary to really pick on me but instead they tried to comfort me.

When Nancy came out of the stall I was still squatting in the corner with Becky and Mary around me. Nancy took me by the hand and led me to the stall and closed the door behind us.

She then handed me some toilet paper and told me to try and clean myself some. I was shaking so hard that she took the toilet paper from me and started drying my legs for me. After she had done that she handed me more toilet paper and told me to try and dry my panties with it. Lifting up my skirt I tried to dry them the best I could through my tears. I finally had to take them off and ring them out before I could put them back on.

“Don’t worry Kat. They should have let you in first.” I could not talk
I was so upset.

“Kat,” Nancy said, “I know you are worried about what the others are
thinking. I am sure that they understand. I mean, I almost soaked myself also if I hadn’t entered the stall when I had.” Since I was afraid to leave the stall Nancy had to take me by the hand and lead me out so that we could join the others.

Nancy and I found them trying to clean up the mess I made so Nancy joined them and when she bent over to help I couldn’t help but notice that she had a wet spot on her panties also. It was a small spot but it just confirmed what she said about almost not making it also. Once the track event was over we headed back home on the bus.

During this trip Nancy and I sat together talking. Most of the way back she continued to try and comfort me and by the time we got back home I was feeling some better.

Because of the new fourteen-day rule that my mom put in place my
plastic mattress cover stayed on my bed the complete month. It was not that I wet every night, but I did at least once within the fourteen-day period. I also had four more daytime accidents during the month, but no one but mom knew about them.


April was much like March as far as I was concerned. I was not wetting  my bed that often but it was just often enough to continue to keep the plastic mattress cover on my bed for another three weeks. The bright spot of April was that I didn’t have any daytime wetting accidents. This was the first month in a long time that I could say that.


The final month of school had arrived and I had been waking up dry for  the past three weeks, which meant that the plastic mattress cover had been taken off a week earlier. It was not until the middle of May that I had another daytime wetting accident. I had spent a lot of time after school talking with Nancy and when I left her to go home I was already feeling the pain of my bladder.

I was only a couple of houses from mine when I wasn’t able to walk any farther. Not being able to hold it any hold it any longer, I just stood on the sidewalk and peed my pants. As soon as I could I quickly ran into the house and changed my clothes. I once again was just hoping no one saw what had happened.

Later in the month Nancy asked if I would like to go with her to a new
cheerleaders camp. It would take place during the month of June. Since I had not had any nighttime wetting accidents since the middle of April and only one daytime accident during the past two months mom thought that I would be able to do all right. With that settled Nancy and I made our plans for the first of June to be at the camp.

                      Written by: Kathryn

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