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My friend Jen is a pants wetter. She was one day gonna go to the bathroom when she wanted to know what the feeling of poop pouring into your pants felt like. So instead of taking advantage of using the bathroom while she had the chance, she Just decided to go in her panties.

She was wearing a skirt that was long so she didn't think anyone would notice her soaked panties. Plus it was a black one. Then she went and loved the feeling. And she had another baseball sized one at lunch. She had a major one outside then she wet her panties at math class.

     I told her I thought it was going too far, but she still said that since we still had 3 hours left in school she would keep it up. Jen was suprisingly right, no one noticed because of her long skirt. She actually did not have much of a smell and she loved it.

     After school she called me and told me that her mom is out buying her some diapers because of her major 6 pooped panties. She told me she will only have diapers no babying because her mom is not that horrible.

     That night she did not wear a diaper and she wet and pooped the bed because she had a dream that she was going to the toilet. The next day she called me and told me she was getting Goodnites too. Then her mom came in and she hung up. She went to school the next day and she was wearing only 7 pairs of panties because her mom was nice.

     She did regret the whole thing but she kind of liked all the protecting. She wet her panties and so she kept them. And she is a DL, an official DL. The end.

OR NOT(I will tell more true stories about Jen with her permission)

Written By: Lexi