Summary: jack likes his diapers but he never knew that he
would be getting introduced fully. True Story (its up to you to

Hi, my name is John Bear and I am 14. I have always enjoyed diapers-related things: the noise, the look, etc., but I never really had the courage to get some, well, not never...

It was a Saturday. My little cousin was here (he wore
disposables). His mum always put his diapers in the corner of the living room. When they were all out, leaving the diapers behind, I thought I would grab one and try it on for fun (I think). So I got one and ran upstairs to my bedroom.

I lay it on my bed then I got undressed. I looked at it for a
while thinking it would not fit, but hey, I tried it. I lay down on top of it, but with my legs wide I lifted the diaper up on my crotch area. It was soooo soft. I thought to myself. Then I lifted the flaps and tried to put then together with the straps.

They would not reach, so I thought for a minute or two about how I am going to get it on. Then it hit me-- tape. Luckily
I had some in my room. I got some pieces then got the diaper to fit me. I got up, looked my mirror and thought I looked so cute, just like a baby. I began to crawl around, bouncing up and down.

Then it hit me. I needed to go wee-wee, so I tried to relax,
but I just could not go, so I went to the bathroom and stood near the toilet, trying not to think about anything. Then little spurts came out. It all went whooshing out until my bladder was empty; now I thought I was extra cute. My diaper was all saggy and wet, it felt so good. I crawled around some more in my newly wet diaper.

Then it got cold and a bit itchy, so I took the wet diaper off, got a Huggies baby wipe and dried myself off. Then I got another diaper and some baby powder, ran back to my room. I lay down, put the powder on my bottom and my crotch and put
the diaper on like I did with the first one. I crawled around again, then I thought how I wanted to wear diapers forever. Then I got the dreaded feeling I needed to poop, so I thought, "well, you're wearing a diaper, use it." I got on all fours and began to push. Then it all came out, much easier then weeing.

Then I heard the door opening. My mum and my little cousin were back. I panicked, knowing my mum would kill me if she saw me in a diaper, even worse, a messy one. Then I heard her come upstairs. I did a silent scream and she came in. She looked at me for a few seconds, then, without saying anything, went downstairs-- phew!

Maybe she did not see anything (yea...right) Then I heard her come back up again with a clean diaper in one hand and powder in the other. In a soft voice she told me to come downstairs and lie on the changing mat. Hearing those words
sent a little shock down my spine. My god, what have I done?

But I still did what I was told. I don't know why, so I lay down,  stomach up. She started to undo the straps, talking baby-talk. I could not really understand. She then lifted me on my bottom. She took the rest off the diaper off. I was naked with stains all over in front of my mum.

She then left the room and reappeared with some wipes. She then cleaned all my bottom and genitals. It felt so good. She then sprinkled powder all over me...moved to wear the diapers were got one and lifted my legs up slid the diaper under and strapped it on then she said in baby language  something like to mummies little boy likes his diapers.

She lifted me up and left the room came back with a dummy. I thought, no way am I putting that in my mouth, but she forced it in so I started to suck on it, not as bad as I thought. She then said we were going out to get some more diapers for me. WE, I thought me, in my diaper going out, no way.

She then got a white short shirt on me and then some socks
and trainers. "Is that it? What about trousers?" I thought. We then walked outside me hoping that no one was there. There was no one out, but then me thinking they will be loads of people in the mall.

She then strapped me in the baby seat, actually, my  cousin's. We were actually going and I needed to pee. The shock of going out let it come out straight away. My mum heard it. She said, "don't worry, diddums, we will get you changed soon." Finally we were there. It seemed like that longest car ride ever.

She then untaped me and we were on our way. I did hear some people whisper and a lot of stares, but nothing said to
me or my mum out loud. Then we stopped near the toilets. We
were entering the baby changing section. At least no one would be there.

But hey, I was wrong, there was another mum there changing her real baby. She looked at me for a while, finished changing her baby and left. Then my mum lifted me up and lay me down on the changing table. She talked some more baby talk and started to take off my diaper. Then I thought, "hold on, she did not have any diapers with her and she has not bought
any. Oh no! I was going out naked except for my short shirt."

"Noooooooooo!" I thought. I started to cry loudly. She then
started to talk to me, saying, "mummy's little boy will be okay." So then she put me on the floor and took hold of my hand. We stepped out and then people started to laugh. My mum just kept on walking to the nearest baby store.

We were just entering when a women came up to me
and said something like, "Awww look at you. You're so cute!" What was she thinking? It's not like I am small,  5 feet 1 inch.

We went inside. She gripped some Huggies-- not sure what
size-- and a bottle. We then paid for the stuff went back to the changing area. I got my new Huggies diaper on with the baby designs on the front and everything. I must say I did look pretty cute. Then she stuffed my dummy in my mouth. I started to suck on it with no worries in the world.

This felt so good. We left the store and drove back home where I stayed for the rest of the day and for some reason watched baby programmes like Barney and the Teletubbies. I thought, who cares, I was enjoying myself. Then about two hours later my mummy came in saying it was nappy time, so she grabbed my hand and tucked me in my bed. She left and a fell asleep.

I woke up and the sun was shining, but something felt wrong. I was wet for the first time (I think) I have wet while I was sleeping. I started to walk downstairs with my saggy and wet diaper where my mum was in the kitchen. I said to mummy, "will you change my diaper?"

After I said that I started to cry. I don't know why, I just
did. Then my mummy ran towards me, saying she will make everything all better. Lying me down on the changing mat where she continued to get rid of my wet diaper and cleaned my all up, she also said after the diaper change that I should just stay naked for a while, so I did.

About an hour later she put me back in a clean Huggies
diaper and told me that we were going to the park today, so she got me some socks and the same white shirt I had on yesterday, and walked to the car where she strapped me in the baby car seat.

We drove to he park where I played for awhile and asked my mum if she would push me on the swings. She took my hand and led me to the baby swings, where she picked me up
and put me in. She then continued to push me higher and  higher. I shouted, then with all the laughter, without my knowing, I started to wee. I told my mummy, where she took me off the swing and checked to see if I needed a change badly. I did not, so I continued to play. About half an hour later it was time to go home and for me to have my bottle.

I started to cry again thinking, why am I crying over  something so small? My mummy took my hand and led my back to the car, where I was strapped in and drove back home where I stopped crying. We went to the kitchen where she filled my bottle with milk and I was to sit on her knee on a chair. She fed me my bottle. After the bottle was empty I needed to poop and go wee really badly, so I did. I got off my mummy's
knee and started to kneel down and strain. It came out at the same time I was weeing as well. When I had finished my mummy said in a soft voice, "looks like somebody needs a change."

"That's how it kept on going, to this day... oops, looks
like I need a change."

THE END...for now.

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