JJ was small for his age and never had any real friends, for
this reason he was a loner, and somewhat a computer nerd, at the ripe old age of 12. While scanning the computer one night he came across many stories of boys his age and older wearing diapers.

He thought this was weird, but started reading them anyway. While reading them he let a little pee sprinkle into his tiny whities, he felt like this could be fun, and for the next few weeks he would do this whenever he was online.

JayJay as his mom called him, never thought that his mother knew about his little wettings, and when she brought it up one day, he acted surprised. JJ decided he would stop doing this, as his mom was teasing him, asking him did he need diapers.

He stopped wetting for a few weeks, and then thought it was safe to start again...WRONG!!!! that night his mom met him coming out of the shower, and taking his dirty underpants from him, she told him she had just the solution for his little problem.

She then walked him to her room, and introduced JayJay
to his first Goodnights. He cried that he was 12 and didn't
need diapers or pull-ups, but his mom told him that his hamper
stunk like a diaper pail, so hush up and go to bed.

JJ awoke in the morning dry, but he decided that if his mom
wanted him to wear these diaper pants, he should wet them. He let out a stream into his Goodnight, and just laid there felling kind of kewl, he then fell back to sleep. After about an hour his mom came in and awoke him, she commented how lucky he was to have his diaper pants on as he would have wet the bed. JJ wanted to tell her he woke up and wet them, but
was afraid, she would get mad.

Mom then shocked him, telling him to come eat breakfast, while it was warm, and then she could change him. He was confused, he knew he like wetting his pants a little, but to sit
at the table eating in wet diaper pants just seemed so weird.

After breakfast, things got weirder, his mom went back to
his room with him, and proceeded to help him get changed. He protested, saying he was 12 after all, but his mom said, looking at this wet diaper you couldn't tell that.

She then took off his very wet diaper pants, and
produced a box of baby wipes to clean him with. When she took another Goodnight out and started putting it on him, JJ started crying saying doesn't the name mean you only wear these at night.

His mom told him, his underpants, last night were wet from daytime wearing so she guessed he need these day times too. JJ was then allowed to wear his own shorts and his mom insisted that he go out to play. While out playing JJ stayed to
himself even more, cause he knew everyone could tell he was
wearing these pull-ups.

Mom soon called him in for lunch, and told him that they
were going out afterwards. JJ was glad, as this meant that he would not have to go back out front and hide from all the neighborhood kids. What he didn't know was they were on there way to the doctors office.

When they pulled up in front of the doctors, JJ had a fit, saying he wasn't going in there wearing these diaper pants. His mother told him he might be right as if he didn't stop throwing his temper tantrum, she would de-pants, him and give him a spanking and take him into the office that way.

JayJay was a very good and quite boy in the waiting room,
but when they were called to the back, he became unruly, and his mother did indeed spank him, and then leave him sitting in just the diaper pants.

The nurse was surprised to see JayJay wearing these but didn't say anything. She did make him walk to the outer office to have his height and weight taking, others could see him there. So now being so small was an advantage, as they all thought he was just a toddler. One girl even told her brother there was another baby over there. After that he waited for the doctor to come in and see him.

When the doctor walked in she asked why was JJ wearing these pull-ups. As his mom explained finding the wet stained underwear for a couple of months, and then the soaked pants this morning she wanted him tested.

Well after the doctor took some blood and urine, she told
mom she could re-dress JJ. That's when the worse thing that could happen, happened! As mom was pulling up the diaper pants, they tore, and could not be used again.

The doctor told the nurse, to get another diaper
for JJ to wear home. JJ just assumed she meant a pull-up as his mom had been calling the pull-ups diapers all day long...Wrong, the nurse returned with a babies diaper and she then proceeded to diaper him, and worse then that the diaper had Barney on it.

He started to say something, and his mom just gave him the look. His mom then asked the nurse what type diaper they were as it fit him very well, she was told Luv's size 6 and
mom said she would have to get some. The doctor told her,
that the results from the test would be back in a few days, but she had the right idea, just keep JJ in some protection for the next week or so.

On the way home, mom and JayJay stopped to buy some more supplies. She told JJ that she only borrowed a couple of Goodnights from her friend, but if JayJay needed diapers they should get him some of his own.

When they walked into the super grocery store, mom reached down and lifted JayJay up, and placed him in the cart seat. JJ didn't know what to say, mom then proceeded down the baby aisle. JJ's eyes couldn't believe what he was seeing, his mom bought a jumbo bag of diapers, he was going to
get close to Barney for a while he saw.

But mom didn't stop there, she bought him 2 baby bottles, a pacifier, some bibs, and then loaded the cart up with baby and toddler foods. Mommy told the shocked JayJay if she was going to be changing a babies diapers, she should at least get
to baby him. JJ started crying, and mommy opened the  pacifier, and placed it in his mouth.

When they arrived home, mom emptied the car, and then called JayJay to the living room. There in her hand was his first of many baby bottles. Mommy took JayJay up on her lap, and nursed him with the warm milk, cooing him the whole time. JJ had to admit to himself, that he liked it, and remembering some of the stories, he knew it could be worse.

Suppertime was a shock, as mommy had retrieved his high-
chair from wherever it was stored, and after placing him into it, she tied a bib around him, and stated feeding him his din-din as she called it. The food wasn't too bad, and after he was giving a bottle of "Grape" juice to drink, while mommy ate.

The "Grape" juice tasted kind of nasty, but mommy told him it was baby "Grape" juice, and that was probably why. What JJ didn't know was it was prune juice, and mommy wanted
him to poopy his pants for her.

Soon it was bedtime, and JJ wanted to used the potty as he
had to poop real bad. He figured his mom would take off his wet diaper to let him bathe, and he could poop then. Instead, mommy changed his diaper on his bed, and then put him into a back zipping sleeper, that he couldn't get off.

He told her he needed to go, but she told him to not
worry the doctor said he could use his diapers, until they figured out what was wrong. When he started to protest again, mommy just put him across her lap, and inserted yet another warm bottle of milk. The next thing JJ knew, he was waking up in the morning, and as her rolled over, he knew right away he had pooped his diaper.

Mommy came in, and asked how her baby boy was? She then picked him up, and carried him out for breakfast. He thought maybe she couldn't tell he had pooped, so he told
her he needed to have his diaper changed. She said, silly
baby mommy always changes you after breakfast. Eating was not so nice this morning, or any morning after that but soon he got used to the smell.

Diapers always got changed after breakfast, and as he found out when his Grandma came to visit, they got changed no matter who was there.

Part 2

A few weeks later, JayJay and mommy return to the doctor's office. The nurse seems a little surprised. If she didn't know better she would have thought that JayJay was a 2 or 3 year old toddler. He was wearing a short tall, with his paci attached to the top, and he had a pair of black and white saddle shoes on. He also had on a very wet and stinky diaper, but he didn't seem to notice or care.

When they were called to the back, JJ's mother carried him,
and after getting into the examining room, told the nurse she would change his dirty diaper so the nurse could get his temperature taking. After three weeks of being mommy's baby, JayJay was acting just like a real baby.

When the doctor came him, he asked JayJay's mother what was going on now? When his mommy reported that JayJay continued to wet and now mess his diapers, she just started treating him like a real baby. The doctor asked his mom, to go next door with his nurse, while he talked to JJ. Mommy wasn't too happy about leaving her baby like that but she did.

Once his mother was gone, the doctor asked JJ, why he was dressed like a baby, and why he was messing and wetting his diapers. JJ told the doctor he didn't know why, but when mommy left him, without diapers the other day, cause he had a diaper rash, he wet and pooped on the couch.

The doctor then called his mommy back in, and told her she
should get JayJay re-potty trained, as 12 year old boys should not be wearing diapers 24/7 and being dressed like a baby. Mommy promised the doctor she would work on this, and then they went home. On the way home, mommy stopped and bought another jumbo size bag of diapers, and asked JayJay
which foods he liked the best.

Grandma came to visit, about a month later, and even thought mommy had told her that JayJay was now a baby again, she was surprised to see him acting just like a 2 year old. Grandma, was glad to help change, and feed the baby, as all his cousins were out of diapers, and she really missed nurturing little ones.

JayJay and grandma went to the zoo, and grandma even changed his diapers, on the grass, while they were eating
lunch, JayJay was a happy toddler boy. JJ was surprised to
see one of his schoolmates at the zoo, but when the girl told her mother that that boy was in here, 7th grade class, her mother told her there was no way, as he was no more then 2 or 3 years old. JJ then wondered how he was going to go back to school in three weeks.

Part 3

Mommy told JayJay that they were going to stay with Grandma for a while; what JJ didn't know, Mommy and Grandma told everyone that he was a slow 5 year old, not that he was 12, and in junior high. JayJay was surprised when his mom put him into a baby seat for the trip to Grandma's, but as weird as things had been for the last few weeks he didn't say anything.

As soon as they got to Grandma's, Mommy told baby  JayJay it was nap time, again he wanted to protest, but didn't. JJ was surprised when his mom put him into the crib, that grandma used when she used to baby-sit his younger cousins, not was he surprised, when Mommy stuck a warmed baby bottle into his mouth, he just started sucking, and was soon asleep.

When JJ woke up, he got scared as he forgot where he was,
and was not used to waking up in a crib. Mommy soon came in, and asked her big baby boy was. As JJ tried to protest saying wasn't a baby, Mommy just cooed him, as she changed his very wet diapers. After mommy changed him, she carried him back to the kitchen, and placed him into his high chair, and fed him his lunch.

After this he was placed into a playpen, in the living room, and allowed to play or watch TV. You guessed it, it was Barney time, despite saying he hated that show, he was soon singing
along with Barney and friends. JJ then caught himself, but after
checking that no one was watching him, he continued singing and playing along with Barney, BabyBop, and the kids. What JayJay did not know, was Mommy and Grandma, could see him, right through the kitchen to living room, window.

Grandma came in a little later, and helped get JayJay out of
the playpen, took him to his bedroom, changed him,(strange he
didn't know he was wet,) and dressed him to go shopping with her. When he told grandma that he didn't need diapers to go shopping, she asked him why she just took a very wet one off him then.

As they got to the mall, grandma, took a baby stroller out of the trunk, and placed JayJay into it. As soon as he opened his mouth to protest, she stuck a paci in, and told him to keep it there. As they walked around the mall, JJ noticed, that the only stores they went into, were baby stores. He soon had more
baby bibs, baby clothes and baby bottles then when he was a

They soon left the mall, and meet mommy at a new doctors
office, where mommy and grandma, done all the talking, and told the doctor that JayJay was 5 years old, and slow. The doctor, a lady, said she had other slow babies, and JayJay would be no more a problem, then any of the others.

Mommy then had the doctor write a letter to JayJay's old
school, telling them he would be home schooled this year.
Mom told her, she went by his old school daily, and she could drop off the letter, and pick up any records the doctor needed. JJ thought it was neat not needing to go back to school, but soon he was finding out that 5 year old babies, never grow up. He begged both his mother and grandmother, but hey kept him diapered, and as there baby up after his 18 birthday.

Part 3

JJ soon found out that grandma liked the new baby as much as mommy did. He liked the idea of being a baby and not having to go to school, until he realized that he would be a real baby for his mommy and grandma. He was sleeping 14 or more hours every day. He would go to bed, at 7:00PM and not get out of his crib until after 7:00 in the morning.

He also found out he couldn't control his wetting and
messing any better then a one year old, he tried, but always failed. So when his mother told him she would bring him back to school if he wanted it, she also informed him that he would end up in the special ed class, with the other slow children. He knew that even they would tease him about wearing diapers 24/7, so JJ just stayed home being mommy's baby boy.

JayJay also got used to all the old lady friends of his
grandma, saying what a cute baby boy he was, and when they started helping change his wet and messy diapers, he wanted to crawl into a hole and die, but they just treated him like the other grandbabies, he was around.

Mother did teach him his school work at home, so that now he is ready for college. JayJay can't wait, mommy told him he should find a girl, who will marry him, and become his new mommy. JayJay has brought 3 girls home, and the last one, told his mom she could tell he was diapered from the first time she met him, and she did not have a problem with that. Mommy thinks she will soon be JayJay's new mommy.

The end.

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