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Hi! My name is Chalie and I am seven years old.  My mother is coming home today with a new baby girl. I can't wait until the new baby is here. Finally my parents and the new baby arrive and they show me my new sister. It is so small we can't play together. Why did they say we could play together?

The next day I am running around the house and making noise as usual when my father tells me to be quiet and to go outside. This sucks I say to myself. I look through the bedroom window and see mommy hugging my sister and nursing her. This brings back memories of when I was two years old and still getting nursed by my mother.

This made me think about when I wore diapers and used them and got changed by my mommy and daddy. That was so comforting and peaceful. It was at this time that I realized I had peed my pants. I hadn't done that since I was four years old. But in doing so I realized how good it felt and how I felt like a baby again.

I decided not to tell mommy and went swinging on the swing set. As I did this my clothes began to dry and the dry pee made me think even more of when I was a baby boy.

Then I thought about when I pooped my diapers and had a desire to do that as well. So as I swung I loaded my pants up with poop. This really made me think and feel like a baby and I stuck my finger in my mouth.

A while later my daddy came and asked me to come in for dinner. When I did my father noticed my finger in my mouth and asked me why I had my finger in my mouth. I of course said I didn't know.

Then he noticed a certain smell and asked me if I had done something in my pants. At the same time he checked my pants and found a large pile of poop. Come on Chalie I need to clean you up. I'm sorry daddy I said. That's okey Chalie I know things have been rough on you the last couple of days.

After cleaning me up and all of us had dinner, my father and mother had a talk in the back of the house while I watched TV. They came into the TV room and sat next to me.

Chalie we know that maybe you are feeling neglected and wanting attention as well because you see your sister getting so much attention. So you seem to think that by being a baby again we will pay attention to you more as well. I didn't say anything. 

So Chalie how would you like to sleep in your old crib and wear diapers and plastic pants and be given a baby bottle and fed baby food again? I didn't say anything but my brain was spinning around in my head.

You will have to wear diapers 24 hours a day even in school. We will get you footed pajamas and special made T-shirts with snaps in the shoulders and short enough to show your diapers and plastic pants around the house.

In the house we will treat you totally like a baby and and dress you in baby boy type clothes and you will be fed in a highchair and as we said sleep in a crib. When you go out to play you will still be dressed as a baby boy and be expected to use your diapers for what diapers are for. 

This was a lot to take in for a seven year old boy. I said I would like to do this. My parents said good because they wanted to treat me like a baby again. My mother was so happy. She even said that when she had extra milk she would put some in a baby bottle and let me have it, this was because I was too big to start nursing again. 

My parents went on the internet and ordered me some baby clothes. Rompers, overalls, footed pajamas, printed diapers, clear and printed plastic pants, T-shirts, bottles, pacifiers, and ankle type white shoes.

They also ordered pink overalls and blue overalls with pictures of Winnie the poo and other cartoon characters,and onsie's with snaps at the waist and below. My overalls had snaps at the waist and crotch as well as at the legs.

When the clothes finally came and I was dressed in all of the proper clothes I truly looked like a baby boy again and felt like one again as well. I even began to copy my sister and made noises like a baby again.

I played around the house dressed just in diapers and plastic pants with a short T-shirt. I soon lost control of my bladder as well as going to poop. So I now depended on diapers all the time. I would wake up in the mornings and be totally wet and messy just like my sister. I was changed on a changing table and treated just like a baby.

I soon loved it and so did my parents. My mother took me out of school and began to home school me so I could stay in toddler clothes all the time. My hair was aloud to grow which made me look even younger than I was. My favorite was the pink overalls with a yellow onsie and my white shoes.  I looked just like a baby when I wore these items.

As I grew older my parents wanted to know if I wanted to stop being treated like a baby. I said no that I enjoyed it and loved the baby type of clothes. They said that people were saying things and starring at us. I told them that this did not bother me.

They suggested that I undergo hypnosis so that I would act more like a baby and they could tell people that I simply was not normal. I would know what was going on but my brain would think I was a baby and my body would behave as such. I couldn't talk in this state of mind but could be put back to normal when at home or when the time was right. I agreed to this and loved being hypnotized I really was a baby at those times.

When finally I was forty five years old my parents and I and my sister were driving home from a party we were in a bad accident. My parents were killed and my sister as well.

I was still in the hypnotic state and was just like a baby. I was not able to talk or write or in anyway let the doctors and nurses know that I was normal. Everyone assumed that I was not normal and was this way all the time. That is, that I was just like a baby in mind and body.

So I was put in a special program where other adults like me lived  and I was treated just like a baby. I knew I was normal but I could not do anything about it. I just put up with this treatment. It will be this way I guess until I pass away.

Written By: Diaperboy
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