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I was on the streets of Houston. A van pulled up and the lady in it said, "Oh look honey. A little red head baby girl! Can we take her in?" "Yes baby." They got out of the car and picked me up put me in the back seat and drive me to their house.

"Welcome to your house baby! Here are some rules:: 1. You cannot walk. You can only crawl or have us carry you. 2. Your age will start at 2 weeks we will climb from there 3. You will be spoon fed and bottle fed. If I feel like it I will breast feed you. 4. You will be in diapers 24/7. We are the only ones who can change you. 5. You will no longer attend school. 6. If your diapers leak, you will get 30 spankings with the paddle. Now, have my husband, Van, go carry you to your rooom" she said.

I was picked up by Van, head supported like a real baby and carried to a huge room. In there, pink walls surrounded everything. A huge crib, like a queen sized bed, was in the corner, next to a changing Table and a TV with baby tapes like Barney. The list of rules was on the ceiling.

Van put me on the changing table and removed my pants, shirt, bra, and panties. I was completely naked. He took a baby diaper and put It on me. Pinning it on, he pokes me. "no squirming, baby! If you do, I will spank you!" I stopped swirling around.

Now, babies usually have a hard time pooping, so he put a laxative up my butt. My stomach rumbled. "Ooh, baby. It's ok. I'll change you in the morning!" With that, he picked me up and put me in the crib. He left as the poop came out of me. It was liquid. That man Van must have slipped me a sleeping pill, because I instantly slept in the poop.

When I woke up, I was wet! And poopier! How could this happen? I'm no bed wetter! I can't believe it! I spent 100 days like this, pooping and wetting the diaper. It leaked badly. Stink covered the room. The lady, named Cheyenne, spanked me with the paddle 100 times. The poop smeared all around my butt with no change or clean up. They locked me in a closet to this very day, where my diaper is full stinky gross. And if you poke it with your finger it cuts the diaper open. The diaper sags every day and they threw a laptop into the closet. I liked the street as an abandoned orphan better.

Written By: Kyra
E-mail: Girlgirl@yahoo.com