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    It was a normal Friday evening for Emily, as she brushed her teeth and got ready for bed. She slipped off her shirt and jeans and got into bed. She always slept in her bra and skimpy underwear because it made her feel older. She was only fourteen years old though. She was very well developed.  But she had one secret that she didn't tell ANYBODY.

    She had always had an obsession with diapers; the feel of them, the thought of wetting them, and even messing them. She had never told anyone, because she, herself thought it was weird. But she could never get rid of the feeling she had for them.

    But this weekend was special. Her parents would be going on a business trip for the whole weekend, leaving Saturday morning at dawn, and coming back Monday morning. So Emily decided to put her plan into action. She would go to the store that was right down the street to buy a couple packages of diapers.  She decided she wanted to try different brands too.  She thought that she would also pick up some wipes and powder too. 

    She couldn't hardly sleep that night waiting for morning to come. As soon as she heard her parents zoom off in the convertible, she got up hurriedly and got dressed. On her way out the door she got plenty of money and jogged to the store. On her back was a backpack so that no one would see her carrying diapers back from the store. 

    She walked into Target, and back to the diaper isles. She decided to grab about five packages of baby diapers. Two packages of Pampers, two packages of Huggies, and one package of Luvs. She also thought she should buy some adult diapers just in case she couldn't fit into the largest size of baby diapers. So she grabbed a couple of packages of Depends. Then she grabbed a few tubs of wipes and two things of baby powder.

    As she bought them and hid them in her backpack she sprinted home, opened the door, and locked it. Then she raced up to her room to look at her treasures.

    She got up to her room, and took the backpack off and set it on her bed. Then she sat down next to it. "This ought to be a wonderful weekend" she said to herself.

                        CHAPTER TWO

    So she opened one of the Huggies diapers up and laid it down on the bed. Then she spread her legs and pulled the diaper up between her legs. This was the most wonderful feeling she had ever had. She had made sure not to go to the bathroom when she got up that morning. As she taped the sides shut, she decided she would hold her pee in as long as she could. So she went back downstairs, without putting her pants back on. 

    About an hour later, her bladder was bursting to let out. She said not yet, and she didn't think about it. Ten minutes later she started to get a warm sensation trickling about her legs. SHE WAS PEEING! She didn't even know that she had let go.  This mad her a little scared, but she decided not to worry about it. She said that she was going to leave it on for a while longer. 

    Then, after about twenty minutes of playing in the soaked diaper, she heard a knock on the door. She had been playing in the living room, which happened to be where the door was. And right as she got up to run up stairs, the door opened. It was Erin! Erin was her best friend, and had been since preschool.

Erin saw her, and immediately her jaw dropped. She saw her yellow soaked huggies baby diaper. She walked over to Emily, and said "Emily what are you doing?" She went bright red. "I...Uhm...Well..." Tears started to trickle down Emily's face. Suddenly She heard a response from Erin she wasn't expecting. "It's ok if you like diapers Emily. Just tell me. I'm you're best friend you can tell me anything."

"Yeah..." Erin looked surprised, and yet quite relieved. " tell you the truth...I've always been wanting to try them as well..."  "REALLY?!, well I can arrange that for you..." The girls kept talking, and Erin arranged to stay there that weekend with Emily.

She called her parents and told them she was staying the weekend with Emily. Then the girls went upstairs to get changed. Emily asked Erin if they would like to change each other. "That sounds fine to me, as long as you don't try anything..." that got laughs out of both of them. Erin said that she would change Emily first, seeing how she looked very wet. She agreed.

"What kind of diaper would you like?" Emily replied with, "Hmmm why don't I try one of the Pampers?" Erin opened the package of Pampers and opened the diaper up and slid it under Emily. Then Erin slowly untapped the diaper. Emily got so excited that as soon as Erin pulled the front of the diaper out, that she started to pee.

Emily quickly covered her back up. "Hmmmmm are you done yet?" Emily told her she was and Erin proceeded to pull the soaked diaper out from Emily's area. Then she took out a wipe and started to clean around Emily's privates. Then she sprinkled some baby powder around and pulled the diaper up between her legs and taped them. "Alright you're all set. Emily then put Erin into a Huggies, and then they went downstairs.

                      CHAPTER THREE

    Then, two hours later, Emily told Erin to stand up.  "Close your eyes." Emily said. Just then, Emily went around back of Erin and pulled the back of her diaper out enough to fit her hand in. She felt around her diaper and decided she was wet. "When did you pee?" asked Emily. "Uhm, about ten minutes ago." was Erin's reply.

Just then, Emily felt the seat of her diaper start to bulge. "WHOA! Erin...I think I'm pooping..." "How do you know?" asked Erin. "Well I didn't even feel it, but I just realized it when my diaper started to bulge. I think I'm going to sit down in it! She went over to the kitchen because the seats were nice and solid there. She slowly lowered herself into the chair. She loved the feel of it mashing around her skin. "Wow you've gotta try that Erin. It feels so good!" Erin's reply was "I will, when I have to go."

                      CHAPTER FOUR

    It got to be around eleven PM and the girls decided to go to bed. They had had about five changes that day, because going made them so excited. They decided to wear diapers to bed, and changed each other. They both slept in Emily's queen sized bed. 

    When morning came, Emily felt very cold between her legs. She had remembered she was wearing a diaper to bed, but she didn't know why it felt cold.  Then she realized, she had wet the bed. "ERIN WAKE UP!" screamed Emily.  "Whaa..? What's going on?" Erin said sleepily. "I wet the bed! I mean...I peed during the night!" Said Emily, very worried. "So what? We had diapers on." "So what? SO WHAT? Do you know what this means? When my parents come home tomorrow, I can't wear diapers anymore. If I wet the bed, I'm in big trouble. And yesterday? When I didn't know I was pooping? If I poop my pants I'm in bigger trouble...This isn't good.

    Erin calmed her down and said that it was probably nothing. So they got up and Erin changed Emily. They're day went the same as the day before.  Erin pooped and did the same as Emily. They enjoyed it. Erin said she could bring all of the left over diapers back to her house to hide them until the next time so they could do it again. Emily agreed. Emily told her to leave a few, she was going to wear one to bed that night. And hide it in the morning if need be. Erin said ok and that she would see her in the morning at school.

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Written By: John Doe