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Hello, My Name is Ashley. I am 14 Years old and here is my story of how I became an AB/DL.

One night, I was on my computer very bored, and searching the internet. I was on Google, and I decided to put in random URL's. After putting in a bunch of URL's just for the heck of it, I decided to put in "Diaper Girl" and a website full and I mean full of women in diapers came up and I checked it out for days, and days, and it started to make me wonder what it feels like to wear diapers at age 14 and pee and poop in them.

    I knew I had to wait for the right time to get some because I knew there was no way I was going to be able to hide them from my parents coming inside with a big bag, because they'd usually check my things. One Night, my parents were leaving for a party at 4 in the afternoon, and wouldn't be home until 1 in the morning. I knew this was the perfect night to buy them because I'd have a lot of time to figure out a hiding place.

     After waiting impatiently for hours, my parents finally left, and I left 30 minutes after my parents to CVS because I knew they had adult diapers and they were cheap if you bought a pack. As I approached CVS, I was extremely nervous to buy them because I didn't want to be seen by other customers.

     I went to a section where they sell adult diapers, and found a cheap pack of attends briefs that were in my size. There was nobody in line or near the checkout area, so I rushed to the cashier and she said "aren't you a little old for diaper?" I didn't reply, and purchased them and rushed home.

    I got home , rushed in the bathroom and took all my bottom clothes off and put on a diaper. It felt so comfortable that I felt my Teenage hood disappear, and then I hid my diapers in the attic since nobody ever goes there. 2 hours passed, and I was on the couch watching TV and all of a sudden felt the need to poop.

    I was about to get up, until I noticed I was wearing a diaper. So I got off the couch, and squatted and began to let a big warm load into my diaper. It felt so soft, and warm, and felt great on my bum after I sat and squished it.

Prologue: Yes, I am still an AB/DL and I think I always will be. I now wish someone would baby me and change me, and I've worn in public a few times, and am waiting for the right time to wear to school. No my parents don't know and if any girl or boy is an AB or DL and pees and poops in the diaper, my yahoo IM is diapergirl77

Thanks for reading!

Written By: Ashley