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Jeremy sit down here. My washer and dryer broke today and since I had your house key I decided to come over and wash my clothes here. And when I was taking your clothes out to my surprise what do I find but these, a pair of plastic pants and a matures cover what are these for young man? 

I don't want to tell you Amber. No Jeremy, you need to tell me. But but Amber your not going to love me any more. Now Jeremy we have been dating for over 2 years what makes you think I would leave you? But Amber I don’t want to lose you. Oh Jeremy I promise I won't leave you. Tell me.

Ok Amber here it goes. You know how some people when they get stressed out they will smoke or drink stuff like that? Yes, So. Well Amber I um I um (turns red). Go on Jeremy. Well Amber you see I um I like to wear diapers and pretend I am a baby. I like to pee in my diapers and sleep in the diapers. They make me happy when I am in a diaper and pretending I am a baby.

Oh I see and today is Friday and your off for the 3 day holiday right? Yes Amber that is right. Well let me go home and get a few things and I will be back to stay the 3 days with you Jeremy. Or Should I say Baby Jeremy?

Amber comes back in about an hour and in her arms she has a few big bags full of stuff. Ok Baby show me where you have your baby stuff hid at. Jeremy takes Amber by the hand. Come here in the closet, here in the dresser, this is my baby dresser. I have diapers, bibs, paci, toys, baby powder and other baby stuff. What you have in bags? Oh Baby Jeremy, you will find out.

Come over to bed, hop up we need to get a diaper on Baby before baby Jeremy had an accident. No me not ready for diapers yet, me have to poo poo in toilet first. No no Baby, baby’s don't use big boy things when they are a baby you poop in your diaper.

But Amber that be messy for you to clean up. That's what baby's do Baby Jeremy now get your butt up here so I can put your diaper on before you have accident. NOW BABY!! Before I paddle your butt does baby want a spanking?  NO me don't.

Amber lays me on the bed. Now I understand why you like Blues Clues so much Baby Jeremy. I found these Blues Clues stickers, we are going to turn your diapers into blues clues diapers. Amber tapes the diaper on Jeremy. Well she starts talking, for the next 3 days you will be a full baby in diapers 24/7, only I can change your diaper, you will be feed by me, you will be a 1 year old, baby crawl on the floor, baby talk and I will be here taking care of my Baby Jeremy for the next 3 days.

I will be your Baby sitter (I poop in my diaper that she just put on me as Amber talking to me). That is fine baby, you will stay in your messy diaper until after dinner which is when I will be giving Baby his bath before his beddy by time. Don't you worry Baby, nothing you do can gross me out.

I'm the oldest of 4 kids and my youngest twin brother and sister well he was not out of diapers till after he was 3 and even at 4 he still messed his pants. Guess who got to clean it up? Since I was in charge of watching them while mom was working. So even though you are 1 year older then me Baby Jeremy I am not afraid of your messy diapers Baby.

Then in the morning I will take Baby Jeremy to the park down the street from your house. Well good at least I know no one our age will be there. Oh don't you worry Baby I asked Stacy to come over and help me walk you down there. (starts crying) there there baby don't you cry Amber going to take good care of her widdel baby this weekend.

Gooo goo gaa gaa. That’s a good baby, now crawl out to the living room in your poopie diaper so I can put in this Blues Clues dvd for you to watch while I make a few changes to your room turning it in to a baby nursery for my baby. Here is a bottle of milk for Baby Jeremy to suck on well he lays on the floor watching Blues Clues. I miss taking care of my baby siblings, I'm going to love having a baby back again. Amber kisses me on the forehead and swats my mushy padded butt. That's a good wilddel Baby Jeremy.

Goo gooo gaaaaa gaa. Then I started thinking was it only going to be for 3 days? All me knows is I'm going to love at least the next 3 days. Sounds like Amber is going to turn me into a fully dependant on being taken care of Baby and I put my bottle in my mouth and sucked on it in front of TV and feel asleep. Baby Jeremy oo Baby Jeremy come on. Baby Jeremy wake up. Baby Jeremy it's time for dinner, get up to the table so I can put a bib on my Baby Jeremy and feed him his dinner.

Written By: Jeremy
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