Girl Meets Diaper

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I wet the bed ever since I was a little girl. My mom had me in cloth diapers and plastic pants. When I grew out of those I just wet the bed. It was very bad. I wet every night and my room always smelled like pee. My cousins would come over and would not go in my room. I did not really have any friends because I was too embarassed that someone would find out.

When I was 10, my mom had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks. I stayed a my aunt's house. She was not about to have one of her sleeping bags (not to mention the floor under it) ruined by pee. She made me wear Depends! I could not beleive it! I was so embarassed! She told me that if I was going to wet myself I had to wear them. I cried, but I had no choice.

They were not a pull-up diaper, so she helped me put one on, which made me cry harder. I felt like a real baby then. The Depend was thick, and it made loud, crackling noises like a baby diaper. That's what I flet like, a baby. I slowly walked out of the bathroom to my cousin's room, trying to not make noise. It was impossible.

Besides, there was a huge bulge under my nightshirt. She knew I was wearing a diaper, but she also knew I wet myself every night. I tried not to think about what I was wearing and just sleep. I woke up and had a warm, damp sensation around my crotch. I realised that my daiper was hard and heavy. It didn't feel, that gross, wet feeling that was normally all around me when I woke up. I felt around and found my nightshirt and sleeping bag were dry. Wow! I thought. This is great!

I got up and went to the bathroom to thow away the diaper. It was definetly heavier and harder. I threw it out and cleaned up. My aunt made sure I wore a Depend every night I was there. I decided that the embarassment of wearing diapers was better than actually wetting the bed and having it smell like pee and having to change the sheets every day. When my mom got out of the hospital, I asked her to buy me Depends to sleep in. She said if that's what I want, she would.

Eventually, she got me adult size cloth daipers and plastic pants because it would save money in the long run. I am 25 and I still wear them every night.