Garbage Day
This all happened last year when I was 16. In my home my main house chore is to take out the trash when ever needed. I have loved diapers since 3rd grade so this job worked out for me since I had to throw away my dirty diapers I hid. I got my diapers (2 packs of 20) 2 weeks after my 16th b-day and hid them in my safe and used them nightly.

When I used them I stuffed them under my bed until garbage day when I went around with a bag and picked up my mother and sisters (Jen, 20 at the time) garbage. So after 1 week use of diapers I pulled them all out and threw them in my trash can since I would be back for them shortly.

Well I forgot what I was doing and went over to my best friends house (Joe) to play video games. And I guess my sister decided to be nice to me that day and collected everyone's trash and found the diapers in my can.

I was called home by my mom and when I walked in I saw my sister on the couch giggling and my mom holding up one of my dirty poopy "diddy's" as she called them. "Look what me and your big sister found in da wittle baby's trash can" she told me mockingly. "Weese found nine messwessy diddys in da can" I turned beet red at this and she continued "I dink
dat should be nine months in diddy's for da baby. What's do you dink?"

I started to whimper and "mommy" said "I think dats a yes" 
With that she picked me up (I'm only 4'9" and weigh about 80Lbs) and took me into the bathroom and started to undress me and I was so confused since this is what I wanted that I didn't move. She started the bath tub and filled it with some bath and body stuff. At that time I herd the front door close and my sisters car start up.

My mom hen pulled down my ACDC boxers (I only remember because they were my favorite). She dipped me into the warm tub and started washing me all over and to my utter embarrassment but thankfully she did not say anything. She drained the tub down to my heels and took out a razor and lathered cream all around my genital and every where else except my head.

At this I resisted but then she told me "If you don't want to lose the little left you have down their I suggest you hold still". So I did but continued to cry. When my mother was done she wrapped me tight in a towel and dried my off.

I noticed it was taking my sister a long time at CVS just to get some diapers. When my sister came home she had several large bags full of baby supplies. She pulled out a box of LUVS diapers for girls, which my mom began to yell at her for but stopped in the middle of a sentence. Mommy carried me into her room with Jen close behind with the diapering supplies.

Mommy laid me on her bed and unwrapped the towel and my sister saw my peepee and smirked. Mommy applied some oil to my bottom then my diaper area but my sister said "that's not going to work". Mommy sprinkled powder on my diaper area and a little above. She lifted my legs way into the air and stuck the LUVS under me. She pulled it up between my legs and taped it snugly.

My mom took one of my fathers shirt (died when I was 11) and pulled it down. It went all the way to my knees (he was tall). My mother and sister went to our attic and began bring down boxes of my sister old baby things. Mine were ruined during Hurricane Andrew. Despite what my mother had put me through I still loved her and didn't want her getting hurt so I helped my sister with the rest of the stuff while she prepared dinner.

We even had most of her old furniture so we brought down the dissembled crib, changing table, high chair, and play pen. My sister and I went to eat and after she would put it together.
Mommy sat me in a bar stool since the high chair was not ready. Mommy fit a disposable bib around me and fed me baby food and a bottle of OJ. She played here comes the choo choo and to my surprise I found myself playing along.

After Jen finished din-din she began putting together her old crib. Mommy sat me in the play pin with a few dolls(she said it was the only baby toys we had) and unpacked my sisters cloth diapers pin and panties. The only reason why they would fit is because Jen was a big baby. Shoot she was my height when she was 4. I really had to pee and Jen caught me dancing in the corner of her eye and I saw her smirk.

Finally I had no choice but to let it flow. Mommy knew I was wet somehow. She picked me up out of the play pin and took me over to the couch. I asked her to remove dads shirt so not to get it messy so she did and I saw a tear in her eye. I sat up and gave her a big kiss on the cheek. She had me lay down again and untapped my diddy. She cleaned me up with a wipe and put powder on me. Next I felt her stick an extremely thick cloth diaper under me and pinned it up between my legs she pulled up some rubber panties and had me stand and "strut my stuff".

I could barley walk normal which made them both laugh and I eventually joined in. I really felt, not normal, but um... comfortable dressed like that in front of them. I watched TV from the play pin (old whinne the pooh tapes) while my mom and Jen finished the crib. I offered to help but mommy told me she wanted it to be a surprise. It was 8:30  when they finished and I was actually tired from today.

They pushed my bed out on the curb for someone to buy for like $30.00. It was only out their for 10 min when someone knocked on the door to buy it. It was an old lady and her husband who lived behind us. They saw me sitting in the play pin and the old lady said you have such a darling little girl (my hair was past my shoulders and had an effiment face). I and even my mother blushed while my sister laughed on the couch. Mommy eventually said "thank you".

My mother and sister helped the old man put the mattress in his car. When they came back in they caught me yawning. Jen picked me up, for my mom, and carried my into my room. She laid me in my crib and talked sweetly to me while my mom got a bottle of warm milk ready. Mommy tucked me in and held the bottle for me while Jen wound the mobile.

When I finished they left the room. I started to call for my mom. She came in and realized why I was calling her and plugged in a carebare nightlight since I was still scared of the dark. I fell asleep shortly after.

Look for Garbage Day 2.
Mommy has to put me in my crib for the night

                      written by: Andy

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