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When I was in sixth grade I was in really bad need of some money. So I decided to start a baby sitting service to earn some money over the summer. I got my friend Maddy to be my partner. She was an expert baby sitter so I didn't have to worry about anything. Until about half way through the year. She and I got in a fight and the business was only kept together by money needs. But she hated me and tried not to get on the same job as I did.

One day I got a call from a lady down the street who we always baby sat for. She was picky and very protective so she wanted us both to be there to watch her son. Maddy was not looking forward to having to spend the weekend with me. But she still had to go.

About half way through the week the kid had to go to a birthday party that was a sleepover and lasted 3 days. So we were forced to stay home to watch the house. Maddy was especially mad at me that week and she had something in mind. I had embarrassed her in class last Monday by saying something so
she decided she was going to get me back.

That week she went online and did some research on how to make boys pee their pants. She finally found the perfect plan. As we sat down that night to eat dinner she purposely loosened the cap on my McDonald's drink. So when I picked it up to take a sip about half of it spilled onto my lap.

When she heard this she walked back in. I was trapped. If I told her I had to go change my pants she would think I wet myself. If I didn't I would have to sit
there until she got up. Which she didn't plan to do. So after we finished she still sat and talked to me. All the while I was trying desperately to, number 1, get out out of the conversation and, number 2, hide the fact that my jeans were soaked.

But soon I really had to go. I tried desperately to get out but she was in between me and the bathroom and
bedrooms. I just had to hold on. But soon I felt myself loose control. I totally wet myself right at the kitchen table. She only needed to be able to hear 1 plop of pee on the floor before she could look under the table and see that I had drenched myself. She got that plop. I felt myself turn red with embarrassment as she said "my my looks like someone couldn't control their bladder. I think somebody needs a diaper." I was done for.

   She led me into the bathroom where she pulled off my soaked jeans and underwear. I wouldn't be seeing those for awhile. She talked as she changed me into my first diaper of the week."I can't believe you still wet yourself even in the day time just like a 2 year old!"

When she finished I was left in nothing but a diaper and a plain white T-shirt. She burst out laughing. I could do nothing but sit there. Just then I felt a rush. I soaked myself for the second time that night. She was laughing so hard she was almost crying. Then I felt my diaper sag a little more as I pooped in it as well. Now she WAS crying. This was something she didn't expect. She got her camera and took many pictures. It was just too much.

I sat down on the floor and began to suck my thumb. This smeared the poop all over my butt. I even peed and pooped myself again. This was just to good for Maddy. She must have taken 50 pictures. Just when things couldn't get any worse she started to take video. I felt my diaper sag even more as I emptied my bladder into it for the 3rd time. The diaper became so
heavy that one of the straps broke leaving the diaper clinging to me by 1 strap. She got that on video too. She set the video up on a stand she had as she changed me.

   "Don't worry baby. I won't show this video to anyone as long as you do this." I was ready to accept any conditions to keep this secret. "You will wear a diaper when you baby sit and at school. I will change you at both places. In school in the girls bathroom twice a day.

And if you don't poo or pee you will get a spanking. But if you obey me carefully I will let you wear a girls panties and bra for a week. But you still have to wear a diaper under them." I nodded my agreement. I was now a teenage baby.

                                     The End

Written By: John