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Jenny came over to my house after we had spent some time chatting at a near by café. She had on some tight blue jeans, a little white T-shirt and a smile you couldn't resist. I had two glasses of wine on the table for us to sit down and have a nice conversation.

She was curious about the thought of wearing a diaper. After time had passed and Jenny had finish her wine, I reached under the couch I was sitting under to grab a crinkling large adult disposable diaper and handed it over to her to see how it felt.
Jenny giggled a little as she felt the diaper.

She handed it back to me, but I refused to take it as I said, "Try it on over your jeans." Jenny was a bit hesitant at first but then smiled as she tried to put on. "Here, let me help you," as I came over to help her straddle the diaper between her legs. 

The minute she was all strapped in she tried walking around with the diaper securely fastened over her jeans. Every step she took her diaper crinkled until she stopped suddenly and needed to take it off.

"What's the matter?" "I need to actually use the bathroom." "You can use the bathroom only if you come back only wearing your diaper and that T-shirt you're wearing." Jenny paused for a little as she pondered in her head my idea, but the minute I saw a little smile come out before she spoke, I knew she'd be up for it.

I showed Jenny where the baby powder was and left her alone to use the bathroom. When she closed the door I got out a freshly washed baby pacifier with a clasp attached by a long piece of pink fabric and baby bottle and placed it on the living room table. I poured some more wine into the baby bottle and took away her wine glass.

After a few minutes, she slowly opened the door as she was a little timid of showing off her diaper to me, while being half naked. "Jenny, you look so adorable in your crinkly white diaper and T-shirt." I think she began to getting into role of a baby diaper girl from the wine starting loosen her up a bit.

Jenny's eyes immediately stared at the baby products and out of nowhere, "Daddy," she said as she waddled herself over to me with arms open. I reached out to pick her up into my arms and brought her over to the couch and then down on my lap.

Jenny was so cute as she curled up in my arms and began to put her thumb in her mouth. I sneaked in a baby pacifier and clipped the other end to her shirt before her thumb got to her mouth. Jenny couldn't stop sucking on her new baby toy.

I grabbed the pacifier and slowly pulled it out of her mouth and once I got it out I heard, "Whaan whann," Jenny started to wine like a little baby girl. "Baby Jenny want her pacifier?" as I talked her like she was a baby. She nodded her head and so I put her pacifier back in her mouth. I gently combed my hand over her head as I said, "That's my good baby girl."

I sat the baby up the minute I saw Baby Jenny not sucking her pacifier as much and should so I gave her her first baby bottle to drink as a grown adult. Baby Jenny spat out her pacifier as her spit drooled out her mouth and dangled over her diaper.

I heard, "Ba Ba... Ba Ba," as Baby Jenny was starting to remember more of her baby talk. "Aw, does Baby Jenny want her ba ba?" as began to feed the nipple to her wet mouth. I told her, "Daddy has to go to the kitchen and will be right back." Baby Jenny sat in her diaper on the couch drinking her bottle of wine looking so determined to finish it.

I poured some yellow Gatorade I had gotten out of the fridge into a coffee mug and placed in the microwave for 5 seconds. I returned to Baby Jenny with the mug and put her back on lap. She had almost finished her bottle but seemed undistracted by the mug I had in my hand.

I tugged the front of her diaper out and began to slowly pour the warm juice down to make feel like she wet her diaper. I placed the empty mug on the table and place my hand over front of Baby Jenny's now wet diaper to feel how soggy it got. 

I took her bottle out as I saw her close her eyes and suddenly I heard noise like something spraying a mattress pad. Baby Jenny was wetting her diaper as I felt the diaper get hot. She stood up with her feet apart and poured out the rest of her pee pee in her soggy wet diaper. It was obvious that little Jenny didn't use the bathroom earlier. I saw the back of her crouch start to thicken as Baby Jenny waddled to turn around she looked confused on wether to cry or smile over wearing her soggy wet diaper.

I stood across the room from little Jenny and said, "Come to Daddy, little baby Jenny." Jenny turned and carefully started to waddle her soggy diaper butt over to me. "Nuh uh, babies who wet diapers don't know how to walk." She stopped waddling and tried to get herself on the floor without closing her knees together, but instead of taking the easy way and dealing with her pee pee squeezed between her legs, she ended up crashing to the floor on her butt. Jenny's drenched of pee pee and Gatorade bursted down the back of her diaper and possibly was leaking out and down her thighs. 

Little Jenny starting to cry her heart out like a big baby as her tears streamed down her. I walked over to her and gentle stuck her pacifier hanging from her shirt back into her mouth and helped her get on her hands and knees. "If you want Daddy to change your soggy wet diaper, I need you to crawl to the bathroom, otherwise you will stay in your wet diaper," as I talked to her like she was a little baby girl. 

Little Jenny started crawling with her diaper crinkling at every move she made over to the bathroom but surprisingly turned toward the kitchen.  I think baby Jenny was liking the feel of her diaper sagging just a little and her pussy all wet from her piss and Gatorade. "If you don't go to the bathroom right now, you'll have to wait to be changed until you complete a few more baby tasks."

Jenny, now known as Baby, sat on the kitchen floor as sign of not wanting to be changed. I had some baby powdered formula I began to mix in a kettle filled with hot water, before pouring into her baby bottle. I picked up my baby and sat in a chair at the kitchen table. There was three little glass bottles of Gerber baby food and her baby bottle filled with formula laid out in front of her.

The baby pointed to the Gerber fruit medley baby food as she made little noises like a little toddler while I strapped a little baby bib around her neck using an extra piece of velcro that I attached to it, making it longer to fit around her adult-sized neck. I grabbed a spoon and began giving her "airplane" feedings that would occasionally miss her mouth on purpose making her face messy like a baby gets.

When Baby Jenny finished her first baby food container, it time for her drink 1/3 of her baby bottle. I first tended to her baby bib she looked so cute in and wiped off her baby food smeared around her lips before feeding her her bottle. Baby Jenny was at first unwilling to drink her bottle, until I said, "Either I feed you until you are forced to make a messy poopy in your soggy wet diaper, or drink your baby bottle before I change you."

Written By: Daddy A