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It all started when I was 11. My younger sister was 6 and she wet herself and occasionally messed her diaper. It was on a weekend when my sister wanted to play mummy & baby.

Of course I was the baby. I didn’t agree to this so I said no and pushed her away. She fell over and started crying lots. I tried to calm her down my mum came in and asked about the fuss. My sis explained it and said I wouldn’t play with her my mum said play or else!

I said no still. Then my mom got me and dragged me to my room and laid me on the floor. I said what are you doing. She said you will find out soon enough. She called my sister and told her something and she ran off laughing. My mum started taking off my trousers and pants. She almost pulled them off then I grabbed them and tried to put them back on they ripped in the tug of war!

My sister came back with a diaper with princesses on it. I was petrified she wasn’t seriously going to do this was she? She made me stand up and step into it 1 leg then the other. She started pulling it up and pulled it completely up. I was now in a T-shirt and a diaper standing in my room. I was forced to wear it and play with my sis. I didn’t mind this. Then I said I needed the toilet. My mom patted my diaper and said use it then. I stood with my mouth open. "seriously?" She said "yes so I can change it".

I rushed to the bathroom, it was locked. I felt my bladder leaking a bit then whoosh the diaper was flooded. It got saggy and I started crying. My sister walked me back to my own room and I laid down. She pulled the edges of the diaper apart and slid it out. Then she got a new 1 and put it on me. It had Barbie on it, I didn’t mind.

We played for about 3 hours. Then I felt an urge to poop. We had gone down stairs and we were in the play pen. My sis had just squatted and gone "uhhh!" I think she had pood. I needed to so I did. I squatted and pushed and I felt it coming out. Then I went plop into the diaper. It got really heavy.

My mum came in and noticed the smell and she carried my sister out and changed her. Then came back in the smell was still there. She came over to me and stuck her finger down the back of the diaper. It was messy.

So she immediately took me to the changing table and laid me down and changed into a new diaper and baby clothes. I was like this the whole weekend. Now I want to play mummy and baby again. This is how I became a diaper lover.

I love wearing them now. I do when I can. I on purposely wet the bed. Now in diapers at night.

Written By: Alex