It was a cold cold day. It snowed up to 10 inches and Mac got board watching TV. His mom was at the store. He got a glass of warm pee and poured it on his little sister when she was asleep. When she found out that Mac did it, she got mad so she bought some hypnosis tapes and played them.

Mac got so tired he didn't realize it. She got him to sleep on his bed and she read the tape. On the back it said that it will make someone become a baby and loss bladder and bowels control for 8 weeks. His mom said that she would be gone for 4 months. She left Mac in charge and he hung up and was watching TV. His brother was too and there little brother that was 6 and his little sister was 2 and his other sister 14 years old and her name was Jamie and Mac was 17.

Out of no wear he wet his pants and his little brother saw. He screamed out (MAC PEEPEED JAMIE!!!!!!) She came down with a diaper.  She was happy that it worked. Anyway's 2 weeks past. Everyday it happened she told him to go upstairs with her. He did and told him to go in the nursery. He did. She tied him up and he was put in a size 4 diaper and. After she put it on him he got mad she said "The more you do this the longer you'll be in diapers".

She had black hair, long bangs and her hair to her shoulders. She wore a skirt and it was white. She babied him. She mumbled "great three baby's and one teen baby".  He then peed his diaper so badly it leaked and
she changed him again. She put the three babies in a stroller and went to the park and Mac fell asleep and he had a thick thick  thick diaper on so that way it didn't leak.

He woke up in a crib he found the cd and played it next to Jamie. She was sleeping too next to him. She wet the bed shortly after. She woke up and screamed "What the hell". He put her in diapers to for wetting. their mom came home and found her babies and called down Jamie and Mac. They wear both in diapers. Later on they were all in diapers and were breast feed and bottle fed and diapered by there mom !!! THE END!!!!=]

                                              Written By: Collin

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