This is my true story about me falling in love with diapers.

I was 11 and everyday I would walk home from school and my mum and dad would be out working and my little brother being looked after. I'd often go on the computer which was in my parent's bedroom. Also in the bedroom was my brother's night diapers.

I was on the computer one day and I just kept glancing over at the white, soft and crisply folded diapers. From a very early age I can remember thinking how nice it would be to wear diapers again. I felt the urge to wear one and got up and walked over to them. I started to feel excited.

I completely stripped off and stood there for a while. The plastic pants of the all in one diaper crinkled as I picked it up and slowly unfolded it. As I placed my foot in each leg hole my heart rate increased. Savoring the moment I slowly pulled up the diaper and sighed in pleasure. I finally laid back on my parent's bed.

Not long after I felt the need to relieve myself and straight away started to fill my diaper and emptied my bladder completely. That was the single best moment of my life so far.

This routine carried on for another couple of months. I cleaned up after myself and did not use too many diapers as to arouse suspicion.

Until one day I was lying on my bed listening to music with my diaper on and deeply relaxed. My dad came home early for some strange reason and came up to see me. As he walked into the room both our faces turned into a picture of shock. I started to cry loudly just like a baby, I didn't want my diapers taken away from me. I started to wet my diaper uncontrollably as well.

My dad who was quite shocked just came over and hugged me and said "There, there," and then started to say "There there baby," Which worried me slightly but reassured me.

Once I had calmed down my dad saw my wet diaper and said "We need to get that changed come with me,". So I followed him into his bedroom and laid down on the bed. He undid the velcro tabs and pulled the wet diaper from under my bottom. It felt so good as he cleaned me up. He then put a new diaper on me and smiled. I think he was quite enjoying babying me.

After that I told him everything and I think he understood about me wearing diapers but was a little worried. He said if I wanted to I could pretend to wet the bed because my mum wouldn't like me to wear diapers just because I liked them. He said he would suggest to mum I wear diapers at night.

I wore night diapers up to when I was seventeen when I left home and wore them all the time.

As I finish this story I am wetting my diaper and plastic pants thoroughly enjoying myself.

                      Written By: Frank Neely

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