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My name is Kelly and I am 13 years old and I'm in the 8th grade. Enjoy the story.

I was in science class when suddenly I felt the urge to pee. I got up and asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom. He said no that I could wait until later. I tried to wait it off until I had a slight pain in my stomach. By now the entire class knew that I had to pee badly and they started to make noises of waterfalls and chanted Kelly's gonna pee her pants over and over again.

Then it happened, I started peeing my pants. While I continued to pee my pants my classmates had recorded it on their cell phones. I finally was done and everyone started laughing. Soon I began to cry very loudly as everyone called me a baby. Finally my teacher became aware of the problem and sent me to the nurses office with a note. I didn't bother reading the note as I was to ashamed of what had just happened.

When I arrived at the nurses office she was there and she took one look at me and said "did the little baby wet her pants?" I started to cry very loudly and uncontrollably started peeing in my already soaked pants again. She calmed me down as she read the note my teacher gave her and said "I know how to treat baby's like you".

I whimpered a little bit as she took me by the hand and laid me down on the changing table. She started to take my clothes off and wiped my crotch. Then I tensed as she reached for the diapers and asked her what she was doing. She replied in a sweet voice "I'm putting diapers on you so you won't wet yourself anymore". She then powdered me and put the diapers on me.

She then said that I was to wear baby clothes, suck on a pacifier, call the teacher mommy or daddy depending wether they were male or female, and come for diaper changes whenever I needed them. I was to choose a sleeper of my choice so I picked one in a dark blue color (I felt more comfortable in boys clothing than I did with girls clothing) and zipped it up. Before I left the nurse gave me a bottle of milk that had laxatives in them. I knew it had them in it but I couldn't stop drinking it. I thanked the nurse as I waddled away due to the fact of the thickness of the diaper.

I hung my head down thinking of how I would deal with all of the bullying I was going to face and the embarrassment of having to use my diaper instead of the bathroom. I then reached the door and opened it slowly as I entered the room a burst of laughter spread across the entire room including the teacher.

I tried to act as if nothing had happened but the teacher had called out loud enough for everyone to here him "Kelly did you wet your diapers yet?" again everyone laughed. I spoke taking the pacifier out of my mouth "no daddy I didn't wet my diapee yet". That really got the entire class laughing and chanting "Kelly is a baby" " Kelly is a baby" I cried really loud as they continued chanting.

As I went back to my seat I didn't notice a foot in front of me and I face planted to the ground. I tried to shake it off and returned to my seat. As soon as I sat down I had a really bad urge to pee and poop. I raised my hand and asked "daddy can I go to the bathroom?" he said no that's why I have diapers on. I fought the urge for a little while and squirmed in my chair trying to hold back grabbing the front end of my diaper.

Then everything exploded a lot of pee shot into the diaper causing it to sag a lot. I then thought it was over but let out a long wet and loud fart out everyone turned my way and kept staring at me as I stood up and pooped in my diaper so much I fell down. When I was done my teacher asked "does the little baby need a diaper change?" I cried as he handed me a note to the nurses office.

I Waddled away, tears in my eyes, very embarrassed. As I passed 6th graders they laughed and held their noses in disgust. I arrived to the nurse and she told me to lay on the changing table. I did as I was told to do and she changed my very messy diaper. She had a nursery in the back of the room with youth sized everything. She told me to take a nap and laid me in the crib. She then turned on a hypnosis cd and left me to sleep. I thought to myself thinking this will never work as I drifted off to sleep.

Written By: Kelly L.