Diaper Twins 2
My name is JT and I am a boy.

Me and my twin sister, KT, have always stuck together so we had the same personalities. We were both short for our ages and looked extremely cute to everyone.

We both liked to sing, play baseball, surf the web, etc. But we never wanted to leave each other at all which is why potty-training was a problem for us. Our mom waited until we were 5 to train us but that was more than enough time to see what would happen if we did train. Unfortunately, she got us out of diapers by the time we were 5 1/2. But that wasn't the end.

2 years later...

Neither of us had stopped bedwetting by the time we were 7 and wore huggies diapers size 4 because of how heavily we wet. One day, we left to go out to recess. That day, we were allowed to take our bikes to school. While we were riding, the school bully  decided to knock us off point because 1:Were both the smallest in the class (even though KT was only a little taller) and 2: We still had to use training wheels.

He was only 7 but be was the fastest, strongest, and heaviest guy in the school. Since we were the shortest (even shorter than the kindergartners), slowest, and the lightest in the school, he had no problem doing that. We got knocked into the woods and towards some rocks and past two wasps and bees. Everything happened so fast but I remember peeing and pooping in my pants along with KT before passing out.

In the Hospital...

A couple of hours after the accident, KT woke up and realized she was in the hospital along with me. It took a while for her to remember what happened and realize where we were. She noticed me in a bed next to here. She felt something in between her legs and looked under her cover to see she was wearing a wet and poopy diaper. She looked under mines and saw I was wet too and poopy.

A couple of minuets later, I woke up and saw KT crying softly. I asked what was wrong and she told me what she discovered. I couldn't understand why we were in diapers until a doctor came in with our parent's and told us because of the accident, we couldn't control where we went to the bathroom and had to wear diapers for life.

At first we hated the idea but then we accepted it. We are currently 13 and still wear them.

                      written by: JT and KT

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