Mom told me we were going to visit my grandma. I was happy, as we live far away and dont get to see her too often. Being 16 and a bedwetter, I wasn't too surprised when I saw mom packing diapers for the trip. In the morning I was surprised when mom changed me into dry nighttime thickness diapers for the trip.

We live in Florida, my dads' in the Navy and grandma is in Chicago. Mom told me, she was not stopping every 30/40 minutes for me to use the restroom, espicially since she knew I liked my diapers anyway. I was trying to say something when mom told me she had found my teen baby page on the net. I was trapped, I did like diapers, but not having people see me wearing them.

After breakfast, we finished loading the car, and soon we were on the road to Chicago. I was traveling in my diapers covered by very short shorts, that left nothing to the imagination. Mom pointed out the chance of meeting someone we knew on the trip was pretty slim.

We made it just about trhough Georgia, when mom pulled over for gas, and lunch. I didn't think I heard her right when she told me to bring my diaper bag to the picnic tables with us. I said mom, I am 16 and I don't have a diaper bag. She then pointed it out to me, sitting behind my seat, full of changing supplies. It even had some baby bottles, and pacifiers in it, she must have really read my page.

We ate lunch, and then mom told me, to lay down on the bench so she could change me. I said no not here, and mom pointed out, was here or in the ladies room, where she didn't think I would fit on the changing table. I was soon having my very wet diaper changed, right before the whole world. I can't say who saw me, at this change, as I was trying to block it out of my mind. Mom then went into the ladies room to use the bathroom herself, and to wash her hands. As I sat there, I knew what happenned was weird, but I did enjoy it.

When mom returned we packed back into the car, and as we started driving, mom reached over and stuck a paci into my mouth telling me I might as well take a little nap. I woke up, staring out my window, as 2 kids pointing at me. It took me a full minute, before I remembered I was sucking on my paci. I think they were jelous of me, as the boy started sucking his thumb as they pulled away.

We soon pulled off the highway again, and after gassing up, mom told me we would find a hotel, and restrunt for the night, as she didn't want to drive the moutains tired. As we signed into the motel, I heard some snickering behind me, and when I turned I saw 2 little kids pointing at my very thick butt was they could tell was diapered. I over heard there mom telling them maybe she should try diaperes on them, so the wouldn't have to stop so much on the road.

We got to our room, and after brining in just one small suitcase mom told me she was going to shower first. I was sitting on the bed watching TV, when mom got out of the shower, and came over to undress me for my bath. I was surprised when after my bath, I was rediapered for to go out to dinner. Mom explained that she didn't have room for both diapers and underware for me. I was soon dressed like on the trip and off to dinner we went. I got a few stares, but as mom remined me, I didn't know these people so why care.

Back in the room mom tried to get me to poo in the potty, but when I didn't she helped me by sticking a pill up there. I did not know what it was, she told me, it was for diaper rash, and soon she had me drinking a warmed milk bottle and falling asleep. I awoke in the morning and as I turned over I knew something was wrong, I had pooped my diaper during the night, and it was stinky, and big. After mom woke up, she said "oh good, my baby has pooped for me". She undid my diaper, and cleaned me a little, before chasing me to the bathroom for a bath.

The next day was more of the same, and then after one more night in a hotel, we made it to grandmas. Grandma was so happy to see us, and she didn't even tease me about my diapers. After I was changed, grandma was surprised that I was wearing during the day, but she didn't say much, we went to visit some cousins. They had a field day, teasing me calling me baby pants, diaper boy, ect. I was a very grumpy teen baby boy when we got home to grandmas. When mom told me, I should take a nap. I started to protest, but soon found meself being changed, and having a warm bottle fed to me by gradma. I felt so babyish, I was glad to fall asleep.

The return trip was pretty much the same, the only real differences were mom now was treating me like a 2 year old, even putting a McDonalds bib on me when we stopped for lunch on the way home. When we returned home, mom babied me for the remainder of the summer, and before I started school. I had to be toilet trained all over again.

Parts of this are true, but I added some for it to be like I would haved wanted it.

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