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Hello my name is Joey, im 15 and this is my story about diapers, my friends, and of coarse myself. It all started when i was about 5 i started wetting the bed nobody cared because i was a little kid. it kept on going until i was 12 then me and my cuzins Stevin and Michel who were 11 and 9 found a bag of jumbo pampers and we tried them on.

My grandma walked in on us and was shocked and angry she spanked us at least 20 times each she decided that if we wanted to dress like babies that we were going to be babies for the rest of the weekend. She took us to the store got us all diapers, bottles, binkies, and plastic panties. We had to be babies for the whole weekend we didnt really mind it was fun. things went back to normal for a cuple of years until we all had to stay with our grandma for the summer not to mention that we were stuck with their little sister Amber who was 8.

One day while grandma and amber went to the mall we snuck into the closit and took some daipers and put them on. We all had so much fun that we didn't here them come back and we were put back into diapers again this time for the hole summer! a few weeks passed and still no change i mean we liked diapers but we didnt want to spend the rest of the summer in them.

A few days later grandma left to get more diapers as we were almost out and told Amber to watch us and change us if needed. At 12:30 Amber changed our diapers and told us to take a nap after about 30 minites we were still wide awaik and we saw something we didnt expect Amber who thought we were sleeping was takeing off her shorts and panties and put a diaper on. She goofed off for like 10 minets and feel asleep. We feel asleep laughing.

Not long after we were awoke by grandma yelling at Amber whom she found asleep in diapers. grandma told amber that she was going to get the same treatment she picked her up and undid the tapes and to everyon's (including Ambers) surprise it was filled with pee and poop. Grandma rediapered amber and checked us and changed us aswell.

Amber got used to the treatment after awhile and we spent the rest of the summer in diapers.