Diapered By Nurses (again)!
Today, I got the "good news": I am going in for knee surgery. I have been hospitalized before (other, unrelated surgeries, several years ago); so that is not a big deal. Knee surgery is rarely life-threatening, & is a fairly routine minor surgery. It does require me to be off my feet for a few days; then learn to walk using crutches.

I am really looking forward to this; not only to get my knee fixed (which has been a real pain over the last 3 years); but also for what the doctors & (cute) nurses don't know: that I am an "AB/DL"! I love to fantasize, as I recall my real - life experiences of being diapered by cute nurses, after past surgery!

My fantasy is coming to reality again! I will be in the hospital for a couple days, then sent to stay for 5 days in a nursing home. I will be sure to wet my diapers as often as possible. I do have legitimate incontinence from previous nerve damage; but I can increase the number & frequency of diaper changes, by purposely wetting, as often as possible (drinking as much fluids as I can); especially during shifts where my nurse is a real "hottie"!

Also, I have supplemental insurance, which pays for lost time off work, even while I am also getting paid sick leave. Thus, for financial reasons: getting "double pay"; from both my employer, & also from the  insurance policy ("quack - quack" - name of the company, easy to guess); I am going to "milk it"; staying off work (& in the nursing home), as long as I can (which means more & more diaper changes, by cute nurses)!

I can hardly wait! During my last surgery, I was allowed to wear my snap on plastic panties over the hospital's diapers. They didn't care, & most of the nurses thought it was a good idea, for extra security against leaks (less work for them - less bedding changes). It was easy for the nurses to unsnap & resnap my plastic panties, during diaper changes (& I really enjoyed it)!

I'm going to bring several pairs of my favorite plastic panties again, this time; even some of my "baby nursery" print ones - that will be a real eye - opener for the cute nurses! Of course, I'll start by wearing my "regular" transparent plastic panties; then when the nurses are accepting of that, I'll have them get my duffle bag out of the room closet, & I'll put on my "baby" print plastic panties (while a nurse isn't there); then it'll be a "surprise" for the next cute nurse, who checks my diaper; and discovers I am wearing my "baby" print plastic panties!

I wish I could stay there for weeks; but will enjoy the few days of having cute nurses (mommies) changing my diapers! I'll hazzard a guess that no patients have looked forward to surgery (being "nursed" back to health) as much as I'm looking forward to it!

                      Written by: RJack

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