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Note:This story is true but all names except mine have been changed. The date this happened was July 20th, 2008.

        I woke up and felt the familiar feeling of a cold bed and pajama pants. This happened about three days out of the week. I did not like it one bit but I had to live with it.

    "Lacee, honey are you awake yet? I want to know what you want for breakfast." My mom asked from outside my door. "Yeah I'm awake, I want pancakes and bacon." I told her. I heard her leave and go downstairs. I went to my closet and found some track pants and a basketball tee-shirt.

As I changed, I wondered how a fourteen year old girl was still a bedwetter. I was blonde haired, blue eyed and had a slender body, and a steady boyfriend who just happened to the the quarterback of the local football team.

After pondering that thought and changing my sheets and clothes I ran down stairs to watch TV. I flipped it on the Degrassi: The Next Generation and sat on the couch. I guess I didn't get enough sleep that night because I fell asleep. I woke up and started to cry. I had wet myself on the couch. I guess my mom heard me and ran in the living room.

         "Oh dear, well go upstairs and change and come back down for breakfast." I did as I was asked and when I got back to the kitchen I sat down and I started to eat. "Lacee, I want to talk to you about maybe getting some Goodnites at the store today."

      "Mom, I'm fourteen, I don't want to wear diapers." "You may be fourteen but you also wet the bed. And wouldn't you rather wake up with a wet Goodnites then a wet bed? Maybe you need to wear them all the time, because of what happened yesterday and this morning." Oh yes, I remember yesterday. Yesterday I had wet my pants and pooped my pants three times. "Well ok." I gave in. "Good, I will be right back." Mom said as she left.

I decided to call Breanne, my best friend who knew about my wetting because she also wet the bed. "Hey Breanne, guess what? My mom just left to buy me Goodnites. And I have to wear them all the time." "Why, I thought you just wet the bed" Breanne said. "Well, that and I wet and pooped my pants three times yesterday. Oh hey she's back. I need to go" I hung up and went into the living room.

  "Here, go put one on. I got you the regular ones not the boxer ones because these were cheaper." I put one on and actually liked them. They were cute and comfortable. I put a long tee shirt on and went back down stairs. By that time my mom was outside doing her gardening. I sat on the couch and watched TV.

After a while I felt the juice from breakfast come back to me. I got up and was on my way upstairs to use my bathroom because I liked it better. About half way up the stairs I wet the Goodnite. I decided to go on up so that I could change when, three steps later I pooped my Goodnite as well. I could not believe what I had done.

"Lacee, come here please" I heard my mother call. I ran downstairs and she could tell instantly what I had done. "Lacee, did you wet and mess yourself?" "Yeah, I was on my way up to use the restroom but it all came out. I'm sorry." I admitted. "It's ok, but next time run. I will help you change" she told me and followed me upstairs.

I got another Goodnite from the bag and took my pants off. I lied down on my bed and my mother came towards me. She pulled the Goodnite off and wiped me. She then put another on me. "Can I go back downstairs?" I asked her. "Yes, but I need to go to town. I will pick up lunch on the way back."

    When she got back, we ate and she went to call her friend Rachael. I again wet the Goodnite and continued too. I still live at home because I am fourteen. Thanks for reading my true story

Written By: Lacee