Diapered By Nurses
Having permanent incurable incontinence (due to nerve damage) I wear a diaper all the time. I recently spent 2 nights & 3 days in a nearby hospital for surgery (unrelated to my incontinence). A week before the surgery, I met with the preadmission nurse, & told her that I am incontinent.

She said that I could either bring my own disposable diapers, or wear theirs. She then showed me 3 different hospital diapers, which I could choose from. We were in a private office, which had another private room next to it. She let me go into the other room, & try on each of the hospital's diapers, to see which one I preferred.

She was only mildly surprised when I came back into her private office, wearing nothing but one of the hospital's diapers. I asked her opinion, if it fit me ok, & how it looked. I did this for each of the 3 different hospital diapers, finally choosing the one that I liked best (which she also encouraged me to choose). Being an ABDL (which I did not reveal to her), I really enjoyed this!

I then told her that I usually wear a pair of plastic pants over my disposable diaper so that when I roll over in my sleep, the diaper
does not twist off to one side. She said it would be fine, if I wanted
to bring a couple pairs of my plastic pants, & wear them during my
hospital stay.

After surgery, I awoke in my room, already wearing a diaper  (which a nurse had put on me). I had been instructed to remove all
clothing (including my diaper) going into the surgery (they put a catheter on me during the surgery). Within a few hours, after drinking several glasses of water (which they encouraged me to do since I had to refrain from all fluids for 12 hours prior to my surgery) I had wet in my diaper.

When the nurse came into my room & checked my "vitals" (i.e. blood pressure & heart rate) she then checked my diaper & changed it placing a liberal amount of baby powder on me, and rubbing it in. I then told her about my plastic pants which were in my clothes bag and she got out a pair, & snapped them on me, over my disposable diaper.

I brought snap-on style plastic pants, instead of pull-on, since that would be easier for the nurses to unsnap & then snap up again, during my diaper changes. I also enjoy (from an ABDL standpoint) having the nurses unsnapping & snapping my plastic panties! I made sure to wet in my diapers as often as possible drinking a lot of water so as to have as many (pleasurable) diaper changes as possible.

Several of the nurses made positive comments about my plastic panties saying that they help prevent leaks onto the bedding. When my wife visited (she being very supportive of my ABDL feelings) she brought a camera, & took several pictures of me in the hospital bed, with the sheet & blanket pulled down.

I had told the nurses that I was too hot, wearing a hospital gown and did not mind wearing nothing but the diaper & plastic panties. As my wife took pictures, a nurse came in, to check on me. I needed a diaper change. My wife asked the nurse if it would be ok for her to take some pictures, while she changed me.

The nurse replied that if I didn't mind having pictures taken of me, during my diaper change then she also didn't mind being in the pictures! The nurse took her time, smiling broadly, as she unsnapped my plastic panties, puller them down then removed my wet diaper
cleaned me off applied fresh baby powder, put a new clean diaper on me then pulled up my plastic panties & snapped them!

My wife took a whole series of pictures with our digital camera, during this process! I wish that I could have stayed several days longer, in the hospital (enjoying having my diapers changed by the nurses - my "mommies") but the fun had to end, & I was discharged.

Since coming back from the hospital, my wife has loaded the pictures on our computer, making prints of several of them even showing some of them to a neighbor lady, who is a very close friend of hers (who is a nurse, & already knew about my incontinence).

After seeing the pictures, the neighbor lady asked my wife if she
could see me wearing a diaper; so my wife "accidentally " left the front
door unlocked when I was in the living room, wearing nothing but my
diaper & plastic panties. I was getting into bed when my wife called me to the living room, to see something on TV thus I had taken my clothes off.

The neighbor lady suddenly entered, as I was sitting on the couch.
She acted "surprised" (my wife told me later that they had planned this) to see me, wearing nothing but my diaper & plastic panties! After
briefly apologizing, for embarrassing me, she sat down next to me, on the couch (my wife was in an easy chair) & began visiting & watching the TV.

At first, my wife told me that she had invited her friend over, but
thought it would be after I had gone back upstairs, before the neighbor
lady would be coming over. I stayed on the couch for awhile, so as to not rush off, acting as if I was totally embarrassed (I actually enjoyed
the "exposure); before going back upstairs, & to bed.

As I got up off the couch, my wife said: "I think Jack looks cute, wearing only a diaper & plastic panties! What do you think?" The friend (Sally) replied: "I think he looks like a cute baby!" They both had a good laugh, as I walked across the room. My wife then added: "Could you come over & babysit sometime, when I need to go & get groceries" Sally replied: "Certainly I enjoy babysitting; and being a nurse, do not mind doing diaper changes. I would love to change Jack's diaper!"  

Written By: Jack

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