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I hated baby stuff because my baby cousin when he came round he was always sick on me. One night when he came round with my Auntie (several years later) my parents and my Auntie went out for dinner and left me to baby sit the 9 year old.

That night when we were watching TV I smelt a smelly smell and asked my cousin to go to my room and lay on the the bed. At first he looked puzzled, then I asked again and went up stairs. He laid on my bed and I told him to relax. I undid his trousers and pulled them down (I am gay so I did not mind looking at his parts) and found he was wearing a diaper.

He was so shocked he was speechless through out this. At finding the diaper I told him to stay and went to the guest room and found the diaper bag and I brought it through to my room. I took the dirty diaper off and chucked it in the bin. I wiped his bum, powdered his bum and did up the diaper. I put up his trousers on and said "well that's weird". He said "thanks and by the way I'm gay too so I don't mind".

After all this we went down stairs and watched TV till 9:30 when he said "you can try on my diapers if you want, I don't need them, I'm a DL. "What's a DL" I asked. He replied "someone who wears diapers". There was an akward pause then I said "no thanks" and changed the subject saying "anyway it's past your bedtime so off you go". I put Charlie my cousin to bed.

I went back downstairs to watch more TV. I was down for 5 mins when my aunt and my mum came in. They asked if Charlie was in bed I said yes then got told to go to bed. So I went off and found the diaper bag still in my room. I was about to give it back when I thought I'll try a diaper on and I did. I remember loads of feelings of having one on then I quickly took it off so no one could see I had it on.

I woke up the next day and noticed the diaper bag had gone. I thought nothing of it till later at breakfast. I had just walked in when mum said "come with me" and took me to the guest room and told me to lay on the bed. I knew where this was going.

She pulled down my pants. I tried to get her to stop but my aunt gave me a drug in a syringe and I could not move. My mum lifted up my legs and put a diaper underneath me, put my legs down, powdered my bum and did the tapes and carried me down to Charlie and put a pacifier in my mouth.

When I regained my strength I spat out my paci and asked Charlie what this is all about. He said "my mum found the bag in your room from last night and told your mum now we're both like babies". Just then my mum came in and said "if you 2 act like babies for the day I will let you go free". Not much happens. We got taken to the park. Then got ice creams. Got our diapers changed then had dinner. We managed the day and we got freed.

The next day my mum told me she invited my friend over. I got a bit suspicious but the day went by. Only when it was night my friend got some ropes from his bag. I said "what are you doing" and all he said was "nothing". I asked again, this time he got out a familiar looking needle and he stabs me with it. I couldn't move.

As he tied me up then he went out the room then he came in again with my mum Auntie and Charlie. By now I could speak and I said "what is this?" They didn't answer. My mum took off my pants, powdered my bum and oiled me then put on a diaper and did up the tapes smoothly.

She said "this is for stealing the diaper bag out of Charlie's room". "But" I said. "No buts, Charlie told us everything" I felt betrayed by Charlie and my friend. They all left the room and just then my friend he said "oh and I put laxative in the muscle relaxer" as he went away laughing.

The next morning I woke up with a drooping and soaking diaper. Then I noticed I was in a nursery with an adult sized cot (crib) and changing mat and everything else. I felt like a real baby. Then Charlie came in and said "welcome to my house". My jaw dropped. Then I don't remember much next but Charlie said I passed out. But when I woke up some one put a CD on and as I listen I realize it's a hypnosis tape trying to make you be a baby again. For some reason I wanted to be a baby again.

That brings us to now where I am typing this up on holiday from nursery with Charlie my boyfriend. I am now an adult baby 75% percent of the time and a DL 25% percent of the time.

I am David please contact me if you have questions

Written By: David Mcmorran
E-mail: popolop@btinternet.com