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These stories are 99% true and 1% fantasy.

Last, we left off at after I had diapered Suzy when I found out she was an AB. Now we are gonna continue this that same day, but after school.

Chapter 1

I had just gotten out of class, when I saw Suzy talking to some guy. I didn't know who it was, but I thought that I should go introduce myself to him. I started heading toward them, when I saw the guy hit Suzy. I reacted as soon as I could, I ran over yelling, "Hands off!" The guy saw me running toward him and he bolted away.

I chased after him and tackled him in front of the elevator. I grabbed him by his shirt collar, and I lifted him up. He started to choke so I pinned him to the wall, but made sure he could breathe. I punched him in the nose, I then kneed him in his nuts. I let him go and he fell to the ground.

Suzy ran over and said, "Kenny, thank you. He said..." I stopped her before she could say more. I said, "Tell me later, I gotta take care of this loser!" But right then, a couple of my old friends from high school ran over and pinned me to the ground.

I tried to throw them off but they were holding me down firm. I cursed at them but they didn't move. The guy that hit Suzy (his name was Jake) had gotten up and ran into the elevator. As soon as the door closed, my friends let me up. I threw them right off. I wiped off the dust on my shirt and pants. I then went towards the stairs and climbed them to the 4th floor, which is where me and Suzy's dorm was.

Suzy had followed me up the stairs but always stayed one floor below. When she came into the dorm, she walked over to me and tried calming me down. "I'm glad you came when you did. Jake was my boyfriend from high school and he got mad when I told him that I loved you." she blushed and she looked down.

I kissed Suzy on her cheek and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Right before I got into the shower, Suzy came into the bathroom before I locked the door and asked if I could change her. I calmly replied, "Anything for you Suzy."

After I changed her, she left the bathroom and I took my shower. When I got out and got dressed, Suzy knocked on the door and asked if she could come in. I unlocked the door and I was drying my hair. She came in with 2 other guys that looked like they were football players and Jake had came too.

I immediately started to sweat and could see that they meant business. Jake held Suzy back as the 2 other guys (they were 2 guys from the school's wrestling team and their names were Tom and Mac) grabbed me by the arms and threw me against the sink.

I heard a crack and felt a pain in my spine. I thought I had broken it, but when I tried getting up, I had no trouble except the pain. The guys pinned me against the sink this time. One held me down while the other turned on the sink and plugged the drain hole.

My heart raced as I realized that they were gonna try to drown me. The water had just reached my ears as I struggled. A few heartbeats later I was forced to take a deep breathe and hold it as my entire face was submerged.

Chapter 2

The water level had reached about an inch above the tip of my nose when they turned the water off. I didn't know how long I could hold my breathe before I might drown. 20 seconds go by before I started to fade in and out of consciousness.

The all of a sudden, I was yanked out of the sink and was finally able to breathe. But right when I took in a breathe, they dunked me back under. 40 seconds later I started to lose consciousness. Another 10 seconds passed before I passed out.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself in a hospital emergency room. When the doctors noticed I was awake, they rushed over and started checking the monitors, they checked everything that was hooked up to me. My heart was pounding and the monitor showed it.

The doctors were going crazy when they heart the monitor speeding up. The doctors thought I was going into shock or something, and they started asking me questions to see if I was all right. Right when they were starting to calm down, my heart rate shot up to 210 per minute. I was going into shock. I started to sweat like crazy, I was cramping, my heart pounded, and my vision got blurred. Then I passed out.

I woke up again another 6 hours later. I saw Suzy sitting on a stool next to where I was laying. She was reading a book. I said her name and she looked up. She called for the doctors to come. When the doctors arrived, they checked all monitors again.

They told me what happened. They told me that Suzy was able to break away from Jake and call 911, that Jake and the 2 other guys were really trying to drown me, and that they were sent to the police station.

Chapter 3

A week passed without seeing Jake, Tom, or Mac. But after school on a Friday, I saw them being escorted into the dorm building by 3 cops. One on the left, one on the right, and one behind. Jake, Tom, and Mac were in handcuffs and all 3 of their handcuffs were handcuffed together.

When they got into the building, they spotted me. They went nuts and tried to run towards me. I tried not to flinch, and I didn't. Right before they got to me, the 3 cops, tackled them and one of them held a gun to Jake's head.

I told them to let them go. The cops stared at me like they thought I was crazy. "Are you crazy!?! They tried to kill you!" one of them said. "I know. Just let them go." They did as I said and let Jake, Tom, and Mac up. All 3 of them just stood in front of me and turned around.
Suzy had just came out of the elevator when she saw Jake, Tom, and Mac being escorted to there dorms. She ran up to me and grabbed my arm. She hugged it and and kissed me.

That night, Jake had come over to my dorm while me and Suzy were in bed together watching TV. I told Suzy to get behind me and I got into position to fight. Jake told me to relax and that he wasn't going to hurt me or Suzy.
I sat down with Suzy as Jake came over and sat in a chair.

He told me that he was sorry for hitting Suzy and trying to kill me. I yelled, "Do you think that just saying sorry is gonna make me less mad at you for trying to kill me?!" "No." replied Jake. I just thought that maybe you would just accept me as a friend. "Why should I?!" I replied. "Because I was stupid and jealous because Suzy loved you. I hope you can forgive me?" said Jake calmly.

He left without another word. Suzy started to go after him but I held her back. She told me to let go, but I didn't, I just pulled her down beside me and told her to let me talk to him. She said ok and she laid down.

I caught up with Jake and started talking to him. "Why do you really want to be my friend?" I asked him. "I just want to be able to be close to Suzy. I still love her and I want to be with her as much as possible without bothering your relation ship with her." he replied. "Ok. I accept your apology, but if I see you trying to do anything to her, kissing, hitting, anything, I will beat you up!" I said. He agreed and we shook on it.

To Be Continued...

Written By: Kenny
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