Diaper Man Controlled By Wife
After surgery which caused my permanent incontinence, due to nerve damage; I became used to wearing diapers 24/7. After being discharged from the hospital, I had a home healthcare nurse for a few days; who came over while my wife was @ work, & unable to look after me.

I did not know ahead of time, who the nurse would be; but it
turned out that she has been friends with my wife for a couple years. I had seen her before, @ parties which we attended. Nurse Sally did not mind checking on my surgical wound & also changing my diaper; even though we were socially acquainted.

When my wife arrived home from work, after nurse Sally's first visit, & my wife asked me how the healthcare nurse's visit was; I told her that her friend Sally was the nurse. The next  Saturday morning, I had just gotten out of bed & was in the kitchen, making toast, when I heard a knock @ the door.

Although I was wearing nothing but my cloth diaper & plastic pants; I was not concerned about being seen, as my wife answered the door. I knew that she would not let anyone in (who could see me in my diaper & plastic panties); without first telling me, & giving me time to go to the bedroom. My wife had insisted that I put on a pair of my baby print plastic panties, which she
enjoys seeing me in (she enjoys teasing me, & calling me "her baby").

I was surprised, when my wife & Sally entered the kitchen, & Sally saw me, making toast, in my diaper & plastic panties! Both women had wide smiles on their faces. My wife said: "I thought you would not mind if Sally came in & saw you this way, since she already has seen you in your diaper & plastic panties, while changing you".

She then added: "Doesn't he look like a cute baby, in his diaper & baby print plastic panties"! Both women had a good laugh, as Sally replied: "Yes, he certainly does look like a cute baby, in his baby print panties"! As I buttered the toast (trying to be nonchalant, & not show embarrassment), my wife came up
behind me & put a string necklace, containing a pacifier, around my neck; saying: "Here's your baby pacifier, now suck on it, like a good baby"!

She then had Sally stand next to me, as I wondered what she was up to; I saw my wife grab her digital camera off of the counter, saying "smile, like a cute baby"; as she took several photos of me, standing next to Sally.  Now, whenever we see Sally @ a party, she never misses the opportunity to tease me, asking me if I am wearing my baby print plastic panties!     

Written By: Jack

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