Diaper Days

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Chapter 1

It was summer and school had just let out. Greg was 13 years old and ready for summer to begin. When the bell finally rang he ran out the door screaming with everyone else. He ran over to where his mom's car was parked and they went home. When they got home Greg's dad was out in the garage working on the car.

Greg went out to the garage to see his dad.

"Can I sleep over at Brad's house tonight?" he asked.

"Sure." said his dad. "But you better be home early in the morning so we can go buy summer clothes."

"I will be." said Greg.

He ran out, got on his bike, and rode to Brad's house.

When he got to Brad's house he knocked on the door and Brad's mom answered the door.

"Is Brad here?" he asked.

"He's up in his room." she said.

Greg went in and up to Brad's room. When he got up to his room he knocked on the door.

A deep voice said, "Come in."

Greg walked in the room and Brad was sitting there in just a diaper. Brad has been wearing diapers every since he was 6 years old because of wetting problems. Greg knew Brad wore diapers and had no problem with it. Greg had asked a lot of questions about it and was okay with everything.

They sat in Brad's room, listened to some music, and played video games. As they played the games and listened to the music Brad sat there in his wet diaper. Greg kept looking at his diaper. He couldn't help himself. He thought it was so cool that Brad got to wear diapers.

"Why do you keep looking at my diaper?" Brad said.

"I just think it's so cool that you get to wear diapers." Greg said.

"Well, if you think it's so cool." Brad said, looking at Greg. "Why don't you put one on and see how cool it really is."

Brad wore medium Attends, and since they were both the same size the diapers would fit Greg.

After a couple minutes of thinking Greg finally agreed.

Brad went to the bathroom and got Greg one of his diapers. He went back to his room and Greg laid on the bed and took off all his clothes. They were used to seeing each other naked since they had Phys. Ed. together. Greg put the diaper on and stood back up. He felt really good having the diaper on.

"Well, they look as good on you as they do on me." Brad said.

They went back to playing video games and listening to music till Brad's mom called them down to dinner. When she did, Greg started to take the diaper off so they could go down and eat.

Brad stopped him.

"If you like it, just leave it on." he said.

"But your mom will see me." Greg said. "What will she say?"

"She wont care." replied Brad.

"Alright." said Greg.

And with that they went downstairs and into the kitchen wearing just a diaper.

When they walked in the kitchen Brad's mom, Carol, was standing at the stove finishing up cooking dinner.

"I see Brad got you into liking diapers, too huh?" said Carol, as she looked as Greg.

"Yep." said Greg, as he smiled at Carol.

When they were all finished with dinner they went in the living room and sat down to watch some TV. When they sat down Carol noticed that Brad's diaper was wet. She went into the bathroom and got a clean diaper for Brad and then came back downstairs. When she came back Brad was lying in the middle of the living room floor. Carol came over and got down on her knees in front of him. She undid the tapes on his diaper and took the wet diaper off. She took a wet wipe, cleaned Brad off, then slid the dry diaper under him and fastened it up. After he was diapered Carol went upstairs to do some work on her computer. The boys sat and watched TV for awhile.

"You're lucky to have a mom who will diaper you and even change you." Greg said.

"Well, if you want, she'll change you, too." Brad said.

"What do you mean?" said Greg. "I don't even have a wet diaper on."

"Well, wet it and then she'll change you." Brad said, looking at Greg's diaper.

Greg didn't really want to wet the diaper, but he did want to be changed by Brad's mom.

Greg just sat there for awhile and pondered the thought of wetting the diaper. After about 15 minutes Greg finally wet the diaper. When Brad noticed he had wet his diaper he looked at him and smiled. Greg smiled back and they sat there in their diapers watching TV.

After about 20 minutes of being in a wet diaper Carol came back downstairs to get a drink and went over to check Brad's diaper. Brad had wet it again. She then went over to where Greg was sitting and saw that he had a wet diaper on too. She went back into the bathroom and came back with two dry diapers. She changed Brad first and when he was all dry diaper she looked at Greg.

"Do you want to stay in that wet diaper or are you gonna come over here and let me change it?" She said.

Greg looked a little nervous but went over and laid down on the floor in front of her. She unfastened the tapes on his diapers and took it off. She took a wipe, cleaned him all up, then put the dry diaper on Greg and stood him back up. They went back to watching TV for awhile.

After about 2 more hours of watching TV Carol told the boys the had to start getting ready for bed. They went up to Brad's room and started getting ready for bed. Carol came in and changed them both again. After she had them both changed she went over to the dresser and got into the top drawer, grabbing Brad's footed sleepers. They weren't heavy so he wouldn't get hot. She went over to the bed where Brad was still laying put the sleeper on him. Then she looked at Greg.

"Do you want one too?" she asked.

He looked at Brad and then back at her.

"Sure." he said.

She went back over to the dresser and grabbed another footed sleeper. The sleeper had Rugrats on it which is Brad's favorite cartoon which Greg liked too. She went over to the bed, laid Greg down, and put the sleeper on him.

She brought in a cot for Greg to sleep on and it had Rugrats sheets and blankets on it. Just as she started to walk out the door she reached in the top drawer and got out a pacifier. She walked over to Brad and stuck it in his mouth. She looked at Greg figuring he would want one too. She walked back over to the dresser, got him one, and stuck it in his mouth.

She walked out the door, shutting off the light behind her, and halfway closed the door.

After she left Brad took the paci out of his mouth and said, "Now how do you feel?"

"I love this." Greg said, pulling the pacifier out of his mouth.

"I know what you mean." Brad said, smiling at Greg.

They put the pacis back in there mouths and went to sleep.

The next morning the boys woke up at 9 o'clock. Since Brad had a wetting problem he always woke up with a wet diaper on.

When Greg woke up he had to go to the bathroom really bad but didn't want to get up so he just laid in bed and peed in his diaper.

"You got a wet diaper on now too, don't you?" Brad said, looking over at brad, smiling, with his pacifier in his mouth.

"Yep." replied Greg.

Carol came in when she heard them talking, carrying two diapers in her hands. She went over to Brad's bed, took off his sleeper, and threw it on the bed beside him. He laid down and she took off his wet diaper and put a nice dry one on him. She then walked over to Greg and took off his wet diaper and cleaned him up. When she went to put the dry diaper back on him he stopped her.

"I have to go home now and I better not wear a diaper home." he said.

"Well Greg." said Carol. "If you really don't want to be diapered again I wont, but I think you should, and see what your mom says when you get home."

Greg didn't know what to do now but agreed to let her diaper him anyhow.

Carol diapered him all up and Greg grabbed his things and rode home.

When he got home he walked in the door and to his surprise noone home. He thought they had all left to go shopping with out him. He went in all the rooms and there was noone home. He then looked in the garage and the car was gone, too. He went in the living room, took off all his clothes, and ran around the house in just his diaper. He sat on the couch and started watching TV. As he watched TV he laid down and fell asleep wearing only a diaper. As he slept his family came home to find him lying on the couch wearing just a diaper.

"Looks like they had a good time last night." said his mom, Pam. "From the looks of it, Brad taught him something new."

His dad, Steve, just smiled and walked away.

As Greg lay sleeping on the couch his baby brother, Joey, who is two, came over to him and woke him up. Greg jumped up and grabbed a blanket to cover himself up.

Pam walked back in the room.

"It's okay hunny." she said. "We already saw you in your diaper, and it okay with us if you want to wear them."

Greg was shocked and happy by what she had just said.

"If you want, when we're out shopping today we'll buy you some diapers." Pam said.

"I would love that." Greg said, looking at his mom.

Greg sat on the couch and took the blanket off, grabbing his brother, and sat him on his lap. Joey was also wearing just a diaper and that made Greg real happy.

After about 15 minutes his mom came in and told him to get his clothes on because they were going shopping now.

"Can I wear my diaper?" Greg asked.

"I don't care." Pam replied.

Greg threw his clothes back on, dressed his brother, and they went and got in the car.

They all headed for the store with Steve driving. As they drove Greg wet his diaper. He didn't really know what he was going to do but he wet it anyway. That made him even happier. When they arrived at the store Greg got out, put Joey in the stroller, and they went into the store. As he walked his mom noticed the bulge between his legs looked a bit bigger.

"Greg, did you wet your diaper?" said Pam.

Greg looked at Pam and said. "Yes."

"Alright." She said, as they walked in the store.

When they got in the store they went immediately went to the adult diaper aisle and picked up a bag of Attends and went to check them out. After they paid for them Greg and Pam went out to the car and Steve and Joey stayed in the store. When they got to the car Pam told Greg to get into the back seat and lay down.

He got in the back seat and laid down. Pam stood outside the car and leaned in, pulling off his pants and taking off the wet diaper. She opened the bag of fresh diapers and took out a dry one, placing it under Greg's butt. Greg began to become extremely embarrased as his mom fastened the tapes.

"Don't worry about it." said Pam, smiling.

She pulled his pants back up and they went back in the store.

After about 2 hours of shopping for clothes they were finally done and ready to go home for the day. By the time they got home Greg and Joey both had a wet diaper on. Pam took Joey in the nursery and changed his wet diaper. While Joey was getting his diaper changed Steve took Greg to his room and changed his diaper.

After his diaper was changed Greg looked at his dad and asked "Can I go back over to Brad's house for awhile."

"Sure." said Steve.

Greg put his pants back on, got on his bike, and rode back over to Brad's house.

When he got there he went straight up to Brad's room where he was sitting in just a diaper listening to music. Greg told him all about what happened today and Brad was amazed. Greg took off his pants and shirt so they were now both in just a diaper and Greg told Brad everything that happened including how his mom and dad both changed his wet diaper.

After Greg told Brad everything that had gone on they went downstairs and Brad told his mom that Pam and Steve were okay with Greg wearing diapers and they even changed him.

"Now if I can only get them to get me a bottle and pacifier and maybe even some sleepers I would be so happy." Greg said.

"Well, ask them and see what they say." Brad said. "You never know, they'll probably buy you them. If they're okay with your diapers then they shouldn't have any problem with you wanting a bottle and a pacifier."

After awhile of talking with his mom Brad asked if Greg could spend the night again.

"Sure, hunny." she said.

They went upstairs and called Greg's parents and they agreed to let him stay over.

After they finished talking with his parents Greg and Brad went downstairs. Brad remembered that he had run out of diapers so they got on there bikes and started toward the pharmacy.

When they go to the pharmacy they both went in. They went straight to the adult diaper and Brad picked up two bags of Attends. They thought it was really cool so they walked around the store for awhile carrying the diapers so everyone could see them. Just about every aisle they went down someone gave them a stare. Brad and Greg just chuckled and walked right by. They were having a lot of fun walking around carrying diapers.

After they had their fun they went to checkout. When they got in line they were standing behind a guy and his teenage son, who were also buying adult diapers.

After the father and son checked out they went and stood right outside the door.

Brad checked out and as they walked out the door the guy stopped them.

"I see your buying diapers too." said the guy.

"Yep." said Brad.

"If you don't mind my asking, who are they for?" said the guy, looking at Brad.

"There for me." said Brad.

"Really?" replied the guy.

"Yeah, I have a wetting problem and have been wearing them since I was six." Brad said.

"I'm Tom and this is my son Tyler." said the guy, holding out his hand to shake theirs. "He's had a wetting problem since he was twelve and has began to like them."

"I also like to wear diapers for the fun of it but have no need for them." Greg said.

"Wow." said Tom.

"Would you mind if Tyler came over to my house?" asked Brad.

"I'd like that." said Tyler, looking at Tom.

"That's fine with me." said Tom.

Tom piled Greg and Brad's bikes into his car and drove them back over to Brad's house. When they got back Carol was sitting on the couch watching TV. They introduced Tyler and then went up to Brad's room and started playing video games, sitting in just their diapers. Tyler thought it was really cool to be hanging out with these two guys in just a diaper.

As they played their games Carol came in sporting a camera.

"Would you guys like some pictures?" she said.

"Sure." said Greg.

They all stood up and Carol began snapping away.

As she took the pictures she stood there thinking about how cute they looked and came up with a wonderful idea. Her idea was to let all three boys have a sleepover all weekend and not let them use the bathroom and treat them as total babies as the so desired to be.
                               Chapter 2

After Carol finished taking the pictures she left and the boys got ready for bed each of them wearing one of Brad's footed sleepers.

When morning rolled around the boys woke up and went downstairs in there wet diapers and sat down in front of the TV and watched cartoons, waiting for Carol to finish cooking breakfast. She cooked them eggs, bacon and toast and made them all a nice bottle of milk. She called them into the kitchen and told them that breakfast was ready. When they went into the kitchen they were amazed to see the bottles of milk on the table. Brad was even amazed because his mom had never done this before.

As they sat there the boys drank the milk and ate there breakfast. As they ate Carol told them the idea she had come up with and they all loved it. Tyler called his dad and Greg called his mom and they both said it was alright if they stayed there all weekend.

After breakfast was over they all went back into the living room and watched Rugrats as Carol cleaned up the kitchen. After she had the kitchen all cleaned up she went upstairs and got fresh diapers for all of them and some clean baby clothes. She then came back downstairs with all the supplies in hand and was ready to start a weekend of fun. She first started with her own baby. She laid him down, changed his wet diaper, and put a onesie on him. Then it was Greg's turn. He had been diapered by her before so it was nothing for him. She changed him and put one of Brad's new onesie's on him. But when Tyler's turn came he wasn't so sure. He had never had his diaper changed by anyone before besides his dad. But if he wanted to stay for the weekend he was going to have to let her change him. He didn't say anything and let her change his wet diaper and put another of Brad's new onesie's on him.

When Carol first told them about the weekend she told them that no matter what, they could only be in a diaper and that they couldn't use the bathroom. She also told them that they had to be dressed as babies to a certain extent. She told them that no matter where they were or where they went they had to be changed by her no matter what.

After they got all changed and got there onesies on she told them they had to go shopping with her because babies couldn't be left home alone. She packed a backpack with a lot of diapers and some dry clothes in case they had a leak and they were off to do some shopping in there diapers and onesies with shorts over top.

They headed out to the car holding each others hands as Brad and Greg held onto Carols hand. She opened the car door and helped each one of them into the backseat and belted them in tightly and they were off to the stores.

As they drove to the store Tyler had a strong urge to poop. He knew that he had too if he was going to play baby all weekend and knew that he couldn't use the bathroom so he was going to have to poop his diaper. As the urge grew stronger he let it come. As he pooped his diaper a strong aroma filled the car and the boys just looked at one another and smiled. Carol looked back at them threw the rear view mirror and smiled, too. So now Tyler had a poopy diaper on and was starting to enjoy it.

As they neared the store Brad wet his diaper.

After she parked the car, Carol came to the back of the car and unbelted them, feeling to see if their diapers were wet. Since Greg was the only one that wasn't wet or poopy she took him out of the car and made him stand with his hand on the car while she changed Tyler and Brad.

She first was going to changed Tyler cause he was poopy and he might take longer. So she took Brad out of the car and made him hold Greg's hand as she changed Tyler. She laid Tyler on the back seat and took off the onesie. She then untaped the poopy diaper and took it down, wiping him up with the clean spots of the diaper. She then got out some baby wipes and cleaned him up as good and she could. Since he was sitting when he pooped he squished it all around and it was all over in his pubic hair and Carol couldn't get it out with the wet wipes so she left it go for now and put a nice clean diaper on him and put the onesie back on.

After she was done with Tyler she made him go out and hold Greg's hand and she brought Brad into the car and began changing his diaper. As she pulled off Brads diaper 3 teenage girls walked by the car and saw Greg and Tyler holding hands in their shorts and onesies and gave them an awwwwww sound. Tyler and Greg blushed as the girls walked away. Carol changed Brad's diaper and they were off to do some shopping.

As they walked into the store they were all holding hands as Brad held his mom's hand. Just as they were walking in the store Greg wet his diaper. He didn't say anything because he liked the feeling of a wet diaper between his legs. When they got in the store Carol got a cart and made all three of them hang onto the cart as they walked around the store. They all felt so babyish and really loved it. As they did there shopping they made a stop in the baby aisle and Carol bought some more bottles and pacifiers for all of them and some other odds and end baby items. Just as they were ready to leave this store Carol took them to the toy aisle and let them all pick out any toy they wanted. After they got their toy they went to the check out and paid for the stuff.

As they stood in line waiting to pay the 3 girls came by again and gave them another awwww as they laughed and walked away. The boys just blushed and watched them walk away. They paid for the stuff and were off to the mall to get a few more things. As they drove to the mall Greg wet his diaper again and so did Brad and Tyler. When they got to the mall Carol came to the back of the car and felt there diapers as she unfastened there seat belts. She felt that they all were wet and was going to give them the thrill of their lives this time when she changed them.

They walked into the mall holding hands and Carol carrying the backpack filled with diapers and dry clothes. They walked over to the nearest resting area where there were 5 people resting from a long day at the mall. Carol walked over and sat the 3 boys down on the bench. She sat the bag down beside Brad and then took Greg by the hand. She helped him lay on the floor. When he got down she pulled his shorts off and unbuttoned his onesie, unfastening his diaper, and changed him right there in front of everyone. They all tried not to stare but they couldn't help it. They all just giggled and went about there business. She diapered Greg back up and then proceeded to Brad and then Tyler right in front of everyone as well. After they were all changed they went about there business and went shopping in the mall. They went in and out of many stores and nobody could even tell they were diapered or even had a onesie on. As they walked out of one store two of the people that were there while they were getting changed walked by and laughed at them as they walked by but the boys thought nothing of it and went about there business.

When they got all done at the mall they went back and got in the car and enjoyed the ride home. They all three wet their diapers again with Brad adding poop to his as they rode home. When they got home Carol told them they had to all get a bath and that she would bathe them all one at a time if they wished. They said they would rather and so she did. Because Tyler had pooped his diaper before, she took him into the bathroom first. Brad and Greg went into Brads room and played with there new toys.

When Carol got Tyler into the bathroom she laid him down onto the floor and took off his shorts and undid his onesie and pulled it off over his head. She then undid his wet diaper and laid it aside. Since Tyler was just thirteen he just a little pubic hair and it was full of poop from when he pooped his diaper. Carol put him into the tub and bathed him, washing his whole body and his hair. She then washed his diaper area.

She cleaned the poop out of his pubic hair and then asked him a question that he didn't really want to answer.

"Would you mind if I shaved your pubic hair so it won't get all messy the next time you mess your diaper?" she said.

He didn't know what to say cause he knew all boys had hair on their diaper area.

He thought about it and decided real babies didn't have hair there so why should he.

"Go ahead." he said.

Since he didn't have much hair to start with it was all gone in no time. Carol washed his diaper area again and he was all done. She got him out of the tub, dried him off, and put a fresh dry diaper on him and sent him to play with Brad.

Next it was Greg's turn to have a bath. She undressed him and laid him on the floor and taking off his wet diaper. She put him into the tub and bathed him all up and washed his hair. Then she proceeded to ask Greg the same question she had asked Tyler on whether she could shave his hair in his diaper area. Greg hesitated at first but decided for the same reason Tyler did that she could go ahead and do it. So in no time at all Greg's private hair was gone as well. She didn't tell him that she shaved Tyler. She figured they would figure that out themselves. After his bath she dried him, put him in a fresh dry diaper, and sent him off to Brads room to play.

When it came Brads turn he wasn't so embarrassed because his mom has always given him a bath every since he was born. Brad really liked it and it made him feel even more babyish when his mom bathed him. She put him in the tub and washed him all up as usual. But this time was a little different. Brad like the other 2 boys, was a teenage boy, just starting puberty and had a little pubic hair in his diaper area.

"Would you mind if I shaved your hair in your diaper area so it won't get all messy the next time you mess your diaper?" she said.

"NO!" he said, in a strict voice.

She tried to convince him but he wouldn't budge.

"I shaved the other two boys." she said. "Besides it will make you look and feel more like a real baby."

Brad was still a little hesitant but finally broke down and let her do it.

"Fine." he said.

Carol lathered his diaper area with shaving cream and started to shave him. After he was all shaved, Carol got him out of the tub, dried him off, put him in a fresh diaper, and then into a nice clean onesie.

                               Chapter 3

After they all had there baths they went back into Brad’s room and played together until dinner was ready. They played with there trucks and were having a great time playing when Carol came back up and told them dinner was ready. She took them downstairs where they were surprised to find three highchairs with a bib on each chair. Carol sat Brad and Tyler down on the floor and took Greg over to his chair where he was told to stand there as she took the tray off.

She took the tray off and lifted Greg into the chair and put the tray back into place. She then put his bib on him and told him to sit there and be patient. She then went and got Tyler and Brad and put them in there chairs and put there bibs on as well. Then she brought them there food. Since they were acting like babies Carol gave them baby forks and spoons so they wouldn’t hurt themselves. The boys were having a hard time eating with the small forks and got most of the food on themselves and not in their mouths. After they were finished they looked like a complete mess. Carol washed them up, got them out of there chairs, and sat them down in front of the TV so they could watch Rugrats before it was time for bed.

After Rugrats was over Carol took them by the hands and led them back upstairs where she changed all of there diapers and put them into the brand new sleepers she had bought. Since she didn't have a crib, the boys would half to sleep in big boy beds but they were told they were not allowed to get out of bed in the morning until she came in to get them. She put them all into there beds and read them a goodnight story, turned on the night light, and partially closed the door as she turned off the lights.

She went back downstairs as the boys slept and began thinking about some more stuff she could do with the boys this weekend. As she sat there, she decided she was going to take the boys to the zoo tomorrow. She decided she might need some help caring for the boys at the zoo so she called Greg's mom.

“Hi Pam, this is Carol.” She said. “I’m sorry for calling so late but I wanted to talk to you about tomorrow.”

“Sure.” Pam said.

“I came up with an idea last night to let the boys be complete babies for the whole weekend.” Carol said.

“Wow.” Said Pam. “I’m sure there enjoying that.”

“They certainly are.” Said Carol. “There in bed sleeping right now.”

“Great.” Said Pam.

“I’m planning on taking the boys to the zoo tomorrow and was wondering if you would be interesting in helping me out.” Carol said.

“I certainly will.” Said Pam.

“Great.” Carol said. “How bout we meet at house around nine o’clock.”

“Sounds good Carol.” Said Pam. “See you then.”

“Great, see you then.” Said Carol, as she hung up the phone.

After she got off the phone with Greg's mom Carol was off to bed.

She woke up at 7am and started getting ready for the day. She went down to the kitchen and started fixing the boys some breakfast. As she was getting their breakfast ready she went and got the boys out of bed. She changed all of their diapers and got them all dressed. As she was getting them ready for the day she told them about her idea to take them to the zoo. They all thought it was a great idea and were all very excited about it. She then told them that Greg's mom had agreed to come along and help her out when they went to the zoo. They then went downstairs, ate breakfast, and watched some cartoons. After they were done they all got cleaned up and sat and watched cartoons as they waited for Greg's mom to arrive.

When Greg's mom finally arrived she was amazed to find all the boys sitting there in their onesies watching TV. Carol talked with Pam and told her what they had been up to all weekend. After they talked a bit they got the boys ready, got them into the car, and were off to the zoo.

When they got to the zoo, Carol and Pam got the boys out of the car, took them by the hand and led they to the gate. As they were walking, there were a lot of people pointing and staring, some laughing but they all paid no attention to it and went on about their business.

They went into the zoo and Carol went and rented two wagons. They put the boys in the wagons and were off to see the zoo. They were looking at the animals and all the stuff the zoo had to offer and were having a great time. The boys were having fun riding around the zoo in there diapers and onesies and looking at all of the animals. They were wetting there diapers and didn't have a care in the world.

After they got done looking at the bears they stopped off to get a drink and it was time for a diaper check. Pam went over and ordered the drinks and Carol did the diaper check.

She started with Brad.

She laid him down and felt the front of his diaper and felt that it was really wet. Then she checked Tyler and Greg and they were both wet as well. Pam came back with the drinks.

“Well it looks like it’s time for a diaper change.” Said Carol, smiling at Pam.

“Alright.” Said Pam.

They went and found a bathroom. Pam stayed with the boys as Carol took them in and changed each of their diapers. She started with Brad. She took him into the girls bathroom and there were a lot of ladies in there. She got into the diaper bag, got out the changing pad, and laid it on the floor laying Brad down on the pad. She unsnapped his onesie and then unfastened his diaper. She took it off and Brad lay there naked. As he lay there naked a bunch of ladies were starring and Brad started to get excited. Carol paid no attention to it and went on with the diapering. She wiped his butt with a wet wipe and put a dry diaper under him and put lots of powder on. She fastened up the diaper and fastened up his onesie and they were done. They went out of the bathroom and back over to where Pam was with the other boys.

Carol was about to take Greg and go to the bathroom when Pam stopped her.

“How bout I change that one, Carol.” Said Pam.

“Sure that’s fine with me.” Said Carol.

Pam took Greg by the hand and took him into the bathroom. She got changing pad out of the diaper bag and laid it out on the floor. She grabbed Greg by the hand and laid him down on the pad. She thought it was a little weird but if her son didn't mind, it was ok with her. She went on with the changing as a bunch of ladies gathered around to watch the boy get changed. Pam changed him and clothed him and they went back outside. Then carol took Tyler into the bathroom and changed him the same way she had changed Brad.

                               Chapter 4
After they all had their diapers changed they went on and saw the rest of the zoo and had a wonderful time. They stayed till the zoo closed and then headed home. As they were driving home Pam and Carol were in the front seat and the boys were in the back seat playing. Pam and Carol were talking and trying to think about what they could do tomorrow to finish out the weekend.

“Why don’t we take them to the beach.” Said Carol.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, Carol.” Pam replied.

Pam turned around in her seat to talk to the boys.

“How would you little boys like to go to the beach tomorrow.” She said.

“Great.” Said Brad.

“Yea.” Said Greg.

“Yea.” replied Tyler.

When they got back to Brad's house they were all very tired from being out in the hot sun all day. It was about 7pm and Carol and Pam gave the boy's there supper and bath’s and sent them all off to bed.

Carol and Pam stayed up a while longer talking about how there boy's liked to wear diapers and how they both were ok with the whole idea. They talked a bit and tried to come up with some new ideas on where they could take the boy's. They stayed up till 10pm talking and then headed off to bed.

Carol and Pam woke up at 7am and started to get ready for the day ahead of them. They packed their lunch and packed the cooler with pop. Then they went out to the garage and got some beach toy's for the boy's to play with.

At eight o’clock they went up, woke the boy's up, and told them it was time to get ready to go to the beach. Brad and Greg both had wet diapers on but Tyler didn't. Greg had went to bed with a wet diaper on so that's why his was wet when he woke up. Pam took Greg into the other room and changed his diaper while Carol changed Brad in his room. They got the boy's dressed and got them into the car.

They drove the short 5min drive to the ocean where there was a nice beautiful beach where they could have lots of fun. When they got to the beach there weren’t many people there cause it was still kinda early. The boy's were wearing nothing but disp diapers and thought it was so cool. They got out of the car and ran down to the water. There were a couple other people down there but they just ignored the boys. They ran and jumped in the water with just there diapers on and the diapers filled with water and became very thick and heavy. They all loved it. They played in the water and on the beach and built a sand castle all before lunch. Around noon Carol went down and got the boys and told them it was time to come and get some lunch. They all went up and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and had lot's of water to drink with there lunch.

After they were all done eating the boys headed back down to the water. Greg dove into the waves and lost his diaper. He found it floating next to him when he came up. He grabbed it and put it back on while Tyler and Brad laughed.

They swam around in the ocean under the hot summer sun for another hour before Carol and Pam told them it was time to come out for a break. While they were in the water playing a lot more people showed up and the beach was now packed. The boys ran out of the water, sporting their soggy diapers. A lot of people were pointing and whispering and the boys firgured they were talking about them but didn’t care cause they were having a good time and that’s all they cared about.

When they got back to their place on the beach Carol and Pam had bottles of water waiting for them. As they drank the water, Greg and Tyler wet their diapers, not that it made any difference, cause they were already wet from swimming in the ocean.

“Why don’t we get you boys into fresh diapers.” Said Pam, grabbing Greg by the hand.

“But mom.” He said.

“What’s wrong hunny?”

“We’re not done swimming yet.”

“I know hunny.” She said.

“But you can get your new diaper just as wet.” She said, smiling at Greg.

“Oh Alright.” Greg said, as Pam took him by the hand.

Carol sat with the other boys on the beach as Pam took Greg to the bathroom.

Pam didn’t want to take the whole diaper bag to the bathroom so she just grabbed a diaper and the powder and took Greg to the bathroom. As they walked toward the bathroom people were making comments directed right at Greg.

“Oh, look at the cute little baby.” One lady said.

‘Oh, isn’t that the sweetest little boy you have ever seen.” Said another lady.

Pam and Greg paid them no attention and continued on their way to the bathroom.

Pam led Greg into the ladies bathroom laid him down on the cold concrete floor. She forgot the changing pad and didn’t want to go back and get it. There were a lot of ladies in there and they all began to stare as Pam started to change Greg.

She got down on her knees in front of Greg and undid his diaper.

“Oh isn’t that sweet.” Said one lady, in a baby voice.

Pam looked up and smiled and then went back about her business. She pulled the diaper out from under Greg. She forgot to bring the wipes but wanted to rinse all of the sand off of his body before she put the new diaper on. She grabbed his hand and pulled him off the floor. She picked up the wet diaper, rolled it up, and threw it in the garbage. She led Greg to the back of the bathroom where there were showers. Greg felt embarrased as he walked through the ladies bathroom naked. Most of the ladies weren’t paying any attention to them though.

Pam stood Greg outside the shower and went in, turning on the water to the right temperature. When she had the temperature she desired, she grabbed Greg’s hand and led him into the shower, running her hands over his whole body to make sure all the sand was off.

As soon as she was satisfied that all of the sand was off, she led him out of the shower and laid him back down on the floor. There wasn’t anybody around in the back so Greg didn’t feel as embarrased. Pam lifted both of Greg’s feet high in the air, sliding the dry diaper under his butt. When she had the diaper in the right poastion she spread powder on his diaper area, then lifted his legs back up and spread powder on his butt. She fastened the tapes and then lifted Greg back to his feet. They headed out of the bathroom with Greg wearing only his diaper and went back to the beach.

When they got back to the beach Carol was sitting there with the boys as they built a sand castle. Carol went over and took Tyler by the hand and led him off to the bathroom so she could change his diaper. Greg went over and started to help Brad build the sand castle.

They had buckets and shovels and were scooping sand into the buckets and turning them over to make the castle.

Greg dipped one of the buckets in the sand and brought up a full bucket of sand. He poured some of the water from one of the other buckets into his bucket of sand to compact it. Then he turned the bucket upside down and shook out the sand making a nice wall for the castle. As they were building their castle a boy, who looked older then Greg and Brad, came over and sat down next to them.

Pam was over in her chair reading a book and looked over at the boys’s when the older boy approached to make sure he wasn’t going to hurt them. The boy just sat down in the sand and watched what they were doing.

“Hi, my name is Alex.” He said.

“Hi Alex, I’m Brad and this is Greg.”

“Hi, Greg.” Alex said, offering his hand out to shake.

“Hi Alex.” Said Greg.

“Do you guys mind if I help you with your castle?” asked Alex.

“Sure.” Said Greg.

Alex took a bucket and got it full of sand, turning it over to make another wall for the castle.

“Why are you guys wearing diapers?” said Alex.

Greg and Brad looked at one another wondering if they should tell him the real reason or not. As they looked at each other, Alex bent over to get a bucket full of sand and they saw a diaper sticking out the top of his shorts. Greg and Brad smiled at one another when they saw the diaper.

“Why do you wear diapers?” asked Greg, smiling and pointing to Alex’s diaper sticking out of his pants.

“I have bladder problems.” He said, pulling his shirt down over his shorts to cover up his diaper.

“So do I.” Said Brad. “But Greg over there wears them for the fun of it.”

“Oh a DL huh?” Said Alex.

Brad and Greg looked at one another confused.

“DL?” asked Brad. “What’s that?”

“A Diaper Lover.” Said Alex. “It’s someone who likes to wear diapers for the fun of it.”

“Oh.” Said Greg, looking at Alex and then Brad. “Then I guess I’m a DL.”

“Can I be a DL too, even though I have to wear them?” asked Brad.

“Sure.” Alex said. “Anyone who enjoys wearing diapers can be a DL, no matter if you have to wear them or not.”

“Cool.” Said Brad. “I’m a DL too.”

“There is also AB.” Said Alex.

Greg and Brad looked at one another confused again.

“Adult Baby.” Alex said, smiling. “It’s someone who enjoys wearing diapers and acting like a baby.”

Brad and Greg looked at one another and spoke up at the same time.

“That’s us.” They said.

“Wow that’s awesome.” Alex said, smiling at both of them as they told him they liked being babies.

“Do your parents know?” Asked Alex.

“That’s my mom sitting right over there.” Said Alex, pointing over to Pam.

Pam waved.

“Awesome.” Said Alex.

“And my mom is in the bathroom, changing our other friend right now.” Said Brad. “There both very cool with it.”

“Wow.” Replied Brad. “That’s so cool. I wish my parents were that cool about me having to wear diapers.”

“They don’t like it?” asked Greg.

“They don’t mind, but wish I didn’t have to wear them.” Said Alex. “They think it’s to much of a hassle and to expensive.”

Just then Carol came walking back to the beach with Tyler in hand. She saw the boys talking to Alex and walked over and sat Tyler back down next to Greg.

“Hi boys.” Said Carol.

“Hi mom.” Said Brad. “This is Alex. He wears diapers too.”

“Hi Alex.” She said. “I’m glad you found some friends that like diapers too.”

“Yea, me too.” He said. “It’s so cool.”

“Maybe we can have you over to play one day, if it’s ok with your parents.” Said Carol.

“Great!” Replied Alex, excited at the news. “I would like that.”

Carol walked back over to her chair next to Pam and discussed their next plan for the boys.

“I think I just came up with our next outing for the boys.” Said Carol.

“What’s that?” asked Pam.

“Brad’s birthday is coming up next week. I think we should get all the boys together and have a party.” She said.

“I think that sounds like a wonderful idea.” Replied Pam, smiling at Carol’s idea.

“I think we should keep it a secret from them though and make it a surprise for all of them.” Said Carol.

“That’s a great idea.” Replied Pam.

Tyler was sitting next to Greg not knowing who this other guy was or anything about him. He was starting to feel left out.

“Tyler.” Said Greg. “This is Alex and he wears diapers too.”

“Hi Alex.” Said Tyler, reaching his hand out for a shake.

Greg, Brad, and Alex proceeded to tell Tyler all about what an AB and DL was. Tyler considered himself an AB as well.

                                Chapter 5

The boys finished their sand castle and were sitting on the beach wondering what else they could do.

“Let’s go swimming.” Said Alex.

“Alright.” Said Brad. “But your not properly dressed.”

“I have my shorts on.”

“But we have diapers on.”

“Well I have my diaper on underneath my shorts.”

“Take them off.”

“What?” said Alex, not wanting to take his shorts off.

“Take off your pants and go in just a diaper.” Said Brad, trying to convicne Alex.

Alex started to blush.

“You want me to take my pants off and go in just my diaper?” Alex asked.

“Sure, why not.” Said Greg. “We been doing it all day and nobody has said anything to us.”

“Come on Alex, take off your pants.” Said Tyler.

Alex lifted up his shirt and looked at his diaper sticking out the top of his pants.

“Come on.” Said Greg. “Just do it.”

“I don’t know guys.” Said Alex. “You guys are a lot braver then I am.”

“You won’t be the only one out there.” Said Tyler. “We’ll be out there with you.”

Alex pulled his shirt off, looking around to see if anyone was watching. Noone was looking at them so he unbuttoned his shorts. He looked around some more, checking that noone was watching him, while the boys looked on.

“Come on join the fun.” Said Greg, smiling.

Alex pulled his shorts down and kicked them off, feeling embarrassed. Greg and Tyler took off running toward the water while Brad stayed behind with Alex.

Brad grabbed Alex by the hand and led him toward the water. Alex hesitated but what anyway.

As they ran down to the water people were staring at them. Alex became very self conscious, thinking they were all laughing at him.

“Don’t worry about them.” Said Brad.

They jumped in the water and were swimming around, having a good time. Alex started to feel better after they were in the water cause noone could tell he was wearing a diaper anyway.

After about another hour of swimming Carol and Pam came down to the water and waved them in. They all ran out of the water with their diapers drooping, full of water.

Carol and Pam took the boys back to the bathroom and changed all of their diapers while Alex sat on the beach waiting for them to get back. Pam came back first with Greg.

“Would you like your diaper changed?” asked Pam, looking at Alex.

“I don’t have any diapers here with me.”

“We have plenty.”

“Whose gonna change me?”

“I will.”

“In the bathroom?”

“Sure, that’s where we changed the other boys.”

“I don’t know.” Said Alex, becoming embarrassed and turning red in the face.

“Well the offers on the table if you change your mind.” Said Pam.

Alex sat and thought about it for a couple minutes. In the meantime Carol returned with Brad and Tyler and they were all clean and had fresh diapers on while Alex still had sand in his diaper.

“Alright.” Said Alex, looking at Pam. “I’ll let you change me in the bathroom.”

Pam grabbed a diaper and the powder out of the diaper bag, slung a towel over her shoulder, then grabbed Alex by the hand leading him toward the bathroom. Alex started getting very nervous not knowing if there would be other people in the bathroom or not.

Pam took him in the ladies bathroom and led him to the back where the showers were.

She laid him down on the cold concrete floor.

“Now we better get you out of this dirty wet diaper.” She said.

Alex smiled as Pam started to unfasten the tapes. He had never been changed by anyone since he started wearing diapers again and he was really enjoying it, so much so that he started to get excited.

His face was beat red when Pam pulled off the diaper revealing the erection that had formed while he was thinking about getting changed. Pam didn’t think anything of it and pulled the diaper out from under his butt.

She rolled the diaper up and threw it in the garbage returning to turn the shower on, Alex laying naked on the floor.

Pam returned from the shower, pulling Alex to his feet.

“Now lets get you in here and get you all cleaned up.” She said.

Alex felt like such a baby as Pam took him in the shower. She ran her hands all over his body, making sure all the sand was off.

When she had all the sand off him, Pam took Alex out of the shower and dried him off real good. She laid the towel down on the floor and laid Alex down on it. Alex was feeling very good and felt just like a little baby. He began kicking his legs in the air and smiling at Pam as she started to diaper him.

“Now now now.” Said Pam, smiling back at Alex.

She lifted his legs in the air, sliding the diaper under his butt. While she still had his legs in the air she grabbed the powder and powdered his butt. She started to fasten the tapes and was just about done when a lady walked in the back room.

“What’s he doing in here?” Said the lady.

“Where just about finished.” Said Pam.

“Guys aren’t allowed in the ladies bathroom.”

Pam looked up at the lady and ignored her comment. She pulled Alex to his feet and they headed out of the bathroom.

When they got back to the beach Carol and the other three boys had everything all packed up and were ready to head home.

Alex slipped his clothes on and started walking back down the beach toward his house.

“Would you like a ride?” Said Carol.

“No, I just live down the beach.” Said Alex.

“It won’t be no trouble.” She said. “We’re going right that way.”

“Well if your sure it won’t be to much trouble.” Alex said. “I would like to spend more time with the boys.”

“Not at all.” Carol said, smiling.

They got back to the car and Carol squezzed all the boys in the backseat, leaving them unbuckled for the short drive to Alex’s house.

When they got to Alex’s house, Alex started to get out of the car but Carol stopped him.

“Just a minute Alex.” She said. “Are your parents home?”

“Yea.” He said.

“Would you mind if I talked to them for a minute?”

“A sure.” Replied Alex.

They got out of the car, while Pam stayed in the car with the other boys.

When they got in the house, Alex called for his parents and told them there was someone there to see them. Alex’s mom came into the front entrance to meet Carol.

“Mom this is Carol, I met her on the beach today. She wants to talk to you.” Said Alex.

“Hi Carol, I’m Sue.” Said his mom.

“Hi Sue, nice to meet you.”

Alex went upstairs to his room while they talked.

“While we were on the beach my boys noticed that Alex was wearing a diaper.” Said Carol.

Sue bowed her head and looked embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, did he offend them in some way?” Asked Sue.

“No, no, no not at all” said Carol. “In fact my boys were wearing diapers as well which is why they noticed Alex.” Sue didn’t know what to say.

“My son wears diapers due to a wetting problem, and he had a couple of his friends that also wear diapers on the beach with him today.”


“Now I know this may be a bit difficult for you to understand, but I think your son enjoys wearing diapers.”

“I know.” Said Sue, placing her hand on her forehead. “He’s confronted me several times about this, but I keep telling him it’ll pass.”

“I know what you mean. I felt the same when my son first told me he liked wearing them, but now I’m very ok with it and I wish you would be too.”

Sue looked at Carol and looked angry.

“For your son’s sake.” Said Carol.

Carol went on to tell Sue about Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers, and how Greg, Tyler, and Brad were all Adult Babies, and how she thought her son was one too. By the time she was all done Sue was feeling a bit better.

“So this won’t hurt him in anyway?” Sue asked.

“Not at all.” Carol replied. “In fact it’ll probably help him from getting into drugs and all the bad stuff that’s out there for kids today.”

“I guess your right.” Said Sue. “I guess there’s no harm in him wearing diapers, and as long as he’s not getting hurt or hurting anyone else then I don’t see why he shouldn’t enjoy himself.”

Carol smiled.

Carol went on to tell Sue about the surprise birthday party she was planning for Brad and asked if she would bring Alex over and Sue agreed.

Carol felt really good having talked to Sue as she left the house. She went out and got in the car and drove home where she began planning for Brad’s surprise birthday party.