My name is Cory and I am 14 years old, I have always enjoyed wearing diapers but I could never tell my mom. I kept on pooping in my pants on purpose in order to get back into diapers but it didn't work.

One day I decided to go grocery shopping with my mom. As we were walking into shopright I felt the need to poop but I didn't go to the bathroom, I just decided to hold it. We were walking up the adult diaper isle when I just let it go. My mom said "Cory did you poop your pants again" and I said "no". She said "can I check?" I said "no mom I'm 14 years old". She said "too bad". So she grabbed me an put me over her knee and pulled down my pants and she saw the poop and then started spanking me. She said "if you want to act like a baby I will treat you like one".

She said to stay there and she would be back after three minutes. She came back with some wipes, powder and lotion. She cleaned me up with the wipes then she applied the powder. Then she got a bag of depends supper plus absorbency underwear size small-medium. She put six of the depends on me and then took my pants away so all I had left was my shirt. She then picked me up off the ground and made me walk over to the checkout. When we got there the lady said to my mom "cute baby". I started crying.

My mom and I left the store and started to head home. When we got home my mom told me to go outside and play so I did what I was told. All my friend were teasing me. My mom called my friends mom up and said she had to go out for a little while and that she was going to drop off some diapers for me and some wipes and powder. My friends mom called me inside and told me that my mom hade dropped off the diapers and wipes and powder. She told me to come inside and go to her room.

When she came in she checked my diaper, it was wet and messy. She took it off me. When she did this I started to get excited. She saw this and said "down boy". She started wiping me. After that she put the lotion on my diapered area and then started putting the powder all over me. After that she patted my puffy butt and said "come back inside when you need a change". So I went back outside to play for a while.

Then my friends mom told me that my mom called and wants me home, so I went home. When I got home my mom said "how is my little baby doing?" She said she had something to show me so she lead me to my room and opened the door to my room it was completely redone into a nursery. She lifted me up on the changing pad and changed my diaper and then put me to sleep in my new crib.

The next day I woke up and realized I had school. My mom came in and got me out of my crib and told me to take a shower so I did. Then she came in and diapered me. She said "I put some extra diaper's in your backpack so the nurse can change you."

My mom drove me in to school. When I got there everyone was laughing at me. I went to the first class and during it I felt my diaper sag. I asked the teacher if I could go to the nurse. The teacher said "what's the matter? Did the little baby go poopy in his diappie?" All the kids started to laugh. I started to cry.

My teacher finally gave me permission to go the the nurse. When I got there I took all the supplies out of my backpack and gave it to the nurse. She told me to lay on the changing mat. She then pulled down my pants and proceeded to change me.

                      Written By: Cory

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