I was about 7 when I played house with my neighbor debbie. I was the baby and she was mommy. She would pretend to diaper me with a towel, and put a coke bottle in my mouth. One day, her friend lynette showed up and saw what we were doing. She thought it was funny,and wanted to join

They would both baby me, pretending to change my towel diaper etc. We did all this after school when debbie's mom was working. Lynette happend to get her hands on a real baby bottle, and they would put warm milk in it and feed me.

This all went on for over about a year. We would play in here basement where no one could see us. Everything was going great, I was enjoying being baby, and Debbie and Lynette were getting better and better at being mommies.

One day, after they had pinned a towel around my levys and gave me a bottle, they decided to take me upstairs. WE went into her living room and they put a blanket on the floor for me to lie on. They turned on the t.v. and were watching it; when the back door opened.

To our surprise, it was Debbie's mom !! She had come home early from work, and saw me laying on the floor like a baby. " What do we have here, Debarah ?" she said. Debbie tried to explain we were just playing. Does your baby want to
wear real diapers? I think I should take over here, she said.

Debbie asked me if I wanted to be a real baby, I said. I guess. Her moms name was Gail and was a single parent. Gail took me by the hand a said " come with me little one". She took me into the bathroom,started the tub, and took all my clothes off, while debbie and lynette watched. I could see
and hear them giggeling as Gail gave me a bath.

While I was soaking,Gail called my mom, and asked her if i could spend the weekend with them. My mom said yes. Gail came back dryed me off, and took me into the nursery. She picked me up and put me on my back on the changing table they had.

She told debbie to get some of the old cloth diapers out of the drawer. Gail then put some baby powder between my legs and slipped a diaper under my butt. Debbie and Lynette were smiling as the three of them looked at me.

After Gail finished diapering me, she got a pair of rubber
pants and put them over my diaper. She picked me up and put me in the crib with a fresh bottle that Debbie had made. Gail said I was going to be their little baby boy for the weekend.

I was told I had to wet and poop in me diapers the entire weekend. When the weekend was over I went back home. No one ever found out what had happend, and it never happend

                                              The End

writtin by: Jeff

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