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My story all starts a few years ago. Now, I guess you could say, it all started one day when I asked my mom if I could start to wear diapers again. She said something to the effect that "No way, do you know how much extra work that would be for me to always being doing laundry all the time?"

Well let me tell you that I didn't let that stop me. Not long after that I was perusing my local drug store's diaper isle when I spotted the Attends and I fell in love with them. I bought my first package of my diapers that day and I continued for several years to come with going to the drug store in town and buying a package of my diapers.

So one night I tried wearing my diapers to bed at night. Believe it or not, but it took two good wettings. I can still remember wetting myself once right before going to sleep, and then again right after waking up.

I am going to be wearing a diaper to bed tonight, and I hope and pray that I can do what I did that first time, but probably not. And I'll be wearing my diaper all day long tomorrow too. At least until my parents get back from their trailer. And I don't think that anybody in town suspects that I wear diapers all the time whenever I go to town either. Well that's it for now.

P.S.: I may report back to you again tomorrow night.

Written By: BABY DAVE