Diaper Change At The Doctor's Office
Being middle aged, and having been incontinent for most of my life, I am not shy about talking to my doctor (and her advise nurse) about my incontinence. I purposely chose a female doctor, as I would not want to discuss my "issues" with a male (being heterosexual).

Also, I like to pretend that my female doctor is my "mommy". During a recent visit to my doctor, I had her check a suspicious spot on the skin of my thigh, to be sure it was not cancerous. Since I needed to remove my pants for this, I was wearing only a t-shirt, my cloth diaper, & plastic panties, as I sat on the doctor's exam table. After checking the spot on my skin, and reashuring me that it was nothing to be concerned about, she noticed that my diaper was wet. 

She said that I shouldn't leave a wet diaper on, as I would get a sore skin rash. She then called in her nurse, and had her obtain a disposable diaper. When the nurse returned, my doctor said "I have put diapers on patient's before; so I hope you don't mind." I replied that I was ok with her putting a clean diaper on me, & cleaning me up.

The nurse assisted, by applying baby powder, and rubbing it on me. Thus, I secretly enjoyed having my diaper changed by the two women (mommies)! Next, we had a discussion about the latest & best diapers available (which I really enjoyed). Before I left, I made another  appointment, for a followup exam, so my doctor could be sure that no precancerous skin spots would go unchecked.

I'll be sure to have my doctor check areas where I will need to remove my pants; so I will only be wearing a t-shirt, my diaper & plastic pants, again. I will also be sure to have a wet diaper again; so she & the nurse can change it!

                               writtin by: Jack

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