Well, I guess I was one of the ones who thought it would never happen, but it did I closed my door last nite, put on my diaper and my footed pajamas, thinking my mother would already be gone when had awoke. I turned off the light and went to sleep. I fell asleep hugging my elmo and sucking on a pacifier that I had hidden in the Velcro pocket elmo had on his back.

I awoke groggily to the sound of my door opening; she came to wake me up because we had lost power during the night. She walked in and woke me up and walked out. Over breakfast she didn't say much so I figured that she didn't see anything. I left for school as usual around 8 am.

School was boring pretty much, me and my friend Jared sat through english class and passed notes through the whole thing. It was Friday and almost time for spring break. He asked me if I had any plans for the break. I told him I didn't, and either did he. I said maybe if you want we can hang out. He said ok and we headed off to our next classes. And then, finally school was over. I raced home, because I knew my mom wouldn't be home for at least another couple hours and was ready to just relax and diaper myself up.

When I got home my mom's car was in the driveway. I went inside to say hello. She said to me that we needed to have a chat. So we went into her room and she asked me if I was wetting my bed again. I was kind of stuck; I didn't know what to say I told her yes, and she asked me why I didn't tell her. I told her I was embarrassed. She said ok, but if it continued I would have to go to the pediatrician. I guess I was lucky this time or so I thought.

My mom knew better however, because of the pacifier and sleeper she came to figure it out. This is about the time my mother started calling me her baby again.  She called me down a few minutes later for some milk and chocalate chip cookies, my favorites. I ate them all up. She told me to go watch some tv while she got dinner ready and we waited for my father to come home.

Well I guess I kind of fell asleep watching the cartoons. I wet all over the floor. I woke up and began to cry. My mom came in to see what was the matter. She gave me a hug and told me to go and get ready for a bath while she cleaned up the mess.

I went up to the bathroom and started to undress as  I looked at my ten year old underdevloped body in the mirror, I was just about to climb in when my mom came in and she told me to sit down. I began to argue with her but she shot me the " if you don't cooperate your grounded" look. She washed me up all nice and clean and picked me up and dried me off. I was only about 60 pounds then . She picked me up and wisked me away to me bedroom.

She then prceeded to go to her room were she brought back a pair of footed pyjamas which had elmo all over them and an extra thick nighttime diaper with a doubler inside. She told me since I am not allowed outside after dinner I could just get dressed now for bed and with that proceeded to diaper me and help me into my sleeper.

We heard my dad come home and we proceeded downstairs to have dinner. My dad gave me a hug as he walked through the door, I know he heard the crinkle of the diaper and noticed I was already dressed for bed but didn't say anything. I think my mom called him at work earlier that day.

We finished dinner and went to watch tv, seeing it was Friday I got to stay up extra late. I was sitting on the couch with my mom and was laying my head on her knees. I was almost falling asleep around 10pm when she reached down and grabbed me and started to rock me in her arms. I felt a bottle go in to my lips and as I pushed back upon it it was given to me more so I took it as I rocked slowly to sleep drinking the bottle in my mothers arms the last thing I remember her saying is goodnite my baby.

I awoke the next morning and started to look for the zipper to get out of the sleeper and there wasn't one. Or so I could find anyway. It was on the back. So I lay in my bed waiting for my mother to come in and I look to my side and see a pacifier and I knew then I was in deep trouble because my mother had found out one of my or what I thought was my best kept secrect.

Just then my mom comes in to wake me up.She asks me if I had slept well and I said yes, she just replied almost like a baby with a small smile which I could only smile back. She walks over to my bed, grabs me by my ankles and starts to pull me towards her. It is only then that I realize that I am extremely wet. My mom undoes the snaps in the footed sleeper that I had not noticed before and comments on how wet I am to that I could only blush. She changes me quickly and then picks me up and carries me downstairs to the kitchen to where my booster seat from when I was  4 has now reappeared she places me in not forgetting to snap the buckle and goes to the fridge to get my breakfast.

After I ate my mom said what a good little boy I was and picked me up and carried me into the family room were there was a porta-crib setup infront of the television. She placed me in and turned on the Saturday morning cartoons. She went off upstairs while I sat in the crib trying to figure out exactly how I was gonna get out. My mom showed back up from upstairs and in her hands she had my elmo stuffed animal and some of my other toddler toys. She dropped them in to the crib for me to play with and I was soon occupied with them. My mother checked on me periodically but I was left with my toys til lunch time.

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