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Hi, my name is Carly and I'm 12 years old. It was 6th grade and I was in the middle of a test. I have a very small bladder so that means when I gotta go... I GOTTA GO!!! So I was half way through the test when I felt the urge to pee. I didn't even bother raising my hand because I knew that nobody was allowed to leave the room unless the test was finished.

I just sat in my seat squirming around, crossing my legs until I just let go. Urine went straight through my panties into my jeans and onto my chair I couldn't stop it. I had a huge wet spot on my jeans. My teacher noticed my uncomfortableness and sent me down to the office. I got up and looked down and saw my wet state. I covered my eyes and started to cry as I ran out of the room.

I went down to the office and called my mom. When she answered I said,"hey mom I was taking that math test and I had to pee and I... Well... I... uhhh... Had an accident." I then started to cry. My mom responded and said," Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry I'll be there in a sec to get you some new clothes." I then said "Thanks mom" and I hung up.

The person at the office told me to go to the bathroom and finish my "business". When my mom got there she hugged me and gave me the clothes. I went in the bathroom to change my mom got me a pair of panties some short jean shorts and a T-shirt... I got all those on...

Then my mom came in and handed me 2 diapers... I said,"please don't make me wear this I'll be laughed at!!!" " Well Carly you shouldn't of wet your pants then" she then left. I got the diaper on and looked at the mirror and noticed a huge bulge coming from my back side, it was the huge Huge fluffy Pampers diaper.

I walked out and went back to class. I sat back down in my chair and forgot there was still urine on the chair so I stood up and one boy said "look she peed her pants AGAIN!!!" I cried and said,"no, it was from my last accident I swear!!" The teacher called my mom and she came straight into my classroom and said to all the kids, "who wants to see Carly's diapers!" Everyone started giggling and my mom stood me up and took off my jean shorts and everyone saw my diaper.

Everyone screamed out laughing and my mom just left me in the diaper. I sat back down and began to cry. I let go of all the muscles I had and I just pooped and peed my diaper... I stood up and ran out of the room. The office attendant looked at me and went over to me and picked me up like a baby. She took me over to the health room and changed my diaper and put a new one on me.

I got up and walked to lunch. I sat down so embarrassed because I was only in a diaper. I got my lemonade and my sandwich and sat next to my friends. They were all shocked. When I was finished eating I grabbed my lemonade and walked out of the lunch room.

Right then four guys grabbed me and picked me up. They grabbed my lemonade and poured it down my diaper. I cried and then all of a sudden I was dropped. I was knocked out but before I fell unconscious I saw a boy pick me up. When I woke up I noticed I was in a crib.

I stood up and looked around then the boy walked in and said, "Hi my names Mason, I noticed you had a huge accident in your diaper so I changed you." "no" I responded,"that was lemonade I swear" he ignored and said, "well that doesn't matter now because now you are my little baby girl" I just peed and he picked me up and changed me. He then blew a raspberry on my stomach and I laughed childishly.

He put me back to bed and I fell asleep. I woke up wet. And I just lost all dignity. That's when another girl came in and changed my diaper. Her name was Niki and she was 12 also. She changed me then put me in a playpen in front of a tv that was playing Barney. I pretended to enjoy it by singing along and clapping after the end of each song. I watched these episodes for hours until it was time for bed again.

Niki was laying in the bed next to me and I said," Do you wanna be a baby with me?" she gently nodded after a few moments of thinking" she got up and I gave her a diaper and a pacifier and lay next to me." she said, " I gotta go pee" I responded "go then" she closed her eyes and let go.

She started to pee a lot. She peed for at least a minute. Then she said," will you change me?" I said, " uhh sure... I guess" I changed her and we fell asleep we woke up dry when Mason came in and said," wow Niki you are a baby too?" She nodded and he seemed confused.

We laughed and got up to go to the play ground to play with the little kids. We got into our T-shirts and fresh pull-ups for easier mobility. I ran down to the play ground with Niki and we ran around and had so much fun! Maybe being a baby wasn't so bad after all!

To be continued...

I am 12 and me and Niki are still good friends. We were released from Masons house and we were sent to preschool. But that's another story!!!

Written By: Carly