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It was the first day of winter break and man was I relieved to get a break from school! Me and my friends were having the best of days. We went to the mall, got brand new clothes for school, and had one of the best lunches ever at the eatery. We threw our trash away, got our bags and walked out to our car. 

However, while we were walking out to the car, my three friends were acting quite strange and looking at each other in a very odd manner. When we got to the car, I opened the trunk and put my newly bought clothes in. When I closed the trunk, a burgundy colored mini-van stopped right behind the car and scared me a bit. I turned to ask my friends "What the crazy guy was doing?"

Chris, my friend that was driving us home told me that they knew about me looking all over the internet on sites for diaper fetishes and things of that nature.  I was so shocked and scared to hear that he knew, and thought it was a very weird time for him to bring this up. However, before I could give him an explanation, he said, "Enjoy your winter break, you'll be back the day before school starts!" I wanted to ask him what the hell he was talking about, and just when I opened my mouth to speak, my face was covered with a chloroform-soaked rag and I fell unconscious.

Periwinkle blue was the color of the ceiling I saw when I awoke. I felt very groggy and as I came to, I noticed I was looking at that celing from a locked, adult-sized crib. Both of my wrists and ankles were strapped to the corners, I had a pacifier tied into my mouth, I was wearing pink footy pajamas that scared me to death because they fit me and had a tinker bell picture on it. This was so much to take at the moment and I was wondering what was going on. 

Then, I noticed something that almost gave me a heart attack. I was wearing a diaper sized for me and it was soaking wet with pee! I am a 17 year-old guy who peed his pants! I mean yes, I had looked at those websites Chris mentioned, but only out of curiosity, I was not interested after that at all. I started to freak-out, struggling to get free of the straps, but to no avail. The one thing I had succeeded in was making enough noise to cause my kidnappers to enter the room. 

The man and woman walked over to the proverbial cage and the woman said, "Hello there little Madeline, your friends have given us a good deal of money in exchange for taking very good care of you this winter break. I am your mommy Susan, this is your daddy Charlie, and you will be our darling baby for the next week and a half. As much as you might not want be here, you simply have no choice, although you will be returned to your normal life when the time is up." 

Why was she calling me Madeline when my name was Matt. She obviously wanted me to be her baby girl judging by the clothes. I felt like I was going to pass out from hearing what she had said. She then noticed that I had indeed wet my pants and said that a wet diaper was not going to be on my for long. She whispered something in Charlie's ear, he walked out of the room, and returned with a needle. I tried to scream, but my gag-pacifier wouldn't allow it. He reached in through the bars as I struggled all I could, and stuck it into my thigh. 

In no more than 15 seconds I was completely paralyzed and told that I would be given my first diaper change from mommy. A muscle relaxer had been injected into me. Charlie then unlocked the cage, removed my restraints, and carried me over to the changing table, big enough for a teenager like me. He went downstairs while Susan CHANGED MY DIAPER! I couldn't move as she wiped me clean with a wipe, covered my whole private area in baby powder, and then duct taped a new diaper back around my waist. The embarrassing pink tinker bell onsie was then pulled back over my arms, zipped up, and locked with a very small Master lock to a strap on the back neck line.

Charlie came back upstairs, noticed that the relaxer was almost exhausted and asked Susan if it was time for me to have some dinner before it did. It was after all night time when I woke up but I wasn't eating anything strangers were serving me. I was carried down into the kitchen and too could feel the relaxer loosing some power. As I entered the kitchen, I saw an oversized high-chair with straps on the arm-rests and footrest. I started to struggle but didn't bother to scream since my gag was still on, and I was so close to getting free of Charlie's grip but he was too strong. 

He slammed me into the chair, smashing my diaper against my butt (thank goodness it had been changed.) My arms and feet were cuffed to the chair and my gag was removed for eating. The first words I was able to say to them were, "You let me go right now buttheads. I don't want to be a baby and wear diapers. LET ME GO NOW!!!!" They ignored my pleas and I heard the microwave beep. Susan reached in and grabbed a baby bottle full of what looked like milk. I asked her what it was and she told me it was baby formula, for babies like me to become healthy. 

I screamed that I wasn't going to drink it but as I did, Charlie smacked me in the face, and told me that babies didn't talk like that, and then went behind me. He forced my mouth open and Susan stuck the bottle in my mouth. I spit it out and told that even if it was going in my mouth I would never drink it. Of course, I felt so smart only for a second. She came right back at me and said that it was either the formula or a double sized bottle of vinegar. I started to cry and picked the formula. "Good baby," she said and stuck the bottle in my mouth. I was also ordered to drink it in 30 minutes or the vinegar was next. 

I drank as quickly as possible and Charlie held my mouth open the whole time. I finally finished it, and they both spoke in baby talk, praising me for finishing. I was about to yell at Susan again when from behind, Charlie put his hand over my mouth very tightly and said "SHHHH angel". They both went over to the counter and Susan pulled out 5, yes FIVE small glass jars of baby food, ranging from totally opposite kinds such as bananas, tomatoes, peas, butternut squash, and turkey and carrots. I was disgusted!

Charlie did something next that really made me scared. He reached into the cabinet under the counter and pulled out a blender and filled a measuring cup with 2 cups of water. He poured all of the baby food into the blender, along with the water, put the blender right on my tray, and blended it all for me to watch. I don't think I could have thought of anything that looked nastier.

When it was done mixing, he told me I better be hungry because there was a lot to eat for his little baby. I shouted that I wasn't hungry but he ignored me. He removed the container from the blender and put it in front me. Susan placed a very embarrassing Cinderella bib on me. I closed my mouth as hard as I could but Susan noticed. She grabbed my head and then closed my nose with her fingers, I couldn't wiggle from her grip so I had to open my mouth breath. 

Charlie quickly slipped a funnel into my mouth and said it was time for his "sweetheart" to eat up.  He poured the foul concoction down my throat very slowly while Susan held my nose shut. I gagged several times from the taste but eventually got the entire meal down.

"See my little angel, the that wasn't so bad a first meal now was it," said Susan in that baby talk again.
When Charlie put my gag back on yet again, I had started to think about how much I actually consumed during "dinner" and was frightened to go to the bathroom. There was no way I was submitting to going to the bathroom in a diaper at my age, even though it was thick enough to hold it. But they walked away from me, out into the living room to watch TV while I was left bound and gagged to the chair, dreading the time when my bladder couldn't take it any longer.

And after about 55 minutes, that time came. My face turned so red and I let out a huge fart. My diaper expanded quite some bit as I now felt I was sitting in tar or something like that. It stunk so bad and Susan and Charlie heard the fart. They walked over to me and Susan said, "Aww did baby have a poopy?  Charlie!" 

Susan pointed to the cabinet where Charlie pulled out another muscle relaxing filled syringe. I went crazy, wiggling the hardest I have ever done, but Charlie knew things might get out of hand, went behind me, and stuck me right in the back of my shoulder. I went limp almost instantly this time.  Susan gently undid by straps and Charlie picked me up as if I were a real baby, carrying me back up to my room.

He laid me on the changing table and Susan did her thing. "Wow baby, you really made a bad stinky this time," she told me as she cleaned me up. Some of the food had gotten on my onsie during dinner, so I was changed out of that, and a purple Barney onsie was put on me this time. When my new diaper was fastened on me, she had Charlie pick me up place me back in the crib, where I was again bound, gagged, and locked in for the night.

Susan asked me if I wanted to be sung a lullaby.  I shook my head no but she said, "Great and I'll even read you a book!" I rolled my eyes and she picked out a book with a very babyish cover. She opened the book and read the title aloud, "YOU FUTURE EXPERIENCE WITH MOMMY AND DADDY. That's right my love, this is a summary of what will be in store for you during your stay with us" I was so terrified I actually wet my pants again and a lot came out. Susan noticed and said, "Oh no little one, not another change until morning." I began to whine a bit, realizing I was going through the night with a wet diaper.

"Alright, I will simply list your activities in the days to come: You will be diapered at least twice a day, you will be fed in the same manner you were tonight whether you struggle or not, the muscle relaxer will be used as needed, you be given an evaluation of the day every night by mommy and spanked with a paddle for each time you acted inappropriately, when going with us out of the house, you will always remain in the car, strapped into your car seat with the pacifier in your mouth, I am looking forward to my sister Kathy coming over to paint your toenails and give you a make-over. 

Yes, I realize that you are my little baby girl, but I feel things like this can be moved up from the teen years to now. You will be fed the same foods including warm baby formula and baby food, you will be given a bubble bath nightly and failure to cooperate with this will cause serious punishment to be necessary, for example you will be given a laxative to make your diaper more useful, and many more things throughout your stay will be provided for you."

"Why are you doing this to me," I muttered through my gag, but she didn't understand. She said her baby was trying to talk so soon. Charlie came in to kiss me good night, put a Winnie the Pooh blanket over me, and gave me a sedative that made me fall asleep in 5 minutes, just enough time to hear the end of the stupid lullaby Susan sang to me.

Written By: Brad
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