Big Brothers Revenge By: Tiny Tony

Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a 15 year old male with a pain-in- the-butt brother named Nick. He's 13 and I'm going to kill him. You won't believe what the little twerp did. I went out my window last night at 2 to hang with some friends. Well, he woke up and told my
parents. They stopped me before I could leave. Well, I got a good spanking from my dad and I'm ground for a week, which wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have concert tickets to see Green Day this Friday. Man, I spent 35 bucks on the two of them and now I will miss the concert, thanks to Nick. Well, I'm getting back at him tonight.

    You see, Nick still wets the bed at 13; he has all his life. Lately he has been doing good to stay dry but I'll fix that. You'll see I'll get him back. As night fell, I sat on my bed reading. I couldn't do anything but read. "Nicky honey, it is bed time," my mom yelled.
"Ok," he said. He opened the door and walked in. "Hey dork, do you know how to knock?" I said rudely. "It's my room, too, Alex," he said in a mocking tone back. "Yeah, don't remind me," I said back. "Nick, make sure you go to the bathroom, you have been
doing well lately," mom called from downstairs. "Yeah, Nicky, you better go potty, so you won't pee pee in your beddy," I said, mocking him again. "Shut up, I haven't wet in two weeks," he said back as he put a long night shirt on.

He then left to go brush his teeth. I jumped off my bed and got undressed. I sleep in my boxers and a T-shirt. Nick likes to sleep in his tighty whitey's and a big shirt. He came back into the room and got in to bed. "Did you go pee pee, wittle Nicky?" I said in
baby- talk to him. "Shut up, Alex, you used to wet, too," he said as he cover his head with his covers. "Yeah, when I was 8, not 13, baby," I said in defense. "OK, Alex, that is it, no more, or you're grounded even longer," my mom said as she came into the room. "Now good night, you two, and sleep well." She turned out the lights and left the room. "Good night, bedwetting baby," I said to Nick. He didn't answer.

It was 2 in the morning, time to put my plan into action. I got up and went to the kitchen. There I got a bowl of warm water. I then walked slowly back to my room. I went up to Nick's bed and put his hand in the water. Then I waited. About 3 minutes later Nick was laying in a puddle. "Now we'll see who gets the last laugh," I said quietly. I got up and went back to the kitchen. I dumped out the water and when back to bed. As I thought about my revenge I couldn't wait 'til the morning.

As the light of the dawn came in to the room I woke up and got ready for the show. Nick yawned and rubbed his eyes than stopped suddenly. "OH NO, PLEASE, NO!" he said as he found he had wet. He started to cry and got out of bed, I acted as if I just
woken up. "What's wrong, Nick?" I said as if I didn't know. "I wet the bed," he said though his tears. "Oh well," I said. "MOM, NICK PEED THE BED!" I yelled. My mom came in. "NICK, YOU DIDN'T!" she yelled, but his wet shirt told her everything. She left
and came back with the paddle in her hand. "Okay Nicky, bend over," she said. "PLEASE MOM, DON'T.... DON'T SPANK ME!" Nick pleaded. "You know what happens when you wet, Nick, now bend over." Nick did and I watched as he got 10 good swats for wetting. "Now go get cleaned up," she told him. He left the room crying.

My mom looked at me and said, "you'd better not bug him about this," then she left. I lay there thinking about how good it felt to see him get it, that brat, how dare he tell on me. Oh, but it was not over yet, I still had about 20 more bucks to see him pay for. Nick came into the room wet form his shower. As he dropped the towel I could see he's bottom was all red. "I hope he bruises," I thought to myself. "Bummer, it looks like someone wet the bed," I said as I left the room. He was still sniffling when he walked by with his wet sheets. I just smiled at him and continued with my breakfast. The rest of the day Nick didn't say much. I just smiled mockingly at him every time I saw him.

"Nicky, it is your bedtime, please go potty tonight," my mom yelled at 9. I was on my bed reading like I had spend the last few nights. Nick came in and got on his pj's. "Go potty, baby Nicky, so you don't wet your beddy," I told him rudely. He just gave me a
dirty look and left. He came back in about 10 minutes later and got in bed. "Did you go potty?" my mom said as she came in to the room. "Yes I did," Nick answered. "Good, you know what happens if you wet again tonight," she finished. Nick didn't say anything. "Night, Alex," my mom told me as she turned out the lights.

It was time for more payback. Soon everyone was asleep. I got up and when to the kitchen. There I got the same bowl and took it to the sink. I got the water and went back to my room where I put Nick's hand in it again. I watched as he wet the bed for the second time this week. "Oh, poor baby Nicky, you wet your bed again, and you know what happens now," I whispered. I took the bowl back to the kitchen and went to bed. Man, Nick is going to get it, I thought. I quietly laughed to myself then I went to sleep. I got up to watch Nick get it. As he woke up he just started to cry. I lay there and read my book.

       "What's wrong, Nick?" I said. "Oh, did you wet again?" He slowly got out of bed and went to tell my mom. Soon he came back crying even harder. He had just started to pull his sheets off his bed when she came in. "OK, Nick, bend over," she told him. I watched as he got 15 good ones. "OK, strip down," my mom told him. He did, and mom put him in the corner. I just quietly laughed to myself as mom left the room.

About 30 minutes later mom came in. "Nicky, let's get you ready for the day," mom said. She laid a diaper out on the bed and told him to lie on it. He slowly turned from the corner and lay on the bed on the diaper. Mom put rash cream on him then powdered him. Then she pulled the diaper up though his legs and pinned it on him. "OK, stand up," she told him. He did as she opened his plastic pants. "Step in" she told him. Nick did and
mom pulled up the plastic pants. She turned him around and pulled the back tight. She then put the lock on the plastic pants. "You can have the key tomorrow, arms up," She told him. He put his arms up and mom put his T-shirt on him, it said "I'M A BED
WETTER." Then she left.

He was still crying when he finished taking his sheets off his bed. I almost felt bad, but then I remembered the concert I would be missing. The day passed I watch Nick poop around. I laughed at him as at lunch he pooped in his diaper. Now he smelled like a baby, too. At dinner mom made him sit in the laundry room to eat with his smelly sheets. After dinner mom ran a bath for Nick. She took his diaper off him then she bathed him. After his bath mom told him to sit on the toilet for 10 minutes, after potty time mom took him to our room to get him ready.

I watch from my bed as he was diapered and put in to his sleepers. They were yellow with feet on them. The zipper ran down the back of them. I watched as he was zipped into them and the flap was put over the zipper to keep him from opening it. "Ok
Nick, you're all ready, good night," mom told him. He got in to bed and covered his head. "Good night, Alex, you sleep well, too," mom told me before leaving.

I waited 'til the house once again fell quiet. Oh tonight I would put the icing on the cake, one more night of wetting for my brother, and it would be diapers all week. I heard Nick whimper himself to sleep. Just about an hour after mom left she can back into the room. "Alex, you asleep?" she said. "No mom, why?" I asked. "Good, get up and come downstairs," she said then left. I got out of bed. "Did she know about my stunt? Was I going to get mine now?" I wondered as I walked downstairs.

As I got downstairs I was handed a root beer float. "Here, this is for you," my mom said. "What, why?" I asked. "I didn't want to hurt your brother's feelings, he can't have one or he'll wet the bed," she told me. "It is your treat from dinner," she said and sat
down at the table. I loved root beer floats. I ate it quickly. "Would you like another?" mom asked. "Yes please." She made me another. I ate 3 then I was full. "Okay, dear now you need to go to bed," mom told me. "Thanks, mom," I said and headed upstairs to my room.

Man, want a deal, I thought. I get treats, Nick gets diapers, this is the life. I got into bed and waited for mom to go to bed. I felt so tired, I tried to stay awake but soon I just couldn't anymore, I fell in to a dark relaxing sleep. As the morning light drifted into
the room I yawned and stretched. Man, I haven't slept that good in years, I thought. Just then I felt something, I was...... "no it can't be, that's not..... no way!" I pulled back the covers. It was true. I had wet the bed. "What the hell?" I thought.

Just then Nick started to wake up, I just played as if I were still asleep. "YES!" he yelled. "I'm dry!" He jumped out of bed and went to tell mom. A few minutes later they came back. "Let's get that diaper off you, how's that sound?" mom said as she entered the room. Nick was right behind her. I watched as she undid his sleepers and got him undress, she then unlocked his pants. "Okay, go shower," she told him. "Get up, Alex," mom said
pulling on my foot. I acted as if I was just waking up. "Oh, hi mom," I said. "Your brother didn't wet," she told me "Well, that's good," I said I was so nervous.

"It smells like pee in here, did you wet?" she asked. "NO, I.........." Just then mom pulled back the covers. "You did," she said. "I'll be back get your sheets off your bed." She turned and left the room. How could this happen? I was not the wetter here, Nick was, I knew what came next, though. She came back in with the paddle. "Bend over," she told me. "NO I...... PLEASE MOM.... I DIDN'T!" I tried to find the words but couldn't. "You sure like to see Nick get it, now it is your turn," she told me.

I bend over, and slowly, mom started. 10 smacks later I was balling like a baby. "OK, get your stuff to the washer," I was told. Mom then left. I did as I was told. In the laundry room I was met by mom. She handed me a stack of clean sheets. On top was a rubber mattress protector. "Mom, I don't need that," I told her. "Yes you do," she told me, "You wet, didn't you? Now go put that stuff on your bed NOW!" I started back to my room.

When I got there Nick was out of the shower. "Hi Alex, I see you had an accident," He told me. "Shut up, dork!" I said back. He just finished getting dressed and left. I was so pissed he had something to do with this, I know he did. I avoided both him
and my mom all day. At dinner I just eat and left. At 9 mom called. "Alex, Nicky, it is your guys' potty time." Nick went right away. I just took my time. When I got to the bathroom Nick was already on the toilet. The timer had 3 minutes on it left. Soon it dinged. Nick got up and pulled up his pants. "Good boy, Nicky, now go get ready for bed," mom told him. "Alex, you're next."

I walk into the bathroom and pulled down my pants and sat down. Mom put 5 on the timer and then watched. I didn't really try. I was pissed about it all. Soon my time was up and I was told to get ready for bed, too. I went to my room. Nick was in bed already. I got ready and when to bed with out saying a thing. "Good night, you two. I want dry boys in the morning, K" mom said, then turned out the lights. Nick answered, "I'll try." I didn't
say a thing. I needed a drink. It was 3 and I woke up totally thirsty. I got up and went to the bathroom for a drink. "What are you doing?" mom told me as I filled the glass of water. "I can't sleep," I told her.

She left and came back with a pill. "Take this and don't drink so much water or you'll wet again." I took the pill and when back to bed, it work and in minutes I was back asleep. I awoke late in the morning Nick was up already. "OH NO!" I had wet again. Just
as I was getting up mom came in. "I know you wet already. You know what happens next," she told me. I got up and got undress. Mom gave me 15 good ones, then I was put in the corner. My bottom burned and all I could do was cry. I just didn't understand. I'm not a wetter, I thought to myself.

About 30 minutes later mom came in. "Alex, let's get you ready for the day, your brother's stuff should fit you," mom said. She laid a diaper out on the bed and told me to lay on it, I slowly turned from the corner, and lay on the bed on the diaper. She grabbed my ankles and forced my knees in to my chest. "Now you get to see what is like in your brother's shoes," she told me. Mom put rash cream on her hand and gently rubbed it in to my bottom. Then she pulled my knees apart and started rubbing the rash cream onto my diapered area. She wiped her hands off and got the powder. She put some powder on my bottom then pulled my knees free from my hands. She laid them out on the bed then put powder on my crotch. She then put the powder down and pulled my diaper up nice and snug and pinned it in place. Then she put her arms into the legs openings of the plastic pants, grabbed my feet and pulled them through the leg holes. "Stand up," she told me. I did and mom pulled up the plastic pants. She turned me around and pulled the back tight. I felt the plastic pants tighten, she then put the lock on the plastic pants. "Arms up," She
told me, I put my arms up and, mom put Nick's T-shirt on me. It was the one that said "I'M A BED WETTER."

Then she left the room. I pulled my sheet off and took them to the laundry. I then when back to my room were I spent the day. At dinner not much was said. After dinner I asked to go to bed early. Mom said okay and took me to the potty for my potty time. I
had pooped in the toilet and was wiped by mom. I was taken by the hand and led back to my room. There I was put into a fresh diaper and the same pair of pj's as Nick wore. I fell asleep that night wondering what when wrong. Come morning I woke to a not-so-cool feeling I was wet. I started to cry and went to tell my mom. "I'm not wearing diapers all week," I told her. "Oh yes you are."

She then pulled out a picture of me in my wet bed from the morning before. "I bet your friends would like to see this," I was told. I decided to wear the diapers. For the next week I was in diapers, in the place of Nick's diaper day's chart, Alex's diaper day's chart was put up. I had to do all my wetting and pooping in my diapers. I went all week and didn't wet my bed. Finally the last day came, I was so glad. "Alex, I need to talk to you," mom said. I went with her to her room. "Alex, I know about you making Nick wet. I heard you get up the second time.

You didn't see me, but I watched the whole thing," she told me, "I did the same to you to see how you liked it, now I think you need to tell Nick sorry." I was shocked, but you know I had learned my lesson. "I will," I told my mom. I went and found Nick.
"Nick," I said. "I'm sorry, I didn't....... I wasn't thinking, I was just pissed, I'm sorry for making you wet your bed," I told him. He got up and gave me a hug. "I understand, I love you, Alex." From that day on any time Nick wet I asked to be diapered too, so Nick won't be alone. We became best buddies. I wet, too, every once in a while so Nick didn't feel too bad. I guess little brothers can be pretty cool sometimes.

                                            THE END

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