Berloni The Bedwetter

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Hello, I'm Berloni. I wear diapers because I have night time accidents, I hate having to wake up soaking wet, with my pajamas always sticking to the sheets. It's kind of nice to wet the bed when the heat is off though, I only tried that once because after I was freezing. I have less accidents in the day, because I can't hold it all, and I can never make it to the potty in time.

When I wet myself outside of the house it's embarrassing to be standing there in a puddle. Very rarely do I have a poopy accident (it happens day and night). I might wet or poop myself on Purpose just to amuse my sister and my brother once and a while. Me and my sister and brother are all wetters, they wet in the day too. My brother Rudy (7) and my sister Natasha (5 and half) visit my cousin Alisha (12).

Once we went to burger king, and we went into the play room that has a these big pipes and nets that you can climb through. When we where there I had to use the potty really bad so I told my cousin, I went to get out of the pipe that I was in but she blocked me, didn't think that I could hold it anymore so I used my hand to hold my pee, but I had to go poop too, so I sat down to hold the poo. I only had one chance and that was to pull my pants down and go potty in the tunnel, but she held my pants up and made me sit on her knee. She tickled me and held my hands behind my back while she made water noises. I started to pee when I realized that I didn't have on my diaper, but I was too late I had a pee-pee accident in my underwear (dinosaurs). Then I started to go poop and my cousin said that she felt a lump in my pants.

I started to cry and she said that she would have an potty accident too if I stopped crying. We got out of the puddle we where sitting in and left I ran into the bathroom and used the hand drier to dry my pants. We went over to her house and me, my sister, brother and cousin went into her playroom in the basement, we played house. I wet my diaper and asked my cousin if she would change me. She said she had to go to the bathroom, I held her back, she could have easily pushed me away but she played along to add to the excitement and she wet herself. Later on in the day she had an accident and she pooped her pants, because I locked us out of the bathroom.