My new life a a toddler awaited me. I was 12 years old, and just coming to an end of my sentence in a youth detention center. I was told when released I would not be going back to live with my dad for some time. My mom had been dead for several years, and the only other people in my life was my dads half sister. My aunt and my uncle were very strict, and very religious people they also had a two year old daughter, and I was told by the authority's that on my release these are the people that will be taken care of me.

The reason why I new this new life awaited me, was because I've had a bedwetting problem for some years, and my aunty always told my dad to put me back in nappies to cure me. I still had the problem whilst been detained, but they used an alarm system so I woke up in time. I actually begged to stay in detention for a little longer. But they said it had all been decided with the courts and I was to stay with them for some time.

Well the day arrived they came to collect me from the center, and took me to my new home. They actually lived in a little village in Wales with just a few houses. The house was perfect nothing out of place, and you could see they catered for a small child. They introduced me to there daughter and said that I was going to be her little brother from now on. They showed me around, and took me to my room, to my amazement it was the same room as there daughter. It was all done out in nursery colors, And there were two big cots in the room, also a large changing table.

I started to protest saying the room was to youngish for me. Well you better get used to it, because we know you still wet the bed, in our eyes you still are a child. So they sat me down and told me what was going to happen to me whilst living with them. First thing they said was the clothes I was wearing was to be burnt. Jeans and hooded tops represents evil in our society, So I will not be able to wear these again.

I will abide by the same rules as there daughter, We are trying to get her dry through the night, If she wakes up dry we allow her to wear pants throughout the day, but if she wakes up wet, then she has to stay in nappies all day. This rule will apply to you as well. Bed will be at the same time as my daughter which is 7.00PM every night. You will be ready for bed by 6.00PM, and you can not watch any television after 6.00PM. The dress code for this house is if you are unfortunate to have to wear a nappy throughout the day, this is all you will wear,

We don't believe in disposable nappies, so you will be wearing the cloth nappies and plastic pants. Also if we go out as a family you will still be required to wear a nappy, and long trousers will not be aloud. On most occasions you will be taken round in a large buggy, so we can keep an eye on you. I could not believe what I was hearing, but this is the life I was having to get used to.

They actually took me to buy some clothes wearing a nappy to make sure the clothes fitted me ok. I was very small for my age, and was able to buy clothes to fit 8-9 year olds, this
was bad for me because most of the clothes were very babyish. I just could not believe I had gone from been a trouble maker, drinking alcohol, and taking a few drugs, to been taken back to wearing nappies, drinking from baby bottles, and the only drug I have now is Calpol, I'm just glad my mates couldn't see me like this.

There was once a very embarrassing occasion, My aunts mother in law looked after me for a day, and decided she wanted to go to the local park. The problem is she said we've got no clothes suitable for you to wear, She then decided to change my nappy, just then she said I'll put these lemon plastic pants on you and they will match your T-shirt they will think its a set. I pleaded with her not to take me out like this, But she kept saying that I was just a baby, and I had no say. Well she strapped me in this buggy and off we went down to the park. we arrived there and it was a lovely day.

We stopped for a while and she decided to read a book, I was getting very restless in this buggy I just wanted to get out and have a run around. She was getting angry with me for not keeping still, She produced a bottle of milk and ordered me to drink it. She turned me round so I could watch two boys playing football, they looked about the same age as me.

Just then the ball was coming in my direction, and I started to panic, I didn't want these boys to see me like this. I begged with her to take me for a walk but she insisted when you finish your milk we will go. Well it was to late one of the boys came right up to me picked his ball up and started to stare at me, why is that boy drinking from a baby bottle, and wearing a nappy, she then told him that I had been a naughty boy and that was the only way I could look after him. The boy just laughed at me and then he called his other mate over to see me.

This really amused the two lads, and then they said, could they push me down to the river, we would look after him while you finish your book. She thought that was very kind of the boys, so she agreed. I did not like this at all. Well they pushed me down to the river and out of site, they started talking baby talk to me, and put the bottle back in my mouth, one held it for me and told me to drink it all up like a good baby. While I was drinking the milk, the other lad pulled back my plastic pants and looked at my nappy and shouted out that I needed changing.

At this point my face must have been so red with embarrassment. She started to make her way down to the river with a clean nappy, and said to the boys that they could help her. They were loving this she got me out of the buggy and between them they changed my nappy, I was protesting at this stage, and she made one of the lads hold a dummy in my mouth. I was put back in the buggy and secured, whilst the three of them carried on talking. Just before they left she gave them money for a drink and thanked them for looking after me while she finished her book. She then said to the boys, that she looks after me once a week, and if they wanted to play with me they were more than welcome. So you can see my life was better at the youth detention center.

                      Written By: Daniel

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